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Name:Nioka Song


God Parent:Eurus

Mortal Parent: Maya Song


Personality: Nioka is a very independent girl and won’t take help from anyone unless it is absolutely needed like in a fight where that she is completely outmatched. She is also extremely stubborn. She hates boys, do to her past. She’s often willing to stay in the background, instead of being in the spotlight. She’s also very curious, and this often gets her into trouble

History: Maya Song was an Native Australian living in a small community full of mostly other aboriginals near Cooktown, Queensland. When she met Eurus, her community was having a massive drought and couldn't get any crops to grow. Eurus was disguised as a white man that was traveling all around Australia and understood Maya’s native language which was lucky because Maya couldn't speak English.

Eurus said he could make the crops grow, but under one condition. He could choose one woman to be with him. The community agreed. So Eurus begged his brother, Zephyrus, to send a friendly wind to help the villagers. Zephyrus only agreed because he understood what it meant to love a mortal, and do almost anything to win their heart.

The villagers were glad when the rain came. They sang praises to Eurus, declaring him a god for the miracle he performed. He just smiled and declared which girl he wanted, and he chose Maya. So they dated for almost a year and a half before Maya became pregnant.

Nioka was born January 20, 1999. Eurus left a soon as Nioka was born, with no note, no sign that he was leaving. Maya felt her heart break, but almost immediately a young man stepped in to sweep her off her feet. He made her almost forget Eurus, but her child was a living reminder of him. His name was Daku. Daku treated Nioka terrible because of his jealousy of her father. Nioka hated her step father and tried to run away every time he started to abuse her but the same village elder always caught her before she got too far into the bush.

Nioka didn’t learn proper English until she started school at the age of 6. She wasn’t allowed to speak English at home because her entire community was traditional, but she had a lot of practice at school and outside the house with her friends that were non aboriginal australians and couldn’t speak a single word of the Kuku Yalanji language.

While out in the bush and being taught about bush tucker and where to find it around the age of 9, Nioka walked too far from where she was told to by the elders and stumbled upon a piece of petrified piece of wood. Being the curious girl she was when she was younger, Nioka thought it was pretty cool and took it back to her village. She made other boys practice with her. She often went home bloody and bruised, but she loved learning and she loved to try and beat the other kids fighting. She grew strong and in a few months, she was better than most kids, including the boys.

When she was about 11, the same elderly villager that kept her from running away, started to invite her over to her house. She knew that Nioka was having trouble at home, and she also knew that she couldn’t let Nioka run off, so she did the only thing she could think of. She kept her out of the house, yet safe.

Nioka loved these times, and she loved learning “magic”, as the elder called it. She entertained Nioka by teaching her about ancient Greece. The elder knew that Nioka was a demigod, she knew who the “white man” really was, so she taught Nioka her heritage, without telling her who she really was. Nioka thought it was all just myths and legends.

At the age of 13 Nioka had her first monster attack because of her wandering off where she shouldn't be again. Into the wild bush she went, exploring, looking for new places to hide and play. She brought along her staff, in case she encountered some unfriendly creature.

While she was exploring, she came across a cave. Unbeknownst to her, it was the home of a giant scorpion. It had regenerated a little while ago, and had yet to leave its cave. Nioka seemed like a tasty snack to it. It sensed her and started to crawl out of its cave, raising its stinger to kill her.

Nioka sensed something looking at her, and she heard the click of claws. She turned and her eyes widened as she saw the monster. She screamed and jumped to the side, scraping her arms and side. Her staff rolled to side and she stretched out to grab it. She scorpion crawled toward her and she grabbed her staff and got up, holding it in a defensive position.

As the scorpions tail came down at her, she raised her staff, holding it with both hands, parallel to the ground. She stopped the stinger, catching it on the hook. She twisted the stinger and herself in opposite directions. The scorpion came at her again but she whacked it it on the head before jumping away.

She noted that her reflexes were faster than usual, but she brushed it off as adrenaline. The half wooden half stone staff stunned the scorpion for a moment, long enough for Nioka to back away, trying to keep a safe distance.

Out of nowhere came an arrow, right into one of the weak spots in the armor/shell. The monster let out a cry and turned toward the new attacker. Another arrow went through the eye, turning the monster to dust. It blew toward her and she coughed at the dust and turned toward the person who saved her. To her surprise it was the village elder.

