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Name: Ophid Carne
Ophid Carne

Gender: Female

Age: 13

God Parent: Themis, Nemesis, Nike, Hecate

Mortal Parent: Frexwood 'Rex' Carne (Clear Sighted)

Appearance: She has long flowing curly black hair. A very round face, with deep blue eyes. She is not that tall, at only 4'11. But is very skinny, with good posture. She has a good complection, and quite pale skin. She is not that confident in herself, and wears multiple layers to hide herself. She has petite and small feet, at only a size 4. For all her life she has been small.

Personality: She is very kind, and always focusses on others. She has very high morals, and loves to be with nature. But is very devious, and cunning. But keeps it all on the inside. Also she is very strategic, but quiet. Preferring to only talk when she is with someone she highly trusts, or someone she is trying to help.

History: Rex is a lawyer, and a decently famous one at that. One day he was abiding over a case, when he met a girl, Themis/Nike/Nemesis, after he finished the case, winning, he met up with her. They had a cup of coffee and clicked instantly, after a couple of times of seeing each other, they finished the deed. Nine months later she appeared again. Carrying a scarf, wrapping Ophid. Seconds later she was gone, leaving Rex with a kid, completely out of his depth, confused as anything, with a career, that was now going down the drain.

She was brought up in an apartment in Brooklyn. Her father had to quit his job to look after Ophid, to protect her as well. Along with Ophid and the scarf came a small note, revealing that he had had a kid with a god and the address to Camp Half-blood. He tucked it away for ages, pushing it out of his memory. Focussing on his kid. She was not attacked that much, with much more powerful demi-gods being in the same city, though the times she was attacked she remembers. Such as the time she was stalked by a cyclops, her father managed to protect her though, by pushing it onto an oncoming bus. Using his umbrella. So she managed to grow up kinda normal. She went to school, excelling in the more philosophical subjects, such as Modern Studies and English. Failing in Maths and the sciences. She had a couple of friends, her best being Melanoi and Zaffira. They were a close nit group, spending all their time together, protecting each other. But other than that she had no real friends. Most of the others being fake, or just plain idiots. She headed over to Manhattan with them, explored the town. But nothing ever felt right. Like there was someone following her, but whenever she looked around. Nothing was there. When she was walking alone, she saw it. A flash of large black wings, but seconds later is disappeared behind the building. When she hit 13, stuff began happening. People began avoiding her building, her friends didn't want to come round. Rumors of things, hidden in the shadows. She saw the same black wings multiple times. Her father bacame tenser. Everything changed.

One night her dad was gone. No one had seen him leave. And all that was left was the scarf, and a small note, and a stack of money. Ophid scanned the note, it explained that she was a demi-god, and about her past. How her dad could not handle it, needed to get away. Then where Camp Half-blood was, and telling her to go there. And she did. She got in a cab, phoned Melanoi and Zaffira, met with them, said her goodbyes, and never looked back. Packing only a small bag, filled with nothing but a change of clothes, and her scarf. When she reached Camp Half-blood, she almost didn't go over. But then the creature revealed itself. Its wings spread, almost 10 metres wide. Casting a looming shadow over her face, its eyes like black holes, drawing her in. Almost tearing her apart, but she ran. Fleeing up the hill, entering the camp for the first time.

Weapons: A pale gold bow and arrow

Other Belongings: The scarf she was wrapped in when her mother handed her over.

Doo Doo Doo Doo..... 02:37, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

First, a baby wouldn't have been born in a few weeks it takes months. Another thing, why did Rex having a child cause his career to be ruined? Explain a bit more about her life, how was she protected from the monsters that did come at her and also how did she not get attacked while getting to camp?

Tumblr mew04jhcnv1qg2e7xo1 500He is the Royal Protector and Slaughterer ~Raid~6xcHU

Even though she wasn't a "powerful demigod" she will have still been attacked by a monster. D22The Swordsman,The Knife thrower, The Throat Ripper,The Brutal One, and The Rebel 00:45, November 15, 2012 (UTC)

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