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  1. Character Name: Phoebe Rowena Lauritsen
  2. Godly parent: Poseidon
  3. Species: Demigoddess
  4. Appearance: Her FC is Melina Martin.
  5. Current Age: 16
  6. Mortal parent name: Synnøve Lauritsen
  7. Personality: Phoebe Lauritsen is downright messy. The word organized is just not in her vocabulary. If you enter the Poseidon Cabin, you'll be able to spot her bunk right away; it's usually covered in mountains of clothes and weapons. She's a complete and utter wreck, both with her things and her own emotional life. Synnøve often used to joke that it was the biggest semblance Phoebe had to her father. She has a big heart like him, too, if her mother's words were anything to by. She tends to get attached too easily and therefore forgive more times than should be, something that often leads people to think the daughter of Poseidon is as naïve as they come. She isn't naïve, she's just afraid of being hurt, so she lets it manifest that way. Granted it backfires and wounds her further, but it's not like Phoebe cares; it isn't a permanent thing.

    Phoebe isn't really all too mysterious, unlike the oceans her father has control over. She's direct and easy to understand. Phoebe is just a simple girl. Being mysterious and complicated, someone hard to get is just too overrated, in her opinion. There isn't much to wonder about Phoebe Lauritsen; she's attached, messy, emotional, daring, a complete wreck and straightforward. There's also her brilliance, but it's not like it's something she enjoys bragging about; she often leaves that to the brain spawns over at cabin 6. She'd rather not be called a wannabe or anything of the like by them. She's more than aware of her father and their mother's past, so she just wants to avoid them in general. She doesn't want to cause more trouble over something as stupid as that.

    If there's one thing about Phoebe, it's her limitlessness. There's no such thing as boundaries to her; she does what she wants if she gets an idea she reckons is worth pursuing. It lands her in trouble frequently, providing her with more chores than she should take on, but it's worth it. Most of the time. This doesn't make her a good influence, but to be fair, is anyone? Camp is full of teenagers. There's bound to be a couple of troublemakers. Alas, that excuse doesn't seem to work with her older siblings, much less with the camp director. Maybe one day she'll get to shift things around, if she ever achieves becoming the counsellor or lt. counsellor, but that's probably too far off for her to count on.

    Phoebe Lauritsen is dangerously loyal towards her siblings and her father. Her allegiance doesn't particularly lie with Olympus as a whole; just Poseidon. He may not have done much for her, but he was the love of her mother's life, and that's pretty much enough for Phoebe. If her mother loved him, she sees no reason to not herself. She knows and understands not all Gods remain loyal to Olympus throughout their years reigning over the world, so she's already mentally prepared for a case like that. Or at least so she assumes. If she's ever put in a position where she'd have to pick between her siblings and father, there's not much known as to what she'd do. The situation would worsen if her friends were involved. Loyalty is her fatal flaw; there's no telling what it'll cause to her if she's ever put in such a compromising situation.
  8. History: Phoebe Lauritsen was sired by Poseidon and Synnøve Lauritsen in Pocatello, Idaho. It hadn't been a one night stand, but rather a serious of shags between her love-struck mother ("gross. ugh.") and the Greek God. Synnøve may have loved Poseidon, but it wasn't a reciprocated emotion. Maybe he'd been infatuated with her, but he had a family. Not to mention, the fact that she was carrying his child didn't make the situation any better. He was forced to leave her without a word, leaving a bitter Synnøve Lauritsen behind. She wouldn't understand for a long time why he'd left, but she had a good idea. She assumed he was the kind of boy to knock a woman up and then run off like her deadbeat dad. Nine long months later, she gave birth to Phoebe Rowena Lauritsen.

    Even though Synnøve had come to the conclusion Poseidon - who had gone by the name Percival during his time with her - was not the kind of male you were supposed to love, she couldn't help but fall hard for the man. He'd been wonderful to her and their time together had been a joyous one, as brief as it may have been. He left her a lovely daughter, too. Phoebe had his eyes, something that made it easier for the woman to love and cherish her, despite the loss she still hadn't recovered from. She may have been the cause of Percival's disappearance act, but not once did she lack love from her mother throughout the years she lived with her back in New York, where Synnøve had decided would be best to raise Phoebe. The Lauritsen household was full of love, happiness and good times, until that fateful day on Phoebe's unforgettable 13th birthday.

