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Name: Paloma Fleur

Age: physically about 16

Personality: She's bipolar, and depending on her mood, can be extremely hyper and bubbly, or very cautious and defensive. She changes moods very easily, and doesn't like to make friends. She prefers to keep to herself.

God-parent: Persephone, Demeter, Athena

Appearance: WIP

History: Paloma was born in the late 1700s, approximately 1790. She lived in Spain with her father, a rich noble who had the favor of Charles IV, the king. Her father met Paloma's divine mother at a party held by the king. They spent one night together, and [goddess] delivered Paloma to him 9 months later with a short note explaining everything: who she was, why he had to care for the child. Paloma didn't see much of the world during her early childhood, being kept in her father's estate most of the time and looked after by nursemaids. However, Paloma grew to be extremely beautiful, and many of the men town expressed interest in her when she was given more freedom to explore the town. But Paloma's father dismissed all their courting, for he wanted better for her. He intended to move to another city, one more prosperous, but before that could happen, Paloma started to have frightening premonitions that came in the form of dreams. She persisted in asking her father about them, and eventually he relented and told her the truth: She was a demigod. He had never before commented on Paloma's mother, but now revealed that she had in fact been a beautiful goddess which he had a short fling with. Paloma had assumed that her mother had been a Lady at the royal court, but never dreamed the truth.

Paloma's interest in her mother grew, and she decided she wanted to be closer to her. After all, she believed she had nothing else in her life and had no desire for a life of wealth. She ran away from home, refused her father's command to stay and be married, and prayed to her mother for guidance. She wanted to meet her and be a part of her life. She eventually crossed paths with the Hunters of Artemis. When Artemis explained about her hunters and invited her to join, Paloma at first accepted. She was now about 16, but after all the countless proposals she'd been subject to, had no interest in boys. Paloma roamed the earth with Artemis as a huntress for about twenty years, and enjoyed it. However, sometime after the turn of the century, she did th~~e unthinkable: She fell in love.

While passing through a town one night, she encountered a young man and for some reason was deeply attracted to him. Against her better judgement, she ignored her oath and became completely enamoured with him. When Artemis found this out, she was outraged. She cast Paloma out of the hunt and turned the boy into a jackelope. This was when her bi-polar disorder emerged completely. Paloma was absolutely enraged. Artemis was so angry at Paloma that she cursed her and broke her spirit. She stuck her in the Lotus Casino, intending to keep her there forever. After a couple centuries, Persephone pleaded with Artemis to give Paloma another chance. Artemis grudgingly agreed, and released her.

Because I hold with those who favor fire... It's gettin' hot here! Fire-animation-20 02:40, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

So wait, is she a hunter now, or a demigod? And if she's a demigod, how would she have survived without againg while "frozen"?
Bach23Buch-0117CutepinkclockTardis pixel my first dd by aqua spirit22-d69l8fwBig Bouncy Aristocrat by LeoLeonardo

Artemis froze her in a vegetable like state, putting her away for a time. She's a demigod. Because I hold with those who favor fire... It's gettin' hot here! Fire-animation-20 13:45, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

I still don't get it the "frozen" thing. Queen.Bee(Your Highness here!) 14:00, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah I gotta agree the frozen thing kinda confuses me there but what I don't get is how her bi-polar disorder emerged when Artemis threw her out of the hunt. Bi-polar disorder is usually due to a chemical imbalance in your brain. She had to have been born with it if my info on Bpd is correct. "When I was alive, I was a rather cautious man thank you very much."-Ghost the Zombie 14:10, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

Well what I mean is that she really started showing the symptoms then. She always had the disorder, but it was more controlled and not as big of a deal. After her ordeal, she just got worse. And about the frozen thing, I guess I can change it.Because I hold with those who favor fire... It's gettin' hot here! Fire-animation-20 00:25, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

How did her parents meet? What was her childhood like? OrbieGlowing Blue Orb 00:27, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

fixed and fixed. Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, Asked the grinning bob cat why he grinned? 00:33, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

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