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Character Name: Opal Cowen

Gender: Female

Godly parenting choices: Athena, Hecate, Aphrodite

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 15


Mortal parent name: Jaymes Cowen

Appearance: Opal is tall with eyes that change colour with her mood and long, curly brown hair. She is strong from life on the streets, but still thin, as she hasn't manage to regain her appetite (see history).

Personality: Opal is nerdy and spouts of facts about nearly everything she sees, as on the streets there wasn't much chance to learn anything, so she spent lots of time researching about everything (See history). She loves joking around and laughing. She spends her spare time writing her book or practising swordplay.

History: Her parents met at the library. Jaymes was researching ancient history for a job as an ancient historian. He grew in love with the goddess through the pages of the book, every day returning to the library and praying she visit him. One day, she obliged, appearing in front of him. He was amazed and asked her to accompany him to a café. They talked, and she came to visit him more often. Eventually she fell in love too. (If Athena) However, Athena was a Virgin Goddess and wasn't allowed to have "it" (do I have to write it? It seriously grosses me out), so as a token of her love, she created children with the personalities of her and Jaymes, a brainchild. (if not Athena) Eventually Their relationship moved to the next level, and they had "it".

Opal had a relatively normal childhood. Up until she was three, she didn't notice that she didn't have a mother, up until she was five she didn't know that other people did, and up until she was seven, she didn't care. She had a Twin sister called Tula, and a doting father. She went to a regular school, and despite having many reasons to bullied (ADHD, Dyslexia, and top of the class), nobody did, because the last person that tried, ended up in hospital. For some reason, though, Opal always had a connection with owls (If Athena), Opal once levitated (Hecate), Opal had guys falling at her feet. Opals life was happy, and she would have been more than happy for it to stay that way.

But that was the calm before the storm.

Jaymes felt he was amazing, after all, he had caught the attention of a goddess! He didn't know about demigods, and thought he was the only one who had caught the attention of a goddess. He prayed to her every night, begging her to take him up to Olympus. Eventually, she returned to him, but refused, however, and Jaymes grew bitter. He decided to kill the girls as revenge, knowing his former wife loved them.

The week before their thirteenth birthday, Opals twin, Tula heard her father say into his phone "I don't care how you do it, I just want her dead!" Tula was terrified and begged her twin to run away with her, but Opal would have nothing of it.

On the day of her thirteenth birthday, Tula was killed. Opals father told Opal he had done it. He told her that if she wanted to live, she would admit to doing the crimes.

On the day of the trials Opal refused to admit to committing the crime, telling the truth.

Opal lived alone on the street for a year, avoiding police, as she didn't want to go to a foster home. She survived by begging and stealing.

Not long after she ran away, Opal was outside her make do home, when she was attacked by five stymphalian birds.She beat them off with a bit of old wood from her makeshift house and prayed to anybody who was listening. Nothing happened. She literally ran for her life. She heard a voice in her head. It told her to find the nearest library. It gave her directions too. She had no choice but to listen. She found it and walked breathlessly to the counter. She stated her name to the teenager behind it. The teenager, Ellen, gave her a ring with Athinaios carved into the back. Opal understood it to mean "Athenian". Ellen told her about camp, warned her that the birds had not been deterred, and handed her a wireless stereo and a CD. She told her to play it while fighting the birds. Opal went outside and took the ring off, on a hunch, and muttered "metaschimatismo", "transform, in Greek, also on a hunch. The ring turned into a long celestial bronze blade. She used it to beat off the birds as she turned on the radio. As soon as they heard the loud music blaring from the radio, they flew away.

Opal did not go to camp however, remaining on the streets, as she did not want to trust any body in case she got hurt again

However, James had a gift from his former wife, a scrying bowl type thing. He could only view the children with it, and was given to him so he could keep them safe. Apollo had warned Opals mother that bad things would happen to the girls, so she gave it to him to prevent anything bad from happening to them (Epic fail), and instead he was using it to harm her. He sent an assassin to kill her telling him her location.

