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Name: Nossis Locris

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena

Mortal Parent: Josh Locris

Appearance: Wavy blond hair that goes down to her waist (normally keeps in bun with her mother's hairpins), grey eyes, Caucasian, angular face

Personality: She is out going but when it comes to battle she gets series. Reading and writing are her passion even if her disabilities prevent her from being good at them. She can sometimes be described as crazy because much like her father her ideas and strategy are very outside the box. She loves to have fun and is always making witty comebacks. Nossis is a dreamer and when she writes she can come up with worlds so realistic it feels like you're there. Nossis can also be very dramatic escpecially when she is re-telling a story. 

Age: 14 (July14, 2005)

History: Josh Locris was an English mathematician. His nickname among colleague's was "The Mad Hatter" because his theories were mad like the Hatter but no matter what people said he always kept on working on the impossible. Although most judged him, one did not, the goddess of wisdom herself. she admired him for is grit. One day, Josh got diagnosed with brain cancer, and it was fatal, he would die within the next five months. Athena respected and admired the young mathematician too much to let him die so she went down to Earth and introduced herself as Lily Thorn. She told him she was a fellow mathematician and that she admired his work. She suggested they put their minds together and solve his latest theory before he died. Immediately he could tell something was different about her and as they worked together he noticed his health get better. One day she disappeared entirely and he noticed he no longer had any symptoms. He was declared a miracle and doctors everywhere ran tests, no one could figure out how he had recovered. Roughly a month after her disappearance a baby girl showed up on his doorstep with a note explaining everything including the fact that this was his daughter, a map to camp half-blood, and a set of five hairpins that turned into throwing knives. He named his daughter Nossis after the ancient Greek woman poet.

Nossis had a mostly happy childhood. When she was three years old her father solved a theorem that made him rich, so she got the best of everything. Early on in he life, it became evident that she was dyslexic and when she went to the doctor she was diagnosed with ADHD as well. However, her disabilities did not stop her from working hard and loving books. Her father and her didn't have the best relationship because he was constantly engrossed in his work. Though they did travel together often. When she was thirteen her father called her to his office and said that he had to tell her something, it was about her mother. When she got to his office she saw a pair of shoes sticking out from behind the desk. Her heart stopped as she rushed forward praying with all her heart that it was not her father. As she saw the rest of the body she choked out a sob and collapsed onto the floor only to hear a blood curdling scream from behind her. She jumped to her feet, whirling around to see a creature , or a woman, that looked like a vampire from one of the stories she was told as a child. She screamed as loud as she could but soon stopped as she realized that there was no hope. With a surge of adrenaline sand an odd sort of sense, she grabbed one of the hairpins from her bun that were pretty sharp, and threw it.. As it flew it seemed to shimmer and then it was a knife! It hit the creature in the chest and the she immediately vaporized. She grabbed her knife which was back to looking like a hairpin, and ran to her fathers body, sobbing. Nossis remembered what she had been told to do if she was ever in a bad situation, to find a phone and call for help. Her father had also told her that there was a hidden compartment in one of his draws and to follow the map. She opened the compartment, grabbed the ma and ran for their hanger where the private get her father was gonna take for his business trip was waiting. She told the pilot that there had been a change of plans and that he was to take her to New York City in America. When he protested she told him he better listen or her father would be very angry, the only reason he wasn't there right then was because he was very busy. The pilot agreed and she made her trip to America. From the airport she hired a cab with the spare money she always carried, to take her to the location on the map. The driver was skeptical because the location was in the middle of nowhere but she gave him more money and he agreed to take her. When they got to the location the driver told Nossis to be careful and then drove away. Nossis heard people laughing towards her left and she started running. Finally, she came across a lake where a group of people were laughing, she looked at them and asked them if she was safe now. A nice looking girl with strawberry blond hair came up to her and said that she was now safe. She looked at them all, then collapsed.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze hairpins that turn into knives.

ps.The girl in the end is just a random person i made her up she is not important. Just an NPC.  And yes her and her father travel a lot.

Athena Olympus (talk) 00:46, May 24, 2020 (UTC)


  • Athena can only have "brain children" - spending time and forming a connection with Josh could've created Nossis instantly and Athena could drop her off whenever she wished. Other goddess' pregnancies last a maximum of 3 months since they're not regular mortals.
  • 13 is a bit on the late side for a monster attack, but since it is implied the father and daughter travel a lot for business (?), it can slide.
  • A chimera would not have vaporized so fast or so easily. They're typically of human intelligence. May I suggest an empousa instead? Her father would've had no chance and she'd have a better chance. Athena kids are also innately great at battle so in an enclosed space, she'd have the upper hand.
  • Is the girl mentioned at the end an NPC half sibling or Annabeth? In our wiki timeline, the main characters of the books are no longer at camp.
  • If you could add a sentence or two to Nossis' personality, that'd be swell!

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