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Name: Pandora Fargo

Gender: Female

Age: 14

God Parent: Astraeus

Mortal Parent: Fay Fargo

Weapons: Pandora’s weapons of choice are her throwing stars. She received them in a present from her father when she was 14. They arrived in a blue box on her and Fay's doorstep after her first monster attack. Inside was a small white pouch full of blue rocks (and a vial of medicine). It came with a few simple instruction.

To use, close bag and think about throwing stars. To change back, make sure all Stars are in bag, close it, and think about blue rocks.

Once she arrived at camp, she trained a lot. Every time she was angry or frustrated, she would take it out on a dummy. With some extra training, she learned to use a dagger along with her throwing stars for close and far ranged combat.

Appearance: As it shows in the picture, her most notable feature is the long purple hair. She has had it dyed that way since she turned 13, redoing it anytime it started to fade. She has many piercings including a her ears and nose, twice. Pandora has always been into jewelry, no matter if its rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Purple Hair Girl

Personality: To everybody, she is a sassy, fiery girl that is never afraid to speak her mind. She will tell you exactly what she thinks and won't even try to sugarcoat it. She has confidence for days and never cares what anyone thinks about her. Pandora is very curios and adventurous, willing to fry anything new. When she finds something really interesting or confusing all of her attention will be given to that one thing and that one thing only until she figures it out.

History: Fay Fargo had been interested in the stars ever since she was a small child. Eventually that fascination led to research and that landed her a job at a private space research company in Michigan. She devoted her life to research at the facility and didn't have much of a life outside of there, until she met Astraeus.

Fay was invited to a prestigious conference where all the best astronomers would present their ideas. She was having fun watching different people from all over the world talking about the ideas, but she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. Every time she went to a new presentation, the same guy followed her.

At the end of the day, she was walking out of the building and the guy ran into her, making all of the papers she was carrying fly everywhere. Sadly, it had rained that day and most of the papers ended up useless as soon as they touched the ground. Suddenly getting very angry at this guy, even though she was usually a quiet lady, she said "Would you watch where your going! you had the nerve to follow me around all day and now you completely ruined all of the notes and papers I worked on today to further my research. How dare you!"

"I'm very sorry miss, I really didn't mean to", The guy said and picked up a few pages of paper from a puddle. "How about tomorrow we go to the café downtown and I'll try to help you salvage some of these notes."

She ended up agreeing and they met the next day at the café, and three days later at the roller rink, and a week later at her house, and another week later...well, I think you know where I'm going with this. They really hit it off and a year and a half later Pandora was born and Astraeus was gone. By then, Fay knew that her boyfriend was the god Astraeus and the dangers that there new baby would face as a demigod, but she also knew about the safe camp in New York. He gave her a few small celestial bronze and steel knives to protect herself and Pandora when she would eventually become attacked. When he left them, Fay became more closed off than ever. She would work 12 to 16 hours a day and became rich with all her new discoveries, leaving her baby daughter to a maid all day. Her mother only saw the baby when she came home at night and even then it was only a few minuets so she could get sleep for the next day's work. Pandora just reminded her mother that she would never get her only love back.

As Pandora became older, she knew her mother was never going to be there for her and she had no memories or pictures of her father. She grew up very independent and refused all help from the maids. She did her best to be the exact opposite of her mother: confident, outgoing, and rebellious.

She loved colors and would make everything about her as colorful as she could get it, including her hair. For her 13th birthday (for which there was no party, only a small present from her mother, like every other year) she was given a trip to the salon in which she could get anything done that she wanted. Of course, she took full advantage of that with getting her hair dyed purple, two different nose piercings, and her ears pierced also.

