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Name: Paige Morris

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (Immortal)

God Parent: Zeus

Mortal Parent: Casey Morris

Species: Cloud Nymph 
Paige Morris 3

Personality: Paige is extremly shy, and she will rarely be the one to start a conversation. She loves to play any kind of sport and when faced with a challenge, will always come into it with an open mind.

History: Zeus had been traveling in Hawaii when he had met a young woman named Casey Morris. Casey had been writing an essay for her university class about the different climates in Hawaii. She soon bumped into Zeus who, at first she thought was arrogant and rude, but when the they started to talk, she realized he was a nice and caring guy, already knowing he was Zeus do to being able to see the mist. Casey asked him if he wanted to come stay at her villa. Zeus agreed and they soon arrived at the villa. The next morning Casey walk up in her bed, she had thought that Zeus was there, since he was the night before. But she had to get up, and with that she started to get ready for work.

Two months later Casey began to feel sick when helping at a restaurant. She quickly ran to the washroom and began to throw up. When she returned to her villa, she discovered that she was pregnant. Nervous at the thought of having a child, she called her mother, who supported her. Nine months later Casey went into labor, and little Paige was born. Paige grew up at Casey's villa up until the age of 5. Casey and her then moved back to Casey's old apartment in New York.

When Paige had turned 10, she had her first monster attack. Her mother knowing it was coming sooner or later, as she could see through the mist, was prepared and gave Paige a spear that her grandfather would use for hunting. Paige threw the spear but it was way off and the spear landed in a tree. The hellhound knocked Paige off her feet sending her flying into a tree. Soon, Casey grabbed the spear and threw it at the hellhound, having an accurate shot as she used to help her father with hunting. She soon rushed over to her daughter when she discovered she was in serious condition. Casey rushed Paige to a hospital, where she went into a coma. Casey prayed to Zeus to help save their daughter.

After Casey celebrated Paige's sixteenth birthday alone, as Paige was still in a coma. The telephone began to ring, and when Casey picked it up the doctor was on the line, he told Casey that Paige had died, but had came back to life within an hour. Casey rushed over to the hospital, and could tell Paige was slightly different, she then figured out that Paige had been turned into a nymph. The two then left the hospital and Paige saw a sign in the distance reading Camp Half-Blood, she sensed the power within the boarders, and told her mom to stop the car. Paige rushed to the gate, and when she walked in, a satyr greeted her.

Weapons: Spear called Electra

Gigi2 Brocky Good morning, campers! 27,763

is the spear that Casey used CB? Cause only CB weapons can kill monsters. How did they see the sign reading "Camp Half-Blood"? Were they at Long Island at that time?
250px-Virgo KeyGate of the Maiden, I open thee! Virgo! (Talk)/ 03:03, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

Yes the spear was CB. And Paige could see small parts of the sign through the trees, and yes they were at Long Island

Gigi2 Brocky Good morning, campers! 27,763

An untrained demigod wouldn't be able to throw an accurate shot the first timeJoker by NerdXV Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? -The Joker 15:34, March 16, 2013 (UTC)

Paige was not the one who killed the hellhound, her mother was, she was able to hit the hellhound accuratly because a) she could se through the mist and b) she had years of hunting experience with the spear. That's why Paige was in the coma, the hellhound put her in it when it attacked.

Gigi2 Brocky Good morning, campers! 27,763

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