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Name: Oliever "Ollie" Duvall

God Parent: Hephaestus/Hades/Phobos

Personality: Ollie is mostly kind to people, and makes friends easily. He is communicative, outgoing and sometimes just crazy. He was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia when he was 8. He loves skateboarding, it is practiculary his whole life. He's always there to help his friends, and would do anything to protect them.

Appearance: Ollie has long-ish brown hair, which he doesn't really care about, so it's always messy. His eyes have a light brown, almost honey, color. He has an athletic build, not so muscalar though, but he is in good shape. He stands at 6'1". He loves to wear beanies, and owns a lot of them.

History: Bonnie Duvall met Hephaestus in 1993, while she was visiting a couple of friends in Los Angeles. They fell for each other after a few hours of talking, and started dating a week later. Soon, Bonnie found out that she was pregnant.

Hephaestus stayed with her until she gave birth to their son. She named him Oliver, and was very happy. But a couple days after little Ollie's birth, Hephaestus told her he had to leave. Before departing he explained everything about his true nature and told her about Camp Half-blood.

Even though Bonnie was broken hearted and wasn’t quite ready to raise a child on her own, but she tried her best. Ollie had a happy childhood in general lines. Although most of the kids in his school considered him a freak, he managed to make a few good friends. One of them was Rhi Stark. Rhi was strange. She read a lot, wanted to be alone a lot, and it seemed like she was always dreaming, but she had a kind heart and that was all that mattered to him.

Ollie and his friends used to spend most of their time skating and soon enough it became their passion. Ollie was quite good. He loved skating so much that he kinda forgot about school, and his grades fell down. Bonnie was concerned, but she wanted her son to be happy so she didn't say a thing.

Ollie never really saw his mother. She had three jobs, and Ollie was spening more and more time with his friends, often sleeping at their houses. Despite that, they had a great relationship, and if Bonnie ever needed help he would rush home to help her with anything she needed.

Soon after Ollie turned 15, Rhi introduced him to one of her friends, Anya Melnikova. Anya was a ballerina, a bit too girly, and great at school. Or in other words, she had nothing in common with Ollie. They used to fight a lot, but Ollie had a secret crush on her.

Rhi knew this of course. On her sixteenth birthday, she made a deal with Ollie he would talk to Anya and she would learn how to skate. Ollie soon talked to Anya. He asked her on a date, and to his big surprise, she agreed. A couple of days later Anya became his girlfriend, and they both were happy.

After a while, Rhi disappeared. When Ollie asked her mother, aunt A, where her daughter was, she told him that she got transferred to a private school in London. He wasn't convinced, but decided to leave it there when he found a letter from Rhi in his mailbox. It didn't have an address, but she wrote about how cool her new school was, so Ollie sighed and let it go.

Several months later, Ollie and Anya were having a walk in Central Park when something really weird happened: a creature that seemed like a lion, but was too strange to be one attacked them. Ollie didn't know what to do, and before he could react the monster attacked his girlfriend and she was badly injured.

That was when a strange girl with short hair and a bow in her hand appeared. She shot a few arrows at the monster and it turned to dust. "What was..? Who are..? Um.. HUH?!" Ollie mumbled, trying to form a proper sentence. "We don't really have time for talk. I'm Melody, the thing I killed was a Chimera, and that's all for now" the girl said. She took out something that looked like a big gold coin and threw it up while mumbling a few words in Ancient Greek.

A taxi cab appeared seconds later. Ollie picked Anya up in his arms carefully and sat in the car, next to "We don't have time for this" Melody. A few moments later they arrived at a hill and Melody ran to what looked like the entrance of a camp. Ollie followed her, praying that Anya was okay.

As they finally entered the camp, Anya took her final breath. A strange mark hovered above her. "So she was a Mnemo kid.." Melody whispered. "M-Mnemo?" Ollie asked, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Mnemosyne. Your girlfriend was a daughter of the goddess of memory".

The boy was shocked. He couldn't believe that his bloved girlfriend, his beautiful Anya was gone. Melody carried on to explain everything. She said that she was a hunter of Artemis, and the place they just walked into wasn't just a regular summer camp, but Camp Half-Blood, a special place where the sons and daughters of the Greek Gods could train and be safe. As Melody was talking about all the Gods and Goddesses, Hephaestus claimed Ollie.

Still in shock, he walked to his cabin, trying to realize that this would now be his life.

Weapons: A CB sword he found on his bunk, probably a gift from his father.

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