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Name:Olivia Dezzona


God Parent:1. Athena

2. Zeus

3. Poseidon

Mortal Parent:If Athena: Benjamin Dezzona If Poseidon or Zeus: Tanya Dezzona

Appearance:Blonde hair with natural red and brown highlights,peach skin, medium nose, deep grey eyes, about 5'2", slim, an A cup breast size, a scar on her palm from an incident with a knife at age 9 , and another on her shoulder from a skirmish with another student  and had to get stitches at age 11 . Personality:Outgoing, funny, smart, athletic, but if you get on her bad side she can be revengeful and aggressive

History:If Athena: Athena met Benjamin Dezzona at the college he was working at’s new library opening, Benjamin was a college professor there at the time. Athena took a liking to Benjamin and after they had hung out for a couple of weeks, she confessed to him who she really was. Benjamin didn’t believe her at first and laughed it off. But as their time together increased she kept saying that she was Athena and talking about Mount Olympus, he finally started to believe her. One night, after a fun evening of trivia, he dropped her off at her house and when she went to thank him, she asked him if he had ever thought of having a kid, not specifically with her, just in general. He replied that he didn't, and she nodded her head. But, every night she would ask him, and finally he said that he'd thought about it a bit and a kid wouldn't be that bad. Excited, she bid him goodnight and went back to where she was staying. The next day, Athena came with a giggling baby girl. She told him to keep the baby, as proof she existed, and to remember her. Then, she closed her eyes and disapeared to Olympus.

For Poseidon and Zeus, the variation is that it is a woman named Tanya Dezzona and she was an artist, but same backstory, only they left when they found out she was pregnant, embarresed. The rest of the story is the same for all of them as follows, I will use the Benjamin story, but just change the name from Benjamin to Tanya and he or she to imagine Poseidon or Zeus:

Olivia as a small child was very clingy to her father, she had never heard much about her mother, just that she was a good, very smart, woman who made a very bad, bad choice to leave her daddy with Olivia on his own. She often found herself murmuring “Good, bad choice” when she was angry or upset with her father. She had always been smart, but not good at reading. She learned to talk at 13 months old, but started to barely read at 8. She always described why she couldn't understand it as, “The letters are playing tag, but not tag. They are changing when they tag the other letter. It makes it very confusing. Can I have a cupcake?” She didn’t ever have a lot of friends, and got teased for being ‘dumb’ at reading. Though she never understood why, she always hated science more than reading, but she couldn't put a finger on why. She just had a lingering feeling it was wrong. All wrong.

As time wore on, Olivia started to realize she was different. She didn’t get much better at reading, and she was not only told that she was dyslexic, but ADHD too! By middle school, she had one friend. Paula. Paula was made fun of too. She was a, as the bullies called her, ‘cripple’. She always had this thing about long pants, and high tops. She also wore a beanie that she didn’t let it flop, she pulled it down past her forehead. Still, it was Olivia’s only friend, so she stuck with Paula, defended her. One day in the summer, when Olivia was 13, Paula came over to Olivia’s house. When she got there, though, her father handed her a bag. She asked what it was for, but Benjamin shook his head. He herded the girls into the car and drove off, from their home in New Jearsy, and he started ramble on about someone named Athena and a camp.They finally arrived in Long Island. He  gave her a hug and told her that he loved her very much. Then he opened the door and pointed to a hill with a pine tree on top.

“Go.” He said

Crying, Olivia’s mind raced. Why was he abandoning her here? Didn’t he care about her anymore? Did he not want a stupid daughter?

She looked at Paula for support, but Paula wasn't there! At least, the bottom wasn't. Paula had taken off her high tops and instead to feet, there were hooves! And she could see fur peeking out under the jeans.

Eyes wide, she watched Paula take off her beanie and there were horns!

"MY FRIEND IS HALF GOAT! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Olivia screamed

Paula, offended, replied with "I'm a Satyr, thank you very much."

Her dad sighed and said, "Listen, honey, I know this is a bit much, but you're going to a safe place. A summer camp."

Olivia had no idea how a summer camp could be a safe place, but she nodded and gave her dad a hug. Then, Paula motioned to follow her up the hill, and Olivia followed her.

Well, the rest you can pretty much guess. she was welcomed and taught about the camp, and lived in the Hermes cabin until she got claimed, and went to the Athena cabin, and that’s pretty much right now.

Weapons:Can use pretty much any except for axes, but her favorites are a celestial bronze sword and that she engraved an owl on the hilt of and a grey bow/arrow quiver set that she painted an owl on the bow and quiverMythpanda123 (talk) 21:09, April 29, 2015 (UTC)Mythpanda123


hi there I'll be your claimer todaya dn I have to say this is a good claim but before its ready can you tell me how old is olivia??

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Yeah um I thought I said her current age is 13 but I'll just make sure it's there.

  • Babies don't just pop out of Athena's head. She has to at least plan on making the baby, she mentally creates it through a union between her, and another person... so no just "popped out" kind of thing
  • The camp hasn't exactly had a capture the flag game for a while... I'd just scratch that small part off
  • Lastley, I understand that Puala is a satyr, and that her father PROBABLY talked with her about camp half blood or something, but I would make that clear IN the claim about how that happened

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Kay! Thanx! I'll fix it! 

I see nothing wrong about this claim soo congratz

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