Pandora was 14 when her first monster attack happened. She was enjoying some alone time on a pier near her home when there was a giant crunching sound in the trees behind her. The turned around and saw an ant the size of a building coming out of the trees. She rubbed her eyes and pinched herself thinking all of the hair dye had finally got to her, but none of that worked. She got up and started to run away when the ant shot a big glob of acid of its mouth and it landed right in front of her. It barley got her shin but it was enough feel like it was burning her leg off. She screamed, but was to far away for anyone at the house to hear her. She started to panic and headed back towards the pier to she if she could escape on one of the research boats. The ant was running her way too, but was having a hard time aiming its acid spit and running at the same time so she didn't have to worry about the spit.

Once Pandora had gotten on the boat, the ant thing was right on her tail. The ships control room was unlocked surprisingly, but she couldn't get it started without a key. She could only think of one other option, the knife hidden in the control desk drawer. It was hidden there to protect the ship if there was an attack. Her mother loved to teach things when they were on the ship, especially its secrets. She opened the drawer and grabbed the half golden, half silver knife (half celestial bronze and half regular metal). Pandora ran onto the deck and saw the ant shoving it's self against the ships hull. She threw the knife as hard as she could towards the Monster and it hit it right in the back. The thing exploded to dust. That's when she finally felt the full force of the acid, passing out from the pain on the deck.

When she woke up, it was dark out and she was still on the ship. Her leg wasn't as painful, but still hurt. She tried to stand and that made it ten times worse, but she had to get back to her house. She started to hop back while taking a few rests and yelling occasionally for help. Finally her yells were heard by a few maids and they carried her hack home.

An hour later her mother came home hearing that her daughter was sick and injured. She saw what Pandora looked like and asked for them to talk alone. Pandora told Fay exactly what happened and she was not surprised. Her mother then told her about everything, knowing it had to be said. They talked about Astraeus, what powers she might, have and Camp Half-Blood. Her mother told her that she was lucky the monsters didn't attack earlier. Being on a small, cold island had made it harder for them to get to her. Pandora agreed to go to the camp in the morning since none of the regular doctors would be able to treat monster acid. Even though it felt like her like her leg was burning, she went to sleep happy knowing her mother really cared about her.

The next morning, a maid found a box on their doorstep. Only Fay and Pandora knew that it was from Astraeus. Inside was a bag of small blue stones/throwing stars and a small vial of acid medicine. Fay helped Pandora put it on and her leg immediately started to look and feel better. Pandora had all of her stuff that she would need at camp packed and headed out. She was taking her mother's private jet to new York where her mother told her a interesting driver would pick her up and bring her to camp where she would learn everything she needed to become a true demigod.

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Okay, I'm a little rusty on this, but welcome to this website of pure demigodishness! :3 Anyway, again I'm a little rusty, so I probably might miss a few things.

  • 2 years is WAY too long for a mortal-god relationship. The maximum logical choice is a year, and even with that Astraeus would be disappearing for weeks and there would be huge gaps when Fay wouldn't hear from him due to his godly duties.
    • Also, Astraeus HAS to leave ASAP after Pandora is born if he hadn't left beforehand.
  • 14 is like the maximum age for a normal monster attack. Because I'm nitpicky, I'm going to suggest that you add a reason why it took so long. (i.e. she was always around so many mortals that her scent was lessened.)
  • Why was a knife on the ship? How did it get there? It /has/ to be Celestial bronze, and Stygian iron isn't an option because Astraeus isn't an Underworld god.
  • Could you pretty please specify that Astraeus explained things to Fay before he left, or left a message explanation or something? Please specify if he told her about Camp Half-blood and where it is.
  • By vial of medicine, is it nectar? Is there anything special about the vial, like refilling enchantments? Or is it just a normal vial?

I think I fixed them, but just leave another note if I didn't. Thanks for the help!

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this is a very good claim but I have one tiny question. How did her mother get the knife? other than that this claim is ready to be claim

Thank you cx and I think I fixed it.

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Please can you add another weapon? Throwing stars would count as secondary weapons on the wiki sadly, and you probably would need to add another primary weapon to fulfill policy.


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