Camp knew about Opal from Ellen (Who was a demigod child of Athena) and had sent a satyr to watch out for her. As soon as they heard about the assassin (they are children of gods, they know these things), they alerted the satyr, and he alerted her. They caught a taxi to close to camp (the satyr preferred not to give away the location of camp) and not far from camp, the assassin caught up. A good knock to the head solved that problem. It also gave him amnesia which solved the OTHER problem of the assassin seeing the satyrs goat hoof. Well, he didn't see it because of the Mist (The magical thing that cloaks all that godly stuff from mortals), but better to be safe than sorry. Anyway... It was fun.

Preferred Weapon: long celestial bronze sword, Athinaios, Athenian. See history.

Signature: Don't tell me the skies the limit when there are footprints on the moon


Good day Nerdylove! I love your username (not kidding NERDS ftw!) :) Okay so first and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the wiki and thank you for deciding to join us. Before your character gets approved, I'll be pointing out some points for you to improve on:

  • Kindly add more to her appearance. At least 3 or more sentences.
  • Same goes for the personality.
  • The whole history should be at least 3 paragraphs or more consisting of the parent meeting (how the godly and mortal parent met), early childhood,

first monster attack (not younger than 11, not older than 13), camp arrival (how she reached camp).

  • Where did she get her weapon?

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hi there I'll be your claimer today and there's a few things I wish to highlight

  • her mother appeared and kill the sphinx? sorry that does sounds cool and all but its not allowed as it would be considered to be direct interference which is not allowed soo change that (and even if you manage to change the method you have to still change the monster as sphinx is considered to be medium which takes at least 3 or 4 demigods but you can pick one monster here here)
  • in the history you mentioned the dad is angry about the mom refusing to bring him to olympus...does that mean she is still in contact with the mortal parent?

thats all the problem i see soo please change it

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Uh, fixed it... I'm not sure how well I explained it though.

Nerdylove (talk) 14:55, January 8, 2015 (UTC)

I'm not trying to offend anyone here, but seriously this is confusing...

  • Please do mention how Tula and Opal where born. It just says "they fell in love" and then says "Opal grew up..."
  • Please expand her Early Childhood, What happened since she was born up to the age of 9? Please provide special events that happened every two years or so.
  • "But it couldn't last..." What couldn't last?
  • So... asfter Tula and Opal where born, Jaymes still had contact with Athena?
  • I find it EXTREMELY  impossible for a 10 year old girl living alone in the streets for 3 years. Maybe just one year when she's 13.
  • It would be also very unlikable for Opal to kill a small group of telkhines. 1 telkhine takes from 1-2 trained demigods to kill...
  • Explain how Opal killed the monster? How was the fight?
  • How did camp get notified about her being killed if the camp doesn't even know yet that Opal exists?
  • How did her father know Opal was alive?
  • How did her father know where Opal was currently "living"?
  • If she went to camp with a satyr, explain the trip to camp with the satyr... Where there any monster attacks? If so, explain them in detail.

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  • done
  • done
  • done
  • was already done, but clearly badly explained so here it is, better worded.

Jaymes was all praying to be taken up to Olympus to live there, but Athena wasn't listening. Jaymes was still like "take me up to Olympus," ALL THE TIME and Athena eventually was all like "FINE, I'M LISTENING! THE ANSWER IS NO!" Then Jaymes grew bitter etc.

  • done
  • done
  • done
  • Ellen told them
  • done

hi there I'll be your claimer today and the only problem I see is she a demigod? or is she a nymph? or something? how can she know about the birds?

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hi there I'll be our claim checker today and I have to say this claim is almost perfect my only problem is your last sentence when you say "the assassin saw the goat hoof.." I know you said he forgot but i have to point out the mist thing where mortals see only normal stuff soo can you please just change it I'll claim this right away :)

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