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Name: Nicolas Fernández

Age: 18

Mortal Parent: Sofía Fernádez

God/Titan: Apollo


Personality (at least a sentence or two): Nicolas is a quiet boy, preferring to keep to himself than with other people. Good with his hands, he enjoys sculpting and photography and is often found with a camera in his hands. Morally grey, he's willing to go to any lengths in order to keep himself and those he cares about safe, however, a part of him is scared of love and opening up to people. Guilty of what he did to Benji, he struggles to seperate himself from his shame and often suffers from nightmares due to it. However, he can also be quite sarcastic, especially when he feels threatened.

History (more than a paragraph): Sofía Fernández was an avid love of music, taking her time to visit music festivals, concerts and everything in between. She left her eldest son, Harry, who was a son of Ares, with her mother when she needed to. She didn't really care for being a mother and often spent her time elsewhere. However, during one of the concerts, she met Apollo. Hitting it off, he took her out a few more times and one thing lead to another which resulted in Nicolas. Growing up, there was a bitter rivalry between Connor and Harry which resulted in Connor manipulating Harry's results frequently during school in order for Nicolas to be at the top whilst Harry at the bottom.

Both children were diagnosed with ADHD whilst Harry was diagnosed with dyslexia. When Nicolas was eight, Sofía married a lawyer called Benji. Due to his success, their lives dramatically changed and for Harry and Sofia, it was for the good. Moving into one of his mansions, they were surrounded by wealth and treated like royalty. However, Benji frequently assaulted Nicolas at night and when they were alone, most commonly sexually but physically if Nicolas ever tried to tell his mother or fought back. Due to this, Nicolas became adverse in lying and covering up bruises. This continued to happen until Nicolas was ten years old. Burglars had broken into the house. After Nicolas had gotten in their way, Benji tried to fight them off but was killed in the crossfire. Nicolas, though, did have the chance to call 911 to save his step father but stayed still due to his resentment for him.

One of the servants in the house, though, was a son of Poseidon and, having guessed the two boys were demigods, fought most of the monsters off whenever they became attracted to the place. When he was twelve, Nicolas was in the park with Harry when a hellhound jumped out from the bushes, tackling Harry to the ground, Nicolas grabbed a rock from the pond and smashed it down onto the hellhounds head. The hound didn't notice this due to having his focus on Harry. When the hellhound fell off Harry he brought out an army knife, which was celestial bronze. Harry had stolen the knife from his mother as Ares had left it in the house accidentally and Sofia kept it as a keepsake of Ares. Harry stabbed the hound multiple times until it burst into golden mist. Neither boy said anything, being in shock and not sure what to do.

After Benji's death, Sofía became a recluse, rarely leaving her room and neglected both of her children. The boy's were raised by the servants. When he was fifteen, a fire broke out at the house, killing Harry and his mother and Nicolas barely made it out alive. Afterwards, he was taken to foster care as his grandmother had died a year previous. He made a few friends, one being a boxer who taught Nicolas how to fight. Nicolas, having stolen Harry's pocket knife, often used it whenever a monster appeared though it was rare. After two years, a satyr arrived and befriended him before eventually taking him to camp.

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Note:This is basically just a revamp of a previous char and i've read the history before it was put up for claiming

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