    Growing up, Phoebe was a complete and utter mess. She wasn't as refined and collected as the other girls in her class were; she was an uncontrollable little bundle. She was quite wild, always being loud and rowdy. The times she played rough with the boys in her class were more than she can remember nowadays. They were just easier to play with and funner to be with than with the girls. The group of boys she hung out with a lot were older than her, but not by much, so it was relatively alright. They were like her brothers growing up. There was Asher, Nathan, Chase, Lucas, Jackson, Derek and Mark. While the group began to thin the older they got, their habits and hangouts didn't die out. The group spent most their time at a beach near Phoebe's house, where the oldest two - Asher and Nathan - often held friendly water sports competition. Phoebe had a liking for surfing, yet, well, the waves weren't good enough. She had to make due with the rest.

    Entering her pre-teenage years, Phoebe still had for the bigger part her best friends. Lucas and Jackson moved away to Florida, while Derek was forced to go back home to Seattle with cousin Mark. It was just her, Asher, Nathan and Chase. They were all she needed, along with Synnøve. They were her family, her home. The three were the brothers she never had. Brothers from other mothers, she called them. They were there with her through it all, never letting her go, even when she was at her worst, shortly after she turned 13. It was a hellhound attack. It happened early in the morning of the special day. Synnøve was due to turn over to her daughter the weapons her father left behind just a few days before, while the girl was in school. The older woman hadn't anticipated the visit from her love, but she had to admit, it was a welcomed visit. Poseidon's intentions were originally just to explain to Synnøve who he truly was, what their daughter was, and what was sure to happen, but one thing led to the other, and the visit ended with them doing the frickle frackle. Things were said, granted, but Poseidon was left unable to delve deep into the topic of Camp Half-Blood before he had to go, due to the sudden arrival of Phoebe. She never saw him, but she did wonder why there was such a strong ocean smell in the house.

    Unknowing of Camp Half-Blood, Synnøve obviously didn't send her. She did get to explain everything else to her daughter, however, carefully omitting her heritage, just like Poseidon had told her to. Phoebe had been surprised at first and naturally in denial, just how Synnøve had been until Poseidon had proven his state. There was little for Synnøve to do so her daughter believed her, except to keep talking until she warmed to the idea. Regardless, Phoebe never fully believed the mother she briefly believed was delusional until the hellhound came and attacked. Chase was over that day, she remembers. They were in the living room playing video games when it happened. It gets fuzzy from there, but she has a vague memory of stabbing it with that very pointy sword her mother claimed her father had left her. The next detailed memory she has is her mother and her sitting in a pool of gold dust, while Asher was screaming bloody murder. In his and Synnøve's eyes, Phoebe had killed a wild wolf. Ah, the mist was a wondrous thing. After Synnøve got the shaken boy to go back home, telling him they'd be alright, she practically demanded an explanation from her daughter. The problem was, Phoebe herself didn't know what the fuck had happened. She knew it had to do with what her mother had explained... but that didn't make matters any better. She was still a confused and lost gup.

    After her first monster attack, things were calm. Asher was still spooked by the incident, but nonetheless kept it to himself. He trusted Phoebe and Synnøve when they said they knew what they were doing (they didn't tho but eh). As much as he would have loved to stay, he had to leave for California with his family a few months after the incident, citing his father's new job was over there. To this day, Phoebe is still convinced he left because of her, despite his reassurances that he wasn't leave because of her. Why else would he not even answer her messages or calls after he left? It just didn't make sense.

    When the second attack rolled by a year later, she was even more unprepared than she was when she was thirteen, if that was even possible. After the attack, she'd kept the sword she'd used locked away in her mother's closet. She understood the fact that her father was a God-- it made sense. It did explain why she could do things nobody else couldn't, like stay underwater for a long time without needing to surface for breath and occasionally coming dry out of the pool (she still didn't know how she got it to happen, but whatever). It took her a long time, but she realized who her Godly parent was. It coincided with the day the other hellhound that attacked her, as a matter of fact. She was at the beach with Nathan and Chase when it happened. She didn't have her weapon, so she was stuck dodging and ducking every move the hellhound made to turn her into a a Pheebskabob. It wasn't long until it was a puff of golden dust. She was scared out of her wits and had zero idea what happened. She was sporting a brand new slash across her forearm, however, which was bleeding profusely. At first, she thought it was the blood loss that was making her see Nathan towering over the pile of dust with a sword similar to hers, but it wasn't. She realized as such when he dragged her by her arms to the water, where Chase bore witness of her wound healing and closing up in a matter of seconds. He was just as shaken up as Phoebe was.

