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Name: Kean 'Phoenix' Garland

Age: 16

God Parent: Aglaea

Mortal Parent: Jules Garland


Kean was always thought to be a Son of Aphrodite because of his obviously handsome, princely face, Irresistible Charm and his perfect body. He was always open to the world of Greek mythology and the gods. He's a 'Greek Geek' he'd call himself. He's the perfect son. He's the Quarterback. The Regional Chess Champion. The Romantic Heartthrob. His father, Jules Garland, told him openly of his relation to the gods but is not sure who his mother is (He thinks it's really Aphrodite. Jules is a fun-loving person, He works at a daycare center as a teacher to kids, Aglaea then disguised as a mortal seduced him on night on his way home. She didn't speak of her name or who she was. She only told him that he has chained the heart of a Goddess of Beauty into its capture but she must leave. 9 months later, Kean was left on his doorstep. He was usually surrounded by monsters wherever he went and so they had to move into another place after a few months. then another move...then another. It's endless...until a final monster attack left him to move. Alone.

Kean was alone in their apartment in Seattle. He was by the balcony looking into the sky. It was winter. His usual smile lit up the place. from the other balcony in front of his stood Emily Pelletier, The girl he loves. She never knew. He never told her. Emily secretly loves him back, both lovers didn't know what the other had felt and fear of rejection crept into them leading them to not tell their feelings. He smiled at her and she smiled back. It was all in a flash. An arrow zoomed past and has pierced Emily's neck and before Kean's own eyes, She disintegrates into golden dust. He sees a teenager run away as a flock of pigeons follow him. or are they chasing him? He didn't care. Where's Emily? What happened to her? That's all he could think of. He ran towards the street and followed the teenager. He accidentally bumped his dad and he had to stop. He explained everything. Emily disintegrating. The Teenager with a bow and the weird flock of pigeons. His dad says he has to go and he said a quick goodbye. "When you get to camp, Come back home and I'm preparing your things." He said. Kean nodded.

He entered an endless maze of alleys. At last, The loud flapping of wings is heard and the teenager (he now realize as a demigod) is being chased by a flock of...HARPIES! They are not pigeons! they are HARPIES! CAPITAL H.A.R.P.I.E.S! He ran towards where the demigod is going. The scent of both demigods attracted a lot of Harpies.

"Lucas Hawthorn, Son of Apollo. Hello." The Demigod said.

"Kean Garland, Son of a Goddess. Why'd you shoot the girl I was talking to?!" Kean said while running, catching his breath.

"Harpy...Eyes...Glare...Eat..." Lucas said, also catching his breath.

They hailed a taxi after coming out the Alley.

"Delphi Strawberry Service, Farm Road 3.141, Long Island, New York 11954 " That's the address they gave to the driver.

They reached their destination...He was unclaimed for quite a long time...and while singing in front of the crowd in the campfire, Aglaea, Greek Goddess of Beauty, Glory, Splendor, Magnificence, Joy and Adornment, claimed him as her Son.


Despite the Goddess and her Children's calm and pleasing personality, Kean possesses a Double-sided battle axe given to him by his mother, three days after his claiming...saying that he needs it most. The Axe is made from Celestial bronze and it transforms into an Omega ring with an Omega symbol on both sides when not in use. To activate the axe, Kean would have to trace his hand on the Omega symbol on the side parallel to his palm.

WingsofLight (talk) 00:54, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

Maybe explain how his parents met and his middle life, like while he was growing up? Mika says, HAI! :D 15:05, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

Why were so many monsters attacking him? Was it because his father was also a demigod? "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

Oh and please sign your claim with the tildes "long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

When a Demigod knows he/she is a Demigod, Monsters starts coming to them. right? same concept. WingsofLight (talk) 00:54, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

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