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Name: Orabelle Johnson

Gender: female

God Parent: Poseidon, Apollo, hermes

Age: 12 years old

Mortal Parent: Karin Johnson

Appearance: brown hair with blonde highlights, dark blue eyes, tan, medium hight, well built, medium hair length, curly hair.

Personality: shy at first but once you get to know her, loving fun and outgoing. hard working and trains a lot. loyal and friendly. has dyslexia and ADHD, but her ADHD makes her quite mellow but easily to anger. she will do anything to help her friends and family. can hold a grude but not for a long time towards friends. once angered it is hard for her to cool down.

History: her parents met at a party on a cruise in the pacific, introducing himself orabelles father charmed her mother and started to date for the time being. they spent most of their time in the pool with drinks in their hands. during the cruise they fell in love and decided to move in together, they both hated the busyness of the city and loved the freeness of the islands they had visited on their cruise so they moved to an island off the coast of Florida, it was pretty vacant just one other cabin on the other side of the island and that was it. there a small wood in the middle but was easily navigate-able due to the . they created a small cabin on the beach and called it home. they had a baby girl and decided to name her Orabelle. orabelles father pulled karin over to the side and told her his true identity her was a Greek god, but he had to go he was forgetting his duties and Zeus was calling him back to Olympus to resume his responsibilities. only a week later Orabelle's father went fishing one day, there was a terrible storm and her father never returned. orabelles mother knew why he hadn't come back but told orabelle that he went missing.

her mother, karin decided to move inland to Florida and raise orabelle in a suburban home. when orabelle turned 5, her mother married a creep who smelled like sewage water and old pizza. her mother sent her to varies schools that she couldn't stay in for long. it wasn't her grades, or her outgoing attitude, something always seemed to go wrong. like in her third (9 years old) grade year, jack middlestone a boy in her class came and stole her favorite pen off her desk, she got really mad and all at once the water pipes burst in the school. or just how in her fourth grade year she was on a school field trip to clean up the nearby beach. stacy blochner came up behind orabelle and put seaweed over her head and embarrassed her. There was a blur and a second later Stacy was soaking wet and nobody knew why.

soon orabelle had to go to boarding schools, those all went wrong too. except in her fifth grade year (eleven years old), she met rose, and rose became her best friend. her only real friend she ever had. after a year of birthdays, holidays and schools, it seemed everything was great. one day they where on they're way to orabelles house after school and had just passed jerrys icecream store, when a dog the size of a large school bus bounded out from behind a building and tackled orabelle, almost decapitating her. when rose whipped out reed pipes from her bag and played a little jig that got the creatures attention.the dog pounced at rose and ripped her jeans to reveal goat legs instead of real ones as fast as lightning put her pipes to her lips played another jig quite different from the last, this one was relaxing and the dog started looking dazed, giving rose and orabelle time to run to orabelles house. they decided not to tell orabelles mom, beacause orabelle thought her mom wouldn't believe her (not knowing her mom knew about monsters).

So time and again they kept spotting monsters searching for something casually sniffing the air and kept searching. rose and orabelle always ran back to orabelles house but still didn't tell her mother. they decided to wait until orabelle's birthday, so they waited and waited, the weeks seemed to drag on, until the night orabelle turned twelve just a month later.

that night rose explained that she was a satyr and there was a camp half- blood safe for orabelle. then handed karin a letter, from orabelles dad explaining the details from the basics rose had told her with an address. her mom packed up the car and started driving to this special camp with rose and orabelle in the back seat of the car. orabelles mother explained that orabelles dad was a Greek god and he wasn't doing his duties and that's why he had to leave. Their way to camp was long and hard considering the pounding sheets of rain and the occasional roar. As soon as they got to camp orabelles mom said a good by then raced off in a hurry. rose and orabelle heard a roar and saw a shadow headed towards them, rose grabbed orabelle by the have and ran into camp. when orabelle looked back the shadow was gone. at twelve years old she was at her first camp and yet she finally felt at home.

Weapons: a celestial bronze sword with dolphins and horses engraved on the blade, on the handle it says τσουνάμι  which means tsunami in Greek. with a small celestial bronze dagger for emergencies.

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is there anything i need to fix?

Yup! The model/image you're using is also being used by User:The Kaio-Ken Kid for his/her character, Kendel Turrants so if you'd like to use her as a model, ask the user's permission or change the pic. Some things to consider:

  • First, please elaborate Orabelle's personality by adding more content.
  • How exactly did the parents met in the cruise ship? Party? Some accident or...?
  • By first grade year, you mean 1st Grade? 7 years old? That's too early for demigod powers to kick in.
  • Why did the dog disappear? It seems unlikely to have woodland magic to make hellhounds (I'm assuming it is) disappear into thin air. And is Rose a demigod or something?
  • How did the mother knew that Orabelle's dad was a Greek God? How did the mother knew the existence of Camp Half Blood?
  • Next, how old was she when she reached camp? How old was she when she was first attacked?

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okay i fixed it is it better? and i was wondering if the pic was ok or if i need to change it again

Sorry, that model is in use by Demi for her character Layla Collins|Layla. You'll need to change it again unless you get Demi's permission to share the model.

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im just not going to use a model is it good now?

not really, since kids of the Big 3 are attacked by at least age 11

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i changed the story line for her to be attacked at age 11 instead of twelve. then made it to where she was twelve when she got to camp.

How were they able to just settle on an island? 

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fixed (they hated the city but loved the islands they saw on their cruise)

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