    Later on, Nathan got around to elaborating on how he and Chase could see the hellhound. It turns out he was a demigod, a son of Aeolus. Chase was a clear-sighted mortal, apparently. These terms didn't make anything easier for the still-slightly-confused Phoebe, so Nathan delved in on the topic of their parentage, how powerful her scent was, how he'd pretty much destroyed all the monsters that had been within range in the past year, how there was a camp in Long Island, how he left camp over a feud, how he was willing to help train her, and how there were more monsters that would be coming after her now that she understood who she was. It was a lot of information to digest, so it took her a few days to get the hang of everything he'd said. By the time she was able to fully wrap her mind around the concept, she decided she didn't want to keep on like this. She wanted to see and explore camp for a while, see if what it had to offer was better than what Nathan could teach her, and then she'd decide. He was like her brother, sure, but she didn't want him to feel like he had to protect and teach her. So, she talked with her mom, packed a bag, got her sword, and got a ride with her mother to Camp.

    Right off the bat, she didn't like how she had to leave her mother at the border. It was an unexpected goodbye which Phoebe thought came too soon, but nonetheless, it happened. Without another option, she continued her way into camp. She stayed in the Hermes Cabin for a few days, after she explained everything that had happened to her to the director. It wasn't long until she was claimed by Poseidon, during an archery class. She was pretty decent at it. Not very good, but she was decent. She was relocated to the Poseidon Cabin, where she met some of her siblings. She took well to all of them, but none like Ian Moore. They got along perfectly right off the bat. For having just met, they were close, even if they were siblings. Phoebe stayed in camp for a period of two weeks, all thanks to Ian. She probably would have left sooner had he not been there. She was just homesick, missing Chase, Nathan and Synnøve. She didn't want to leave her brother behind. Not Ian. So they talked, and it seemed they were having similar thoughts. She IMed Nathan, letting him know of what she'd decided.

"I told you sooo," he bragged, smirking at the younger girl.

"If you value your life, you'll shush."

While Ian made sure he could do this, Phoebe arranged the pick up with her mother. Not a day later, and she was well on her way back home. The next two years flashed by in a matter of a blink. There was a lot of intense training with Ian and Nathan, while Chase the clear-sighted mortal watched from the sidelines. He served as encouragement for Phoebe to push on, even when she was exhausted to her bones. With two children of Poseidon, the number of monster attacks they went through were extensive, but between them and the son of Aeolus, they were able to handle the bigger load of it. Hellhounds were slashed and sliced at until they became piled of dust. Other monsters such as Scythian Dracanae, Harpies, Giant Scorpions, and Fire-Breathing Horses attacked, but the trio got to dispose of them with the skills they'd acquired in their training. Those two years were long and arduous, and she couldn't wait until she got a break. It was the thought of a break that led her to talk with Ian. Between the two, they decided it was time to return to camp. Maybe there they'd be able to catch a break and just... enjoy what was left of their teenage years. They'd had enough training, right? Two whole years of it. It was enough. With Chase and Nathan's blessing, it was decided. They'd return to camp.

Nathan stayed behind, as did Chase did, obviously. Nathan claimed he wanted to keep an eye on Chase, but Phoebe was sure he was still salty with whoever drove him out of camp. He denied it, but she was sure of it. It upset her, because she really wanted him to come, but she understood. Plus she didn't want Chase alone, so. It all fit together. Phoebe was soon ushered to Camp Half-Blood by her mother and Ian, where they made it safely. Or, well, for the most part. Right there was a group of rogue demigods waiting to ambush the incoming children of Poseidon. It doesn't make sense to this day why they ambushed them, but Phoebe assumed they were trying to keep them from entering the camp, for whatever reason. Maybe they strayed away like Nathan, and didn't want Camp to get more demigods? It just didn't make sense. The ambush was met by a pack of hellhounds that attacked the big group right outside camp borders. Even though they were taken by surprise, the rogue demigods, along with Ian and Phoebe, set to kill the monsters. They attacked and attacked until there were just golden piles of dust. The rogue demigods were long gone. So was Synnøve. Until... upon closer inspection, Phoebe saw her mother at the bottom of the hill. Or, well, her body. When the daughter of Poseidon got to the bottom, she was her mother had hit the back of her head hard with a jagged rock. She was bleeding profusely from her wound. She tried to stop the bleeding, to scream and shout for help, but none came. Synnøve passed away in her daughter's arms, a blissful smile on her face. Phoebe was torn, but Ian had to tear her away and drag her to camp. They'd likely be attacked again if they stayed there any longer. With reluctance, the girl hurried after her brother into camp, where she knew she'd be safe.

  1. Weapons: A celestial bronze sword named Ονειροπαγίδα, gifted by her father.


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