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Name: Orion Achilles Platt

Gender: Male

Age: 15

God Parent: Athena, Aphrodite, Limos

Mortal Parent: Andrew Platt


Personality: Orion is an outgoing guy. He loves trying new things and is very sarcastic. He loves listening to music and has a very dirty mind. Orion has a certain love for swimming, as well as singing and playing the guitar. Orion is a tad flirty and barely reads. He isn't very bright, but not very stupid either. Orion feels inferior to his Athenian Half-Siblings, as he feels dumber than them, but at the same time, he feels like he's unique and stands out the most.

History: Andrew Platt and Athena met on Mid June in 1926 in a museum. Andrew was a Clear-Sighted priest of hers and new to the dangers of the world. Athena had taken a liking to him since the moment he sent his first prayer to her. After their brief meeting in the museum, they got together every Friday for the following two months. After they felt very close, they had a mind connection, and thus, Orion Achilles Platt popped out of Athena's head.

Quickly after his birth, Athena gave him a small and simple watch and explained everything he didn't know to Andrew. Camp Half-Blood's direction, what demigods did, his probable powers and most importantly, how to activate his weapons. After that, Athena vanished.

For two years, Andrew tried leading a normal life as a single father, but it was hard. His son, Orion, was a happy and normal child. He met a woman named Annika, who he married when Orion was four. She was a very nice and lovely lady. Andrew was deeply in love with her and soon enough, he forgot almost completely of Athena, if it weren't for his son, so, he lied to him. He told Orion that his mother was Annika. On the return of their honeymoon, they revealed that she was expecting a baby.

Lauren Platt was born nine months later. She was a fine and selfless young woman, and Orion cared much about her. He was very protective of her, even at his young age. And so, two years later, Luca Platt was born. Two more years later, Magnus Platt was born. These siblings were very, very close. They did everything together. In fact, since only one member per family could go to school, Orion went to school and when he came back, he taught everything he knew to his siblings.

It was hard, considering he had light dyslexia and ADHD, but he did it for his siblings and so they could learn.

Unfortunately, when Orion was 13, World War 2 had begun. The American Army was taken boys and men from 13 years of age to 37. Orion and Andrew were two of those men and boys. Before they went to training, though, Andrew told Orion everything. From his mother, to his heritage, to his weapons. Orion was mad, yes, but he forgave his dad because they were going into war. Slowly, Orion began going up in ranks. First, he was just a simple recruit, but the harder he trained, the more potential he showed to be moved up. In the end, after a lot of training, Orion was made a strategist and Andrew was left in charge of bombing the enemy.

Just days before going into action, Orion was attacked by a hellhound when he was on his way to a meeting. Orion quickly summoned his bow and notched an arrow, aiming it at the hellhound, and released. It hit the hound's left shoulder blade. He notched two more arrows and, aiming at the hellhound, he released. One hit the hellhound square in the chest and the other in his right shoulder blade, turning it into golden dust. Orion, of course, was able to defend himself due to the training he had with different weapons, ranging from guns to a bow and arrow to even a spear.

Orion and Andrew went into action three months later and served loyally for two years. Orion was unfortunately in the very same building the enemy had bombed and was then blasted to Calypso's Island. Throughout the years, Orion and Calypso hated each other, but she never told him of the curse, as she liked his company and didn't want to be alone. Even if she was used to it. Besides, the fates always sent her someone she'd grow to love.

Her words were true, because the longer Orion stayed, the more she fell for him, until she got to the point she called fall no more. That was when she told him of the curse. Orion immediately demanded to leave. He did grow to love her, but he wanted to leave and explore the new world. He knew that they could never be together. Saddened by the thought of him leaving, Calypso told him a few stuff about the modern world.

Once the raft containing the 15 year old ended in Camp Half-Blood, he walked up to the Camp Director and explained everything. He was then claimed by Athena, even if he knew, and was placed in the Cabin made for Athenian Children.

Weapons: Orion has a Nixon watch with two small buttons to its side. The first button turns into a midnight black and neon green bow with a quiver full of endless CB arrows. The second turns into midnight black CB sword. Orion prefers hand to hand combat or long range fights, rather than short ranges. He also has a CB knife with him, in case of emergencies.



  • Just to clarify, the "him" being referred to in the second paragraph was Andrew, right?
  • I'm almost entirely sure that the army would not put a 13 year old boy as a strategist, especially since he's very new to the army. I'd recommend adding more history here, like showing how Orion rose through the ranks or something of the sort.
  • It may just be me, but I really doubt that Zeus would play favorites with a demigod that wasn't his child. I'd recommend adding in one or two monster attacks just to be sure.
  • Then, practically 50 years is a long time to spend on the island of Calypso and I highly doubt in that long span of time that Orion remained oblivious to the feelings of his companion.
  • Why didn't Orion demand to leave Ogygia sooner?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

  • Yes, it was Andrew.
  • Yeah, I added some stuff.
  • Fixed it.
  • Fixed. He wasn't exactly oblivious, as he liked her back, but his feelings weren't that big enough to make him stay.
  • He didn't know of the curse, as Calypso didn't tell him of his choice due to wanting some company and the attraction she had for him.


Where exactly are Orion and Andrew from?

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sorry for the long wait but after your char leave calypso island your char will start aging normally again soo your char would be really old soo please think of a way to get by that.

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Like you stated, once they age normally once they leave Calypso's island, so he wouldn't be old at all. He'd still be 15 and continuing to grow up regularly again.


seems fine to me

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