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  1. Character Name: Paxton
  2. Godly parent: None. He was created by Harmonia
  3. Species: Nymph
  4. Appearance: His FC is Kjetil Mørland.
  5. Current Age: He's immortal. Physically, he's 23, but his real age is 56.
  6. Mortal parent: None. He was created by Harmonia.
  7. Personality: There is absolutely no way you can drag him into an argument, much less a fight. He's a peaceful nymph, much like the Goddess that created him. He's an absolute sweetheart, too. He's always willing to help just about everyone in pretty much anything, except to cause problems. He has enough to handle in that aspect what with the fiery, uncontrollable discord nymph he was born to keep a grip of. It's not hard, but it's tiring. He apologizes and forgives - a lot. Maybe more than he should. It's not to say he's exactly gullible or naive, but Pax has the tendency to be too forgiving and accepting. It's just who he is. He's never had a problem with it, even if it gets a bit tiring all the time. To be like this is - to put it simply - the reason of his existence. If he loses that part of himself, he'll just become small, broken piece that'll scatter into nothingness.
  8. History: The fact that he was created just because Eris got bored and created a discord nymph is partially humiliating, yet at the same time, it makes him damn proud.

    Pax was created by Harmonia when she saw he she-devil Eris had created just for kicks. It was Paxton's sole duty to be Ace's - the discord nymph - companion, in hopes of at least quelling her fire somewhat. It was the most peaceful method of calming the nymph that she could think of, and the two… became unlikely friends. Looking back, maybe Harmonia should have anticipated it. Opposites did have the tendency to attract and gravitate towards each other.

    Ace didn't notice his existence until she realized all the discord she'd created had been left undone, leaving things back in a relatively serene state. She sought out the source of the peaceful aura – leading her right to Pax. No matter what she said to him, he would not leave, and he was almost keen on being friends with her. It was, after all, the easiest way he could accomplish what had been asked of him. Since then, she’s sort of been stuck with him, his peace counteracting her discord, and everything’s been basically fine. There's been attempts at losing him off her tail, but Paxton is determined to not lose Ace - and himself, in the process - as he's grown quite fond of the fierce redhead.

    Them getting to camp was, as a matter of fact, a compromise between the two. Ace wanted her next great adventure, and her idea was…far less docile than his, so they went for a compromise, to come to camp where there would be a lot more people to keep an eye on her than just his. It turned out to be a good decision, because shortly after their arrival at camp, they encountered a group of nymphs who respected the need to keep Ace in check. They found a family within that small group, all in a short week.
  9. Weapons: Without a need for them, he doesn't own any. He's more of a flight over fight kind of person. But should the worse come to happen, he does always have Ace's weapons stashed away, which he'd be more than willing to give back if the time to flee has run out.


despite it not being stated i think it's pretty clear the nymph is a peace nymph. If not then i apologize in advance. Either way i see no problems.

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