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Name: Olivia Kohanski

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena

Mortal Parent: Filip Kohanski

Appearance: Model: Tasi Lawrence

Personality: Olivia is extremely misunderstood, others think of her as the smart girl is perfect but she knows she is far from it. Anxiety is also a struggle for her, she doesn't like being in group situations because she feels as if she is being judged. When she first meets someone she generally doesn't say much, as they grow closer, she starts to come out of her shell but is still naturally quiet.


As the story goes, or at least this is what Olivia has been told. It was a Saturday in Gdansk, Poland. Filip was working at a food market, which happened to be next to a book store. Most days on his lunch hour, he'd sneak over to the book store and read. He couldn't afford to buy the books so he would memorize the page number he left on and come back the next day and pick up where he left off. it was Saturday in late March he continued his routine by going to the book store. Once he got his book he'd sit at a far back table and read. Usually no one sits back there so he was always left alone, then he heard a shuffling of the chair across him. So naturally he looked up and gave the woman a friendly smile.

He was impressed by her choice of book, War and Peace, he was just reading Robert Frost's Poetry. To his surprise she noticed what he was reading, "I love Robert Frost, he is my favorite Poet. Is he yours?" Filip nods "He is the only one I can really associate with, I'm Filip by the way." She agrees and mentions that her name in Andrea. They spent the remainder of his lunch hour talking about books. Once he was back to work, she was all he could think about. He could relate her better than alone he has ever met.

Once his shift ended at 6, he went back to the book store to see by chance if she was still there. He was surprised when he saw that she was, he understood though, he is so passionate about books, he could stay there open to close. He sat down and they resumed their discussion until the store closed at 8. They didn't want to leave each other so they went for a walk. Once the clock struck 11, he figured they shouldn't be walking the streets, although, he didn't want to invite her back to his house because he was poor. He lived in a small dinky house with his Mother, Father, two sisters, and one brother. Needless to say with 6 people, it was cramped. As if she was reading his mind, she invited him to her hotel room, he accepted.

They stayed up for a few more hours talking with one another. Around 2am they both fell asleep. The next morning when he woke up he heard of a faint sound of a child crying. He thought the worst, she was married and has kids. He didn't know what else to do and Andrea was still asleep, so he quietly got up and found the baby girl in the other room. He picked the child up and rocked it, she was so cute. The baby finally hushed and looked up at him. When Andrea woke up and saw the baby she was upset that she had to do this to yet another great man. She explained herself.

He didn't know how to react, he just looked at the baby in his arms and was astonished. He also felt awful because he couldn't give her the life she deserved. He also couldn't bring bring the child home to his parents, they couldn't feel another mouth. When Andrea or as Filip now knows Athena left her hotel room, she told him to check out in a few hours so he had time to process. He first needed a birth certificate and a name for the child. He finally settled on Olivia, It isn't a Polish name but he also had a plan. One he got a birth certificate for a home birth, he got a copy of his birth certificate and them both passports. He also drained his account, which wasn't much, only four-hundred dollars. Then he booked the next flight to America, which ended up in Massachusetts. He didn't know much about America, all he knew was it would be a fresh start. That was his plan; a fresh start. Filip felt bad that he couldn't provide for his family anymore but he knew it was for the best. Athena also told him the America was safer for when Olivia got to the teenage stage. Once he got there he worked at farmers market because that was the only place that didn't care if he had Olivia.

As years past he could finally buy a small house to get out of the really cruddy apartment he was living in. When Olivia turned four, Filip could get a better job because she went to pre-school at that time so therefore he didn't have to bring her to work with him. He tried to be the best father he could. He made sure to tell her a bedtime story every night, some made up, some from memory. Olivia always looked up to him, she loved her dad.

Olivia did exceptionally well in school, she didn't understand it at the time, but she had a photographic memory. She was also very quiet, she had always felt socially intimidated by other kids her age. They all were in youth sports and all she was good at was school. She also loved to read, even though she could barely read picture books always fill her attention. As Olivia grew older people began to use her for her homework, they were nice just so they could copy off of her. She didn't catch on. When she finally did, it was her thirteenth birthday, she thought she had a lot of friends so she invited them all to a cook out birthday party. No one showed. The next Monday at school she asked a few people if they just forgot about her party, one finally told her the truth; "No one actually likes you Olivia, we just use you for your homework." she was caught off guard, she had no idea, she didn't know why people didn't like her and that's what killed her the most inside.

