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Name: Noah-Lynn

Gender: Female

Creator: Asteria

Nymph Type: Star Nymph

Appearance: Noah-Lynn.jpg

Personality: Noah-Lynn is kind of a dramatic person. Shes really chill and really cool. She is pretty nice, but if you get on her bad side she is a bitchy, mean spirit

History: Noah was created by Asteria as a Star Nymph. Asteria wanted to created a star spirit and a star nymph. So she created Cole and Noah-Lynn for help. Cole and Noah-Lynn worked with Asteria upon Olympus for some time. But then they had heard Hermes and Hecate talking about camp. They begged Asteria to go, and after some time, she agreed that it was safe for them. They were sent to camp and Asteria told Alexander they were a spirit and a nymph

Weapons: Powers


If they are just coming to camp now, it can't be Chiron they talked to, Chiron isn't at camp and hasn't been for a few years now.

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