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Name: Ozymandias "Zed" Jay Stoker

Age: 15

Gender: Male

God Parent: Ariadne, Hephaestus, Lomis

Mortal Parent: Dorian Stoker

Appearance: Zed is tall, with white, almost albino hair, and a pale look to him, almost reminiscent of a child of Hades. He is thin and wirey. He has dark grey eyes, which seem to stretch on like the bounds of a labyrinth. He is hardly seen anywhere without a cigarette hanging from his lips. He usually wears smart-ish shirts and trousers beneath a repetitively stitched up M-1965 Fishtail Parka, the pockets of which are stuffed with a variety of items, from USB sticks to soldering wire, not often all belonging to Zed.

Personality: Zed is smart. Smart and angry. He is very, very good with computers, occasionally too good. He sees the network of firewalls and password protected locks like a maze, and, as a son of Ariadne, he has no trouble in navigating said maze. He wise-cracks often, each joke filled with profanity, but sometimes these insults border over into mean. He has a surprising sense of personal honor, and will protect his friends, but has no trouble with betraying those he feels nothing for. His anger is another thing. Because of his father's death, and the circumstances surrounding it and him, he feels angry at the world for letting his father die, in particular with Children of Apollo and Thanatos. This anger often manifests itself in battle, with him punching instead of slashing. Most people have what is known as a "Calm Centre", but Zed has an "Angry centre".

History: For most of his life, Zed lived in Greenwich, London. His father worked at the British Museum, and had done since before he was born. He worked in the restoration department, unseen beneath the floors of the museum, restoring and fixing antique puzzles, from Oriental Puzzle Boxes, to Ostomachion puzzles, created, supposedly, by Archimedes. It was here that he met Zed's Mother. The two had a whirlwind romance one winter, and, by the next spring, the prodigal doorbell rung in the Stoker house, and Zed was delivered into his life. Zed lived in London until he was ten, blissfully unaware of the existence of Greek gods, but his father knew of their existence, Zed's mother revealing to him her true nature. Zed thought that his mother had died in childbirth, and had her ashes scattered in the Thames, but this was a fabrication of his father's design. Zed showed immense promise in school, especially with puzzle solving, until his father was forced to move him and Zed to Washington D.C. for work at the Smithsonian, who had bought his contract off the British museum. Being a foreigner and good at school, Zed was a perfect target for bullies until Zed learned that the only way to stop bullying, was to stop bullies all together. He put one bully in the hospital with a broken leg after he picked on another student. In the march of his thirteenth year on this earth, Zed's father was discovered to have a brain tumor, which was irremovable without a very expensive treatment, out of the financial reach of any normal person. It was at this point that Zed decided to put his computer skills to more... larcenous projects. He used his skills to steal the money necessary for his father's treatment from the 'Secure' Cayman Islands bank accounts of the billionaire CEO of a large weapons manufacturing company. He laundered this money through several other accounts, eventually hiding it as a donation from an anonymous source. However, once the money was discovered missing, the CEO paid a team of Hackers, Trackers and private investigators to find the source of the intrusion, with, ironically, a final bill greater than the stolen money. Once he was tracked down, the CEO called in the police, who arrested Zed for Grand Larceny, and Assaulting a Police Officer, as he broke the nose of one arresting officer who said the money would be taken away from his father's treatment, and the wrist of another officer who tried to restrain him. Zed spent the next year and a half in the cozy confines of the Silent Creek Youth Detention Centre in the district of Columbia. According to some of the prison guards, they would often get lost on their way to Zed's cell, or end up at the other end of the cell block whilst trying to deliver him books or food. There were also reports of a bull-like scent from the area around Zed's cell. During this time his father consequently died of the brain tumor, leaving Zed angry at the CEO, angry at the government, and most of all angry at the world. He was discovered by his protector Marcus, after he was attacked by a Scythian Dracanae who was also incarcerated at the same institute, who caught Zed's scent, and decided to attack Zed, and Zed attacked him with what was quite obviously Celestial Bronze string and garroted the Scythian Dracanae who died, and the mist conveniently meant that the other inmates had never heard of or seen the Dracanae. Apart from Marcus, who had seen Zed take down a Dracanae and kill it without breaking a sweat. He arranged for Zed to be transferred to an offsite facility, with his belongings transferred back to him, along with his Laptop, a tool more useful than any weapon, and Marcus and Zed escaped and made their way down to Camp Half Blood., explaining along the way the truth behind the world, of greek gods ruling behind the scenes. Along the way, they encountered two monsters, a hellhound, who they manadged to outrun, as Marcus could drive, and a Harpy, who Marcus and Zed quickly dispatched with a combination of Zed's string, and Marcus' dagger. Upon arrival at camp after a fight at the enterance, he was claimed by Ariadne, with a symbol above his head. The next day he found a box waiting for him, Hermes mail delivered, containing three gifts that he carries every day, gifts from Ariadne.. He is also one of the few people who have managed to smuggle outside technology into Camp, most notably his laptop.

Possessions/Weapons: Zed has two main magical possessions, the first being a signet ring that he wears on his left hand, the signet bearing the symbol of a labyrinth, which, when tapped, expands into a celestial bronze large shield bearing the same symbol. The center of the ring contains a small piece of the original Cretan labyrinth at the center of the design. He was given this, along On his right hand, middle finger, he wears a finger armor ring, without the point on the end, which is in tune to Zed's emotions. When he gets angry, or is in battle, it expands to a Celestial bronze gauntlet, leading up to just below his shoulder. The knuckles of the gauntlet has an image of a bull engraved upon it, along with a pair of spike like horns on his index and little finger knuckles. Both of these were gifts from his mother.. Along with this gift, he wears a shell through which is threaded a silk thread as a necklace, a gift from his mother. This has no magic powers, but is where he keeps his camp beads. His primary weapon is a celestial bronze Spatha called Apollumi.

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nice claim but here's somethings that you need to fix

other than that I cant see anything wrong soo good luck

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Changed the Cyclops bits, but i decided that due to the whole Ariadne-Labyrinth thing, I thought that would work. Thank you for reading through, and i await your reply.

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Hey this is a nice claim but a few things need to be changed. Zed's mom can't reveal herself to him as that would be direct interference and please specify how long after his birth did she leave him and his father.

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Fixed the direct interference thing, and she left his father before he was born, and he arrived via a doorstep.

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Pretty good but please add who sent his weapons and a minatour is kind of powerful for only two experienced demigods so please look on the encyclopedia for an easier monster

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Changes made.

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