They headed back to village, the elder explaining how she had killed the scorpion. She went on to explain that everything she had been teaching her for the past 2 years was real. Nioka took this surprisingly well, but after all, she had just been attacked by one of the monsters she had thought to be a myth. The elder also stated that she was the daughter of Hecate and that she had been keeping the monsters away from Nioka all her life through magic.

The elder led Nioka back to the village, letting what happen sink into Nioka. When they made it to their village, the elder asked Nioka if she wanted to stay at her house for the night, and calm down, or head back to her own house. Nioka chose her own house.

When she got home, she found her step-dad drunker than usual. Her mom was out for the night, so it was just her and Daku. This was one of Nioka’s worst nightmares. She ran to her room immediately, shutting the door and trying to keep Daku out, but Daku’s anger, drunkenness, and the fact they were all alone made him all the more powerful. That night Nioka hid beneath her bed, long after Daku had gone to bed. Bruises covered her arms and her face.

The next day she went to the elder for help. She didn’t know where else to go. Her mom was blind to the bruises and abuse. She thought they were just from playing with the boys. She never tried to tell Maya, she knew that Maya wouldn’t believe her. To Maya, Daku was the nicest person ever.

So Nioka went to the Elder. After thinking awhile, the elder had an idea that may keep Nioka safe from men like Daku. She decided that Nioka would be safer with Artemis, protected from monsters and men who acted like monsters.

She told Nioka the next day, saying that even if she didn't join the goddess of the hunt, she would have to leave for camp anyways because if she didn't she would be in danger. She explained that she could fight the monsters off with magic and a bow, with two of them in the village they would be attacked more often.

Nioka thought the idea was amazing but she didn't want to become a hunter just yet. For the next two year Nioka trained with elder's bow and with whatever weapon she had and fought what ever monster attacked her with the help of the elder. Nioka didn't like living with her step father so the elder faked her death and Nioka lived with the elder.

After about two years Artemis and the huntresses came through looking for a monster that they believed to be near there. The elder talked to Artemis and eventually Nioka took the oath to become a Huntress.

Nioka stayed with Artemis for about a year, and because she was now immortal, she ver aged. She went to camp after Artemis ran into Nioka's father. Eurus said that he wanted Nioka to be a camp because one day soon he will need her. When the hunters went to the camp the next time after Artemis met with Eurus, Artemis ordered her to stay at camp because someone would be needing her soon

Weapons: Bow with silver arrows

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Hi there! I really liked the idea of the Native Australian tribes :)

  • For a god to date a mortal for almost a year before having a child would be too long. A god wouldn't be wasting too much time just dating one. (*)
  • What were the magical 'runes' the elder (was she a demigod, too?) gave to Nioka? Are they something of Greek origin, or some other unrelated to it? (*)
  • Where did the elder get the money which she gave to Nioka for traveling? Cuz it seems like the trip was pretty expensive. (*)
  • During the travel (she left at 13, and arrived in New York at 15, so the time spentwas 2 years), was she attacked? How did she survive that two years despite being alone and a young minor? (*)

All I see :)

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Is this claim done? cause I see a WIP...

still if it is done can you explain what made her leave the hunt? or is she still in the hunt?

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Hi, I agree. I also really liked the idea and concept of this claim. As requested, I took a look at it. Just a couple of things I would edit :D 

  1. How did she end up staying at Camp as a Hunter of Artemis? 
  2. The rune staff is fairly overpowered - as she has limited wind powers, where most HOAs don't (the HOA powerset having been created as a stand-alone powerset to avoid them having two sets of fully functional powers. Even if these powers are basic/limited. However, it is probably possible for the elder to send her on that journey and then reward her with a more minor magical item - maybe a bag of winds which functions like the one in the Odyssey?

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaait how did she find artemis? cause thats all the problem I have here

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… long was nioka with artemis? and we've mentioned this before artemis cant be summon... but you can just say artemis stuble upon nioka...

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

one last question.. does she stay at camp as a huntress or demigod?

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… kjnfkjad As a huntress. She never leave the hunt, she just stays where Artemis puts her. ~Nat

A daughter of Eurus isn't welcome at camp as just a demi anyways

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