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Full name: Owen Frankie Hushed

Child of: Harpocrates

Appearance: Here

Type: Chaos Spirit


Cerys Hushed was the daughter of a miner in the Welsh valley of Rhondda. By the 1950's, with the end of the war, Rhondda had become a power house of industry with slate, coal and iron being mined, processed and sent to Cardiff Dock to be shipped across the world. Though the amount of work in the area Rhondda and the Valleys of Wales were poor places filled with only slums and many of the population dying from illnesses. This is where Carys Hushed lived. Carys' father and mother had died soon after the war, her father from a gas explosion in a mine and her mother died of typhoid some months after her father. The community of the area was tightly knighted so the surrounding families had helped her, clothed her and fed her until she got a job in the cotton factory. It was here that she caught the attention of Harpocrates, the god of Silence. He had taken the form of the Cotton Owners son and had been flirting with Carys for some time and one day she fell pregnant. When a bump became obvious the community that had once helped her were now shunning her. No more help was given, no more food, clothes or smiles. She soon lost her job at the factory and was forced to sell her body on the streets for money. This paid very little and once she was 9 months pregnant she was thin as a twig. She gave birth to Owen but couldn't take care of his and so she left him on the doorstep of the local Orphanage. Owen never saw his mother again.

And so Owen became a child of the system. His days were long in the Catholic held Orphanage. He made no friends and the days were a blur of prays, songs, hymns, prays, songs, hymns. They attempted to teach Owen Latin though his dyslexia made this hard, causing his to gain a lot of caning. This went on for some years and it caused Owen to hate and fear Christianity. If a God so forgiving and loving could hit a child, what kind of morals did this God have? There was an upside to being an Orphan, he didn't have to go work down a mine, or hitting iron or cutting slate. The church kept his belly full, if this was only the bear minimum of grool and relatively safe, as he was not allowed to leave the church grounds. Over the Winter, when Owen had reached his tenth birthday many bodies came to be buried in the church. The Winter was cold and hard and as many of the towns people had no warms clothes many died of hypothermia. By the end of the Winter they didn't even dig separate graves, they just threw them in one large one. "Why don't you just burn them?" he'd asked Mother Superior and she had replied "A body of ash cannot rise again when The Lord returns to Earth."

The only thing Owen did in the Orphanage was garden. Each child was assigned a role, and his was gardening. He couldn't complain much at least there he got some fresh air, even though the smog and air wasn't all that 'fresh.' He loved the church garden with it's twisted black iron gates and statues of saints and angels. One day he was a ruff looking man, wearing carped clothes and a sooted face. He had great bushy eyebrows and a unwashed, now gray beard. Owen looked around and slowly made his way over, usually the village people would come looking for food and Owen would often give, smuggling bread out of the kitchen when he could. "Bread?" He offered pushing it through the gate and the man gave a gruff reply. Owen twisted his arm, the loaf in it and the man quickly grasped his skin, causing Owen to drop the bread into the mired mud. "Y-You're hurting me" He winced with a scream as the man bore fangs. Owen admitted a high pitched scream at this and one of the Nuns ran out and rushed over to calling child. She sighted the man and hissed at it "Demon" before muttering some words in Latin. The boy tugged his arm away harder and the Nun approached and started to through water at the Thing. She opened the door and muttered louder before the creature lunged at her and pulled out her neck. The Nun lay on the floor, spitting and coughing before another Orphan ran over and pulled out a long bronze sword, slicing the creatures head off. "We have to go" He shouted as he took Owen's shaking hand and ran down the street.

Owen had passed out for some days apparently because when he awoke he and the boy where in the hull of a huge ship filled to the brim with coal. Here on their long journey to New York the orphan who's name was Rowan explain that Owen was a demigod and though Owen doubted this but he was stuck on a ship so he might as well go to New York. Also New York where were Stars were made and Owen would very much liked to be a movie star. He'd seen so much of David Nelson in the local cinema and he wanted to be just like him. It was early spring when Owen arrived at New York and he was given the surname Hushed by the Immigration Office at Ellis Island in it's last working year. The walk through the concrete jungle made Owen's jaw drop; flashing lights and high buildings dwarfed the Welsh Orphan. By the time he'd reached the grassy hill his shoes were falling apart and his feet ached. He was thirsty and hungry as he made his way down the hill. That very night after Owen was claimed by his father Harpocrates and though the god had no cabin Owen got to stay in the Hermes cabin. This is where he met his best friend Kennedy Christian.

Kennedy and Owen made quick friends and soon enough the both of them were like twins. As Kennedy was a member of Hermes cabin Owen seemed to spend day and night with him and they seemed to be glued together. After some months Owen was invited to come stay with the Christians over Summer and they quickly became like the Welsh boys family. The realisation slowly hit Owen one week when himself and Kennedy had tried to go to the theatre together but the man at the front had denied the children to sit together. This came as a shock to Owen and he demanded to know why and the man pointed out that Owen was white and Kennedy was black and that they would have to sit. Owen had refused this and so the two boys weren't aloud to enter the theatre. When not at Camp, Owen would spend his whole time living with the Christians. He'd spent Christmas there, his 14th and 15th Birthday as well. In 1954 a group of mixed race Demigods who spanned from the youngest, Frank who was 14 to the oldest Daisy who was 23. These group of who Owen and Kennedy were a part of had decided to fight racism.

The Group started to follow Martin Luther King Jr all across America. They were strong activists and would often be arrested and beaten for it. Owen used his powers well to hush large crowds, riots and so on. He would silence large groups of people for speaking out against Equal Rights and even did this to the occasional senator. Once in the Southern States where there was a peace walk going on the white members of the Group came across another Demigod Group. These were a group of White Supremacist Demigods who were helping the KKK and others to try and halt the Equal Rights Movement. After getting in lots of fights but to no avail, many died on both sides. The Group had discovered that many gods and goddess fed of the this choas like Eris, Ate and Oizys.  On April 4, 1968 it was announced that Martin Luther King Jr was killed. The Group were outraged as they learnt that the assassin was forced to murder Martin Luther King by a member of the other group who was the son of Oizys'. Outraged the group went after this small group of demigods and killed them all.

The godly parents of these memebers were outraged. Oizys, Ate and Eris wanted revenge, but Eris, sly as she was didn't just want revenge for their mortal life. The cruelly turned each one of the demigods into a Spirit or Nymph of their counter opposite. Owen, how was quite and ordered was turned into a Spirit of Chaos, forced against his nature to lust for chaos' sweet fruit. To add to the cruel slight of their beings she cursed them further. Being a child of silence Owen was cursed to hold his tongue for ever more unless he was spoken to first. As a symbol of his curse Owen was forced to wear a ribbon around his neck. If Owen attempted to remove the ribbon it would decapitate him and if he spoke about his curse, he would also die. And so Owen is forced to be silent till the end of time. Not being able to comment on vilonce, try and help nor intervene.

A sword swallower through and through. ~ Gruff Tyrell Rose 19:33, November 21, 2014 (UTC)~

how did the kid die? thats all I'm asking

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 19:43, November 23, 2014 (UTC)

He's not dead. He was just created into a spirit by Eris

A sword swallower through and through. ~ Gruff Tyrell Rose 16:50, November 24, 2014 (UTC)


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Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…


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