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Name: Olive Vansant

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Godly parent: Zephyrus, Notus, Aelous

Mortal Parent: Bella Park; foster: Walter Vansant



Personality: Olive doesn't like expressing herself but she still does emotions. She dwells on the harsh reality and remains unfriendly. 

History: *Assuming her father is Zephyrus* Bella is an art teacher who came from a rich Korean family. Her parents initially wanted her to just be a housewife to a rich man but that wasn't a part of the future that she planned for herself. Bella lived alone in Manchester, working hard to survive in this state of economy. Bella once painted the directional anemoi in her own rendition, it ended up as a masterpiece.

One day, her house's rent was doubled and she needed the money soon. Her masterpiece was then put to auction. Zephyrus came to the auction, enamored by the painting and he even bought it at an amount with what was said to be in the six digits and the higher half of it. Zephyrus and Bella then had a meeting after that which was unnecessary but he still arranged it anyway. Zephyrus and Bella turned out to like each other and they dated for awhile but one night changed it all, she was pregnant and the time they can spend together was rather limited until she gives birth. January 1st, Olive was born and in labor, Bella's body just gave up and she died. Zephyrus asked a demi-god child of his, Walter, to raise her.

Olive grew up in New York with Walter who was a man with virtues who Olive also called weird for most of her life. Walter had a hard time raising Olive. First of all when she was born, he was only 21 and she never had experience with females, not even his mother or anyone else. Second, Olive wasn't the type to show her feelings at all even as a child; it was one of the unexplainable things about her. Third, he's a pilot and he always has to go elsewhere in the world.

So, instead of leaving Olive in New York, Walter brought him with her as he flew and Olive studied online, with no friends but some people she met still through the internet.

Walter told Olive who and what she was when she was nine years old; it was also the time he started training her. They trained as much as they can and Olive was adept with twin daggers and archery. When they went back to New York when Olive was fourteen, a flock of harpies sensed their scent and attacked; luckily, the two were able to kill some and the other harpies escaped and never came back.

Walter decided it was time to take Olive to camp, but Olive asked to have another year of traveling in which she had several other encounters with some monsters of which survival was accounted by mostly escapes and some successes. Olive decides to finally go to camp at age fifteen to improve.

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