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Name: Olivia (Middle name is Elizabeth) Thompson. If you're close to her, you can call her "Ollie". 

Gender: Girl.

Current Age: 12

God Parent: Notus, Astraeus, or Zephyrus.

Mortal Parent: Arianna Thompson.

Appearance: Olivia is a girl who is short for her age, standing at 4'10. She is also of stocky build, weighing 120

Basically this, only chubbier and with way darker skin and hair.

pounds. Most of this comes from baby fat...or so she claims. Olivia Thompson has a heart-shaped face on top of her thick neck, with dark brown locks surrounding it. Her very curly strands fall to her mid-back, and are usually managed into a ponytail. She desperately wants to dye her hair, something her mother stands firmly against. From the olive flesh on her face, two round eyes the color of dark honey poke out. These are right above her ruddy cheeks (actually, I'd be concerned if they weren't above her cheeks).

Despite her fat appearance, Olivia has long legs that are built for running. She's very sensitive about her legs, though. Well, not so much the legs as the feet connected to them. Olivia has the feet of a giant, which spawned the Elementary school nickname "Duckfeet". 

Currently, Olivia is just entering puberty, so her limbs are very gangly, and her face is "fresh" with acne. She wears thick red glasses. 

Personality: At times, it seems like Olivia is the stereotypical fat kid, but at others, not so much. She is a good-natured person that loves to help others. In fact, she loves to help so much that she does it to the point of being annoying. She is intelligent when it comes to books, science, and other things along those lines. Yet, she is ignorant about people and the atmosphere. Olivia is slightly gullible, always believing the best about people. This has led to her having only a few true friends, and the rest wanting to take advantage of her.

History: They say all romantic things happen at midnight. Perhaps that was true in the case of Arianna Thompson and the man who called himself Faris Stone. For on July 17th, 1999, 25 year old Arianna Thompson sat at a bar in Chicago, Illinois, exhausted after having just partied with a couple of friends. She was tired and slightly drunk, so she didn't object when a dashing man sat himself down next to her. 

"What brings you to Chicago, lovely lady?" He smiled, revealing perfect teeth. "New hope? Opportunity?" 

"A wedding," She snorted. "My sister just got married."

"Ah. Well, allow me to buy you a drink."

And those were the words that cinched the deal, as it was. As the night went on, Arianna got drunk as heck. The mysterious stranger (Faris, actually a Greek god in disguise), decided to buy a room for the two of them. And they did things that I'm not going to go into detail about, for if I did, I'd probably get banned for it. 

The next day, Arianna woke up in the hotel room, but not the one Faris had bought. It was her regular room she had bought for the trip, something that confused her. Then she remembered the handsome stranger. Figuring she had accidentally told him the room number or something along those lines, she left Chicago to go back to New York City, her home. Suspicious about the stand, she went to the doctor about three weeks after returning. He confirmed the truth Arianna tried to avoid: she was pregnant. 

Though Arianna was furious, she decided to keep the child. She was single, and no other man was ever going to fall in love with her, so why not?

Nine months later, after a long and hard pregnancy, Olivia was born on April 10th, 2000 to her single mother. Together, they grew up in a small apartment nestled in the depths of the city. She didn't get the best education growing up, but it was enough for her. Growing up, Olivia seemed to be a normal girl who got good grades. There was her dyslexia, though, and a couple of hallucinations (for example, once she saw a man staring at her with only one eye). She found a couple of friends who liked her in grade school, but most of all Brian Schnider.

Brian was a sort of misfit, just like her. Olivia considered herself lucky to have him, since he was the only guy seeming to like her.  To her, he was slightly weird. For instance, he was a cripple. Normally, this wouldn't be so weird to her, but he seemed to be ultra-sensitive. Yet, life went on for her. But everything changed when she was 12 years old. 

On February 10th, Olivia walked into her Spanish classroom, to find that it was seemingly barren. No chairs. No desks. Nothing....but the teacher. Except, it seemed that her Spanish teacher had changed into something else. Something way more beautiful than the normal Mrs. Lambstrong, with a reptile tail. It was what she would think was a vampire at the time- Olivia would later learn it was a Lamia. The creature sprang into action, grabbing Olivia and throwing her to the ground.

Olivia deperately tried to fight blacking out as she wrestled with the teacher, but to no avail. The creature's jaws descended upon her...BAM! That's when it happened. She opened her eyes to see Brian was above the pair, holding  a chair above his head. Mrs. Lambstrong was on top of Olivia. She had been knocked out.

"Get up!" Brian yelled. "Come on, she'll wake up soon!"

Olivia didn't resist as Brian pulled her to her feet, taking her out of the school and took her to Camp Half-Blood, telling her everything along the way (the fact that she was a demigod, he was a satyr, etc.)

Olivia and Brian, with the Lamia on their trail, barely managed to make their way to camp.

Weapons: None currently.

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