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Name: Nicole Sarah Villagracia

Gender: Female

God Parent: Tyche, Hebe, Nemesis

Mortal Parent: Jerald Villagracia

Appearance: The Photo


Personality:Nicole is a sort of anti-boy person. Lots of boys have crushes on her but if anyone ever asks her outs she makes sure to put them down in public. She's rather harsh and mean, but she's really, really nice when you get to know her. She's manipulative and strives to get whatever she wants. She gets average grades for someone who's dyslexic. She's very lucky most of the time and people always envy her for her luck. Ever since her boy bestie betrayed her, she hates boys, except for her Dad. Nicole is quite good in crossword puzzles, scrables and word searches.

History: Jerald Villagracia was just a regular mortal who could see through The Mist. He always knew there was something special about himself. Jerald was a well known basketball player and he had and still has, many admirers. He was also very handsome too, which made many girls have crushes on him but his eyes were only for Margaret De Paul, a beautiful woman, who was secretly,Tyche. He and Margaret met while he was at a casino, Margaret was also there and she caught Jerald's eye. She herself was smitten with him. They developed a friendly relationship that blossomed into love in three weeks. Soon after Jerald confessed his feelings,Margaret told him the truth. That she was Tyche, the Goddess of Luck, Jerald believed her, since he could see through the Mist. He also knew that since Tyche was a goddess, they had only a short amount of time as lovers.

Two weeks after the confessions, Jerald and Tyche made love, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. She soon left after. Jerald of course, was devastated and extremely sad but he accepted it. Nine months later, on May 30, 1998, a baby basket arrived in Jerald's doorstep, he knew that the baby inside was his and Tyche's. He named the baby girl Nicole, after his sister and Sarah, after his mother.

When Nicole, nicknamed affectionately by her father, Nene, was two years old, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Jerald helped her through learning how to read and she soon started school at a private academy for girls in Long Island. She did quite well at the school. Since her father was a famous basketball player, she was quite popular. A lot of girls tried to become her best friend but Nicole could see through them. Although she was popular, she was quite the loner, always by herself reading some book or another.

When Nicole was eight years old, her father retired from basketball to fully focus on her, after she nearly burned the house down (long story). He took a job in Nicole's school as the P.E and Basketball coach. He was quite a harsh teacher but he trained them all very well. Nicole's school life was quite normal, that is, until she turned thirteen. Nicole was still at school, since her father was still at basketball practice. She was in the front field, which was deserted since it was already late when she heard growling. She turned and saw a large hellhound growling down at her.She screamed loudly and started to ran from the hellhound, but it caught up with her. The hellhound was about to reach her when three silver arrows soar through and hit the hellhound which disintegrated.

About a dozen girls stood in the hallway with a girl who seemed to be the leader. She introduced herself as Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. Nicole didn't believe them and said that they were mental but Artemis managed to persuade her it was true. She explained that she and the Hunters were journying to a Camp for half-bloods like her when they saw the hellhound chasing her. Artemis told her that if she wants to, she (Nicole) could join the Hunt.She explained all about the Hunt and Nicole said she wanted to join but she needed to ask permission from her father. Just then, Jerald came through and saw them. He was shocked and quite confused. Nicole told her everything and asked him if she could join the Hunters. Jerald nodded and said that she should get to Camp first.

Artemis then asked her to say the oath:

I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis,

turn my back on the company of men,

accept eternal maidenhood,

and join the Hunt.

After Nicole said the oath she joined the Hunters to journey to Camp Half Blood.

Weapons:Bow and Arrows

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