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Name: Nolan Collins

Gender: Male

God Parent: Nyx, Hades, Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Veronica "Ronnie" Collins/ Ronald "Ronnie" Collins

Appearance: Tall, althetic caucasian male. 6'3, 195lbs. Thin, slim, muscular build, purple eyes, black hair.

Personality: Reserved and softspoken. Very honest. Classic romantic,lflirty and loves to make friends. adventurous and valiant

History: Nolan grew up in New York with his bisexual father Ronnie. Ronnie was a marine and had been stationed in Japan for almost 20 years before meeting his mother. His father had told him that since being with his mother, he'd decided to see other men. Much to Nolan's dismay, Ronnie would continue to date men who were increasingly more angry and mean to him for no particular reason, even going as far as beating him occasionally. When Ronnie began to notice, instead of stopping it, he simply began to teach Nolan ninjutsu he had been taught while in Japan. Nolan and Ronnie's lives developed a sense of normalcy when Ronnie began dating a local cop who was always particularly nice to Nolan. This lasted for several months, until one day when he was 16, and he came home to find the cop choking Ronnie to death, appearing to be another 2 or 3 feet taller, and extremely hairy. Nolan attempted to intervene, but the cop simply tossed him across the room. Now in a daze and unable to see straight, Nolan began to have a headache, and then he heard beastly, animalistic screams. When his vision cleared, he could see what appeared to be shadows receding into the corners of the room, and the cop lying in a hulking heap on the floor, dissolving into dust. He tried to save his father, but he was bleeding from the mouth and was slowly dying. He tried to talk to him, but Ronnie only was able to say "Camp......Long Island.....Must......find.....way...." In tears, Nolan left towards Long Island, searching for this camp he needed to find. After a year of coming to Long Island in search, Nolan was about to give up. The sun was setting, and he had lost hope until he saw a guy standing around a hill. Nolan, on a whim, went up to him and asked if he knew anything of a camp nearby. The guy grew to 9 feet tall and attacked him. Nolan subdued the Laestrygonian, and ran up the hill to escape, unknowingly going into camp. Not long after, he was claimed by his mother, and after having his situation explained to him, he feels like a coward and wishes to kill the Laestrygonian and avenge his father.

Weapons: Two Wristbands that extend into bracers with Stygian Iron Blades that extend from them

Nhlott 07:20, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

Approved, child of Nyx--BachLynn(Send an Owl!) 14:25, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

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