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Name: Pendragon James Jackson (aka Echo)

Gender: Male

God Parent: Boreas

Mortal Parent: Salarian Jackson, a mortal who can see through the Mist (like Sally Jackson)

Appearance: I am 5'8" tall. I am very athletic and graceful. I also love the cold. I love to run. I weigh 120 lbs, and am a white male with blue eyes. I am lean and lithe, not very muscular, with dark blonde hair that's untidy. My birthday (in real life and in this) is May 10, 2001. So as of right now, I am 16.

Personality: Think of Leo Valdez, but more annoying. I never quit talking, and I joke around alot. I never take anything seriously. I have sudden mood swings, and I am either very mad or happy. I love nature, and sparring. I live life to the fullest, and try to enjoy every moment of it. I can sometimes get very moody. I am very protective of everyone that I can call a friend, and would throw my life on the line for them.


-Parents meeting: Obvs. Boreas couldn't raise me, so here goes. He was in the forest one day, and a lady caught his attention. Her name was Salarian Jackson. They became romantically involved with each other, and I was the end result. So I was given to her and he  told her to name me. Hence the same last name.

-Childhood: We lived in the backwoods of New York. I was given the nickname Echo because when I was little, I would copy everything she said. I always loved to hunt, and my mother was delighted about that. I only ever used a bow. I would walk through the woods everyday (we lived in a cabin). I was never very great in school, except in PE and Science. I flunked everything in History, except for ancient civilizations. I always coastrd through the middle in school, never getting bullied, but not hanging out with all the stuck up jocks. I never took anything for granted and appreciated everything I got.

-First Monster Encounter: When I was 11, on my birthday, my mother gave me my first hunting dagger. It was silver with a leather wrapped hilt. The blade was around 10 inches long. She said it was a gift from my father. I thought it was great, but her next surprise was greater. She gave me the keys to my very own Humvee, and told me to take it out for a spin. I took my dagger and bow with me, and  went out to my favorite spot out in a little clearing, where I used to go if I needed time to myself. I got off the Humvee and took out my bow, while I set my dagger on the back of the Humvee. I heard a rustling in the brush behind me, and saw a figure emerging from it. It was vaguely humanoid, but with 1 major difference. It had 1 eye. It was clear that this guy was not here for peace. I did the only thing logical. I picked up a pinecone and lobbed it at his face. Then I jumped back on the Humvee, and sped home. Too late, I realized I had left my best bow behind. I dashed inside, and found my mother putting a cake on the table. I explained to her about the monster, and this was the first time I ever saw her freak out.

-Learning My Parentage: After that, my mother said she had to tell me something about my father. I turned and looked at her like she had grown an extra head. A million thoughts raced through my head, but what came out was something along the lines of "I just about died, and you want to talk about someone I can't even remember?" She then explained to me that the Greek gods were real, and that my father was one of them. I was sure she had gone psycho, but then something clicked. Cyclops were a greek monster. Suddenly, it all made sense. She told me that I had powers too, I just never learned to use them.

Leading up to camp: Often, monsters would attack, but I grew stronger. I learned to fight them, and with occasional help from a pinecone in their face, I wasn't going home all bruised and bloody. But then, on my 16th birthday, I had a dream in which my father said in order to make my way in the world, I needed to go to camp. When I woke up, I told my mother, she was heartbroken, but she agreed, We go that day. She also gives me a present from my father that was left on the doorstep. It was a celestial bronze kopis. 

-Reaching Camp: We reach camp. My father arranges to send all my stuff from back home, and to grab my bow. I have been here for 1 1/2 weeks so far.

Weapon: For long range, I use a bow, with specialty tips. In melee, I use a celestial bronze kopis. For stealth, I use my dagger.

Signed x Hudg2

Hola and welcome to Camp! I'm Thistle, a camp helper around here and I have the pleasure of looking over this claim~! So, let's check out what needs to be changed, shall we?:

  • Khione does not have a cabin at Camp, sadly, but there's Boreas instead?
    • You can make a child of Khione at Level Three for the Broken Covenant. :)
  • Normally we like our claims written in the third person, but this is pretty good.
  • There's a few things I need to point out about the history:
    • First, characters cannot be related to Artemis, Hestia, or Hera unless you have special crat permission or is a Hunter of Artemis. I'd suggest having his mother doing something that attracted Boreas' attention, like ice-skating, and then have it go from there?
    • Second, Childhood section is okay, but the monster attack should probably happen earlier... We like to have our monsters attack Big Three kids around the age of ten and then happen almost monthly from there, but with a minor god, it's recommended first attack happens around age eleven, then happens yearly or so from there.
    • Third, silver only kills werewolves, so you'll have to change that to celestial bronze and explain how he got it.
    • Fourth, Normally mortals cannot see the camp, or even enter it, so you'll have to change that... maybe have Boreas come to his mother/father in a dream and explain the attacks and how he has to get to camp as soon as possible?
    • Fifth, How long has he been at camp? We only allow new characters to be at camp for no more than two weeks, so please specify the length of time.
  • Weapons: Change to celestial bronze, please, silver only harms werewolves. He can have a silver dagger, but the main weapons have to be celestial bronze.
  • Also, personality: Please add a little bit more for personality, at least one to two well-written paragraphs. :)

And that's all I see so far~ If you have any questions, click on the thistle part of my signature and just drop me a message! I'll get it :D ~ Thistle

  • Timeout. What do you mean Boreas gave PJ to his mother? You mean he impregnated her and left?
  • I'm not American. Is there some type of Humvee for kids? (Yes, it's a smaller model.)
  • The Gegeines are fairly difficult to run from. It could have crushed PJ by throwing rocks. We need to update the monsters available, but you can refer to this list as well as the Riordan Wikia.
  • Weapons are no longer our concern. You don't have to have CB as a main, but silver would indeed only affect werewolves.

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