As the weeks past she began feeling something she had never really felt, depression, she knew she was young to already have this, she Googled it, but she also couldn't tell anyone. She was embarrassed. So she hid it, she tried to act the same around her father but never spoke a word in school, even if the teacher called on her. Olivia would just stare with a blank expression. At times, she wanted to give up on life. She didn't understand it though, he father told her at young age that she was the daughter of the Greek Goddess Athena, which is known for knowledge and being a warrior. She didn't know why she wasn't like her mother and wanted to give up on everything she did. She felt as if Athena would be ashamed of her.

Olivia struggled a lot with her identity, she knew her stereotype but she didn't know who she was. She felt like people didn't know her or they thought they knew her. She would here people saying she that she was just a poor smart girl. She would also hear that she cheats on everything. She couldn't help her photographic memory, she wished it wasn't there. Olivia also certainly didn't tell a single soul, not even her dad. she didn't want anyone to know how different she was than everyone, so she just stuck to the stereotypes. She was also into vintage style things, old cities, old movies, old cars, and just old anything. She thinks she was born in the wrong generation, Olivia isn't into this advanced technology.

Olivia's first attack was the she was thirteen, She was walking home from school. She felt as if there was something watching her, when she'd turn around nothing would be there. Then she turned the corner and something scratched her face, she screamed. Olivia was in the bad part of town so not many people's heads where turned. Luckily, without even looking she ducking into an ally behind a trash can. She hid there for roughly an hour. What she didn't know then was that there were two Saytrs protection her and they killed the Hell hound that attacked her. Her second attack was when she was fourteen, Olivia was at a Zoo on a field trip for school. She accidentally separated from the group, she wasn't interested in the monkey's, she wanted to see the water animals. She was leaning over the side of the exhibit to look more closely at the otters, then he had accidentally slipped off the side and fell into the water. Since the Otter exhibit is kind of under ground, no one saw exactly what happened. A Telekhines bit her hand, which for this particular monster isn't a big threat. She quickly pulled her hand out of the water and it was poring blood, she was lucky to get away with a gash and broken pinkie finger. As everyone was gathered around her, no one saw a Celestial bronze spear of a saytr shoot into the water. The reason these saytr's didn't take Olivia with them was because her dad was very skeptical and didn't in believe it.

Two weeks after her fifteenth birthday, her dad forced her to go to a play with him. Not wanting to let him down, she accepted, They were sitting seventeen rows back from the stage when she felt something being inserted into the back of her neck then the worst pain she felt in her entire life which was followed by a blood curling scream. A Giant Scorpion was attempting to shove the stinger in her neck. Olivia was beginning to go under but the last thing she saw was a spear and an arrow shot into the belly of the monster. The two Saytr's who had been protecting her, saved her, which is what she was told. Filip didn't register her injuries in the past, Olivia didn't understand that they were related either. Filip had been told about the camp but he didn't beleive in monsters and he thought the saytrs (who were always dressed as kids) were trying to kidnap his daughter. He finally accepted the help from the Saytr's they told him that she would be safe and that was the last time he ever saw his gifted daughter. Olivia was in the infirmary in a coma state at camp for about a week, but when she woke up, she realized a whole knew meaning to her life. After she woke up, she received a weapon, a Celestial bronze sickle. A sickle is an unusual weapon, but if fit her great.

Weapons: Celestial bronze Sickle

-- What makes you different, makes you dangerous -HaileyElizabeth 01:46, May 18, 2015 (UTC)


Hey there, Hailey. This is a really good claim ^3^ But there are some things that I'll need to question.

  • Demigods usually get their first attacks at roughly 10-13, 14 being the max. Being aware of her heritage speeds up the process, meaning she'd get attacked earlier.
  • After her first attack, she'd be harassed by monsters at least once a year every following year.
  • I find the kissing part really iffy....I don't think Athena does that as she's a virgin goddess xD But that might just be me.
  • Also, please add that her weapon is Celestial bronze, as it's the only metal that can kill monsters. I assume she got it at camp?

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

I fixed the key point you addressed.

-- What makes you different, makes you dangerous -HaileyElizabeth 00:03, May 19, 2015 (UTC)

Hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say your claim is good but I have a question why didnt her two saytr protecter send her to camp? cause if a saytr finds a demigod they would send them straight to camp soo why did they take so long to send her there??

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 08:24, May 19, 2015 (UTC)

Her father din't believe in the monsters, he just thought that there were logical reasons to the first two attacks. He thought the kids were trying to kidnap his daughter, I made it more clear in the attack portion.

-- What makes you different, makes you dangerous -HaileyElizabeth 02:23, May 20, 2015 (UTC)

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