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Name: Orpheus Stone

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Andrea Stone

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, African-American skin.

Personality: Dark, has the Hades fatal flaw of holding grudges, intelligent, clever, and brave.

History: It was a horrible night for 24 year old Andrea Stone when her mother died from lung cancer. At the funeral, she saw a man that was handsome, and in an all black suit. After the funeral, she met the man and they agreed to meet again soon. They went on multiple dates and the rest is history. Hades came one last time and gave Andrea a necklace that turned in to a Stygian iron sword, called Asphodel. He told her about their son needing to go to Camp Half-Blood at around 11 years old with a boy named Aleksander. Then, he left. Andrea always had those memories of Hades.

Eight and a half months later a boy named Orpheus Stone enters the world. He is born perfectly healthy, but troubled and with dyslexia and ADHD. He is lucky enough to stay in one school, LA Academy for Troubled Boys. He meets his only friend, Aleksander Smith. They travel through the grades, and run into a few small Cyclopes along the way. Somehow, Aleksander manages to ward them off. Andrea gives Orpheus the necklace, but informs him not to touck the small gray button on the back.

In 5th grade, things start going south. Aleksander and Orpheus get into a huge argument about Greek mythology, which they've been learning in Social Studies. They aren't friends anymore and they slowly drift away from each other. Also, Orpheus is a straight-A student while Aleksander is in ISS every other day. Now that Orpheus is alone, his grades are rising and he is the top student in the class. On the last day of school, Orpheus goes home to his mother's house and lives another day. As he starts to fall asleep, a gem appears in his bed. Then Aleksander appears, knocking on the window. A storm was approaching.

They quickly travel to NYC after informing his mother by flying a plane. They land in NYC where 3 harpies are chasing them. They hop in a cab and Aleksander tells Orpheus to press the button on the necklace. He does and they hop out of the cab and barely defeat the harpies. They get back in and ride to Half-Blood Hill. They get there and cross the borders. Alexander the Great greets them and Orpheus settles into the Hades cabin. He has currently been at camp for 5 days.

Weapons: Asphodel, Stygian iron sword.


Although this is a WIP, there are still several things you need to work on before we can claim this character. 

  1. A typical history consists of 3-4 short paragraphs which detail how the god and the godly parent met, their childhood in relevant detail, any monster attacks and how they got to camp. I recommend that you rewrite your history to include more details.
  2. Chiron is not the Camp Director on this wiki to avoid breaking any canon. So we use Alexander the Great instead. Most gods leave weapons with the kid's parents, or they're given them by satyrs, or they get them upon coming to camp.
  3. He CANNOT have the Helm or Darkness or any clone/variation of it. It's over-powered, and also cannot be given for canon reasons. The Helm of Darkness is a one time weapon created by the cyclops during the Titanomachy and thus cannot be replicated. 

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Thanks for your hard work! The claim is much improved and has been placed in the next category, which means you're one step closer to being claimed. There are still a few things you can edit before it's ready :D

  • I assume that Hades explained what would happen to Orpheus, and gave her the sword in preperation? It's implied, but I'm just asking for clarification as it does affect what happens next. 
  • As a reference point, who are these large men? Additionally, how's Alexander a son of Pan? Canonically, Pan died an unspecified time amount ago on the wiki (as the wiki is set a generation or two after PJO and HOO) If he was a son of Pan, he'd be much older. Also, I imagine the mother already knows due to Hades previously telling her.
  • What's going on in the cab? Especially with regards to "pressing the button." Is this meant to be the Gray Sister's Taxi? This bit is a little bit confusing
  • Orpheus cannot have settled into the Hermes Cabin or started to date another character that does not exist. On the wiki, this is considered metagaming as the events that took place haven't actually happened, at least not in the wiki's timeline. I recommend you change this. Also, Orpheus would be claimed and sent to the Hades Cabin, as Percy Jackson ruled that the gods must claim their own children.

LipstickYou know you love me, XOXO gossip girl  ~Alex CrownA

I have to say nice claim and its about ready to get claim all it needs is a mention to how long your char have been on camp... I'm super sorry for being nit picking but on camp we have a rule that a char may only stay for 2 weeks (for full time that is part time you can come and go as you wish) and his picture doesnt look like an 11 year old... again sorry for being nitpicking >,< forgive me

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Congrats young one you have been very patient with us thus with that I give you...a demigod..

You Have Been Claimed

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Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…


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