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Name: Nicole Silvers
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Gender: Female

Species: Lightning Nymph 

Mortal Parent: Amanda Silvers 

Appearance: She is about 5'9" and has black hair that goes a little past her neck.She has grayish eyes and has slightly pale skin.She has slim,slightly curvy figure.

Personality: Nicole is very shy.She has a hard time talking to people and when people talk to her.She's very nervous when she talks to boys she like and always chokes up when she talks to them.She is more at ease when she's by herself at home.She likes when it rains because it helps her feel more relaxed and calm.

History: Amanda Silvers met Zeus on a stormy day.She was staying at hotel to get away for a while.She met him at one of the Chinese restaurants.He flattered her with his charm and they became infatuated with each other.For 3 months they dated until Zeus decided to reveal himself to her.She was stunned to find she was in love with a god,but it didn't change anything.She still loved him anyway.That night they wanted to express they're love and things got a little XXX rated.

9 months later,Amanda gave birth to Nicole Silvers on January 17.When the doctors gave her the baby,Zeus told her that he must leave.She understood the reason completely but she didn't like it.Zeus told her that when she was older,she had to be taken to the camp where she will be safe.She said yes and with that,Zeus left the family behind.

While growing up,Nicole has been constantly attacked by monsters,but everytime,her satyr,Nilla,came to her rescue.She even saved her from two skeletal warriors by beating them down with her club.Unlike most satyrs,she is very violent and not much of a flower person.She really cared for Nicole would do anything to keep her from harms way.Little did she know that Nicole was gonna be killed on her way to Camp.

Amanda told Nicole that it was time for her to go to a place where she will be safe.She didn't quite understand but she got in the car and they drove to the end of New York.It was a thunderstorm that night and the winds were blowing hard.They were just about to turn past a hill when something crashed into there car.It flipped over and crashed to the side of the hill.She crawled out a little bruised but was alright.Her mom,however,was killed as she was crushed by the impact.She looked to find the source of the impact when she was impaled into the hill by a horn.She looked up,dyingly,to find the head of a minotaur smashed against her.It removed it from her body,and roared in triumph as his job was done.

The minotaur then bounded off somewhere,leaving Nicole to die.On Olympus,Zeus took pity on her and resurrected her as a Lightning Nymph.She got up gasping for breath.She was just killed,she saw it with her own eyes.She had no idea why but just then her satyr protector,Nilla,came down from the hill to see the ruckus."Nicole!? What happened here!?"she asked. She stood up shakily and said "I...was killed by that monster...but somehow i'm alive.My mom is dead but i'm alive! What the hell is going on here!?" Nilla couldn't explain but said,"We need to get you to safety.Here come with me."Leaving the scene,they both climbed the hill,over to camp.

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