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  • Her sword, μάχη (fight)
  • Her twin daggers
  • Her throwing knives

Name: Nikita

Gender: Female

Species: Automaton

Appearance: Hephaestus made Nikita to look as human as possible. He also made her look beautiful, because she was first made to serve Aphrodite. Nikita has long-ish, dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is tall, and has a slim figure.

Personality: Even though Aphrodite removed her feeling after finding out that she was a spy, Hephaestus gave her emotion chips before sending her to Camp, as a gift for all the hard work she did for him. She is fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect her creator's children.

History: Hephaestus wanted someone to spy over his wife, Aphrodite, and Ares. So he created Nikita. He gave her to Aphrodite as a gift, saying that she would be her servant. Aphrodite accepted the gift, not seeing any bad intent in it. Besides she really needed someone to help her.

For years and years everything was working perfectly. Aphrodite even granted Nikita with the ability to feel, to have emotions. Nikita did everything the goddess asked her too, but at night she would sneak out and tell Hephaestus everything she found out that day. You see, Aphrodite trusted her and always told her everything about her and Ares.

One night though, Aphrodite caught her. She was furious. So furious she destroyed Nikita, she turned the automaton into pieces and left. Hephaestus, feeling sorry for his creation, repaired her and sent her to Camp Half-blood. He re-programmed her slightly, to protect his children and the rest demigods at Camp.

Weapons: A sword, daggers and throwing knives, all made from Celestial Bronze.

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