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Name: Pietro Creel

Gender: Male

Age: 13

God Parent: Nike

Mortal Parent: Clint Creel

Appearance: 1.31m ,54kg blue eyes, dirty blonde hair


Personality: Pietro is a rather cocky, arrogant, impatient, tenacious, and quick-tempered person. He will defend anyone he cares a lot about not matter what the cost. When it comes to sports Pietro is very competitive person and loves to show off his skills

History: Clint was a professional archer and was middle of training for his next competition in Hobart 3 hours away from Long Island, when he met a woman that said she was always one of his fans and asked him if he wanted to go on a date after training. He accepted cause he had nothing to do that night. It started off as a sort of one night thing then turned into a full blown relationship. A few months later the woman told Clint that she was pregnant and left him. A few months later after, she returned with a son and backpack and told Clint basically everything from why she left to who is she and what to do with their child.

Clint loved his son so much he wouldn't let him go so he decided to homeschool Pietro for two years until Pietro asked his father if he could go to a normal school. When Pietro went to school for the first time, he met a boy named Jacob who was very much like him. They were unsplitable but sometimes with Pietro been really competitive and Jacob becoming out of control easily they didn't always see eye to eye. Being ADHD, Pietro had a hard time concentrating during school but it also helped him with sports like soccer and football. Jacob not having major ADHD helped Pietro with some of his school work.

At the age of 13 Pietro was throwing at football around on his property far away from his house with Jacob when out of nowhere a hellhound the size of a rhino, appeared in the middle of the two boys. Pietro slowly backed upped but Jacob ran for his life. The hellhound started to go for Jacob because he was closer. When the hellhound got closer to Jacob, Pietro noticed it looked like someone just punched the hellhound (Ooc:I put this in for my son of Perses) Pietro really wanted to help to help Jacob but the only thing he had was a football. Pietro threw the football at the hellhound. He got to hellhound attention and it started to come after him. Pietro started to run but he was to tried to go far and only made it not even a quater way to his house. As he started to get his energy back he saw two figures in the distance right in front of him and when he looked back the hellhound was at least 6 metres behind him then it turned into dust. Pietro turned around to see that the large figure had a bow out.

Pietro and the two figures in the distance started to get closer he could see who they were. The person with the bow was Pietro's dad and they other one was Jacob. Clint explained to Pietro what had just happened and that Jacob went to get him and told him about the hellhound. He also told him that he was a demigod and gave him the quiver. Pietro messed around with the quiver and found out that the quiver could turn into a backpack. Clint also gave him a foldable compound bow. After all of this Jacob went home and Clint decided to take Pietro to Camp Hlaf-Blood in the morning. Morning came and Clint took his son to camp. 5 days after Pietro got to camp, he got given 2 CB sai and asked a Hephaestus camper if he could have a look at his bow and backpack/quiver. The Hephaestus camper gave him back his backpack/quiver and bow and told him that he had found that the quiver had 2 more different arrows and made the bow to be able to pick for each

Weapons: Backpack that turns into a quiver that appears with 40-50 arrows that are either normal CB arrows, barbed CB arrows or blunt steel arrows, a modified compound bow and 2 CB sai

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You know the drill.

  • I'm a little hesitant on deciding on the "pregnancy lasted for a week" part. I'm not sure if things have changed and it's not 2-3 months anymore, but then again, they ARE gods and goddesses and titans who do shizzintz that are mind-blowing.
  • What is Jacob? A demigod or a satyr? Please verify. If he was a satyr, then the hellhound would've automatically headed for Pietro first.
  • From what I'm reading ("that appears with"), I'm inclined to seal a loophole that may be abused. Do the arrows replenish themselves?
  • I'm going to suggest you expand a little on Pietro's school life. Did he have trouble with his grades and teachers? Were dyslexia and/or ADHD hindrances to him? I'm assuming he participated in sports (going by the stereotype)?

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding 00:51, December 17, 2015 (UTC)

I worded the first bit weirdly. Nike was pregnant for a while but didn't tell him. Jacob is a demigod and the arrows do once they are all gone and it has been 2 hours.

Alright then.

  • You say Jacob and Pietro were inseparable. With two demigods together, chances are they're bound to attract monsters either earlier or in a larger quantity. How old was Pietro when he met Jacob and how old was Jacob then?
  • The hellhound went for Jacob first, was distracted (rather unconventionally with a football, may I add) by Pietro, but somehow Jacob got to Pietro's father before Pietro did? This has me confused. Did Pietro take a longer path to the house or what?
  • Did Jacob choose to not go to camp with Pietro or something?

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding 05:28, December 18, 2015 (UTC)

They were both 7. Pietro took longer because he was tried from using his powers and I haven't figured out who Jacob's godly parent is so he went later to either camp or BC

  • They grew up together, yes? From age seven? And got their first attack together at age thirteen? That's illogical, because like I stated above, two demigods attract more attention regardless of god parent. I suggest you move their first attack to at the very least age ten, unless of course you're willing to tweak the history to incorporate the late attack (i.e. making them move around a lot, etc.)
  • Children of Nike are able to channel their energy with and create a link to an object, can be a weapon or a sports related item, which causes their next attack with this object to be two times more powerful. Once used, it can not be used again on the object for the remainder of the fight and it drains the user somewhat. I'm assuming this is the power Pietro used? I can accept that, but I'd like it if you became more specific about his exhaustion and maybe mention something along the lines of "he felt very faint and his legs felt like they were going to buckle from underneath him" afterwards. After all, demigods are generally super drained when they used their powers first time around.
  • Please mention that Nike was pregnant but didn't inform Clint of this in the history instead of just answering it down here. :D

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding 17:07, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

ok first of I'm sorry for doing this james but your claim have too many questions and I dont like it so I give you a list of things I WANT you to fix.. then its claim again

  • first off can you please elaborate on his early childhood history? make it a bit longer?
  • know our rule james only demigods and satyr can fight monster.. is his dad a demigod? How can he see the monster? and if you want to say this "Jacob" fellow told him where to take aim what are his chances that the arrow would hit?
  • How long was he on camp? like seriously how long? you need to specify that ..

thats all the problem I see for now please fix it

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So I just want this done so his great grandfather was a son of Apollo making Pietro and his dad legacies of Apollo. And could no one delete the page I made for this cause I hate doing all the massive copy and pasting

Uhmm Mel, clear-sighted mortals ARE able to fight monsters, and there is no policy against this. If you disagree, I advise you to read Percy Jackson and the Battle of Olympus, as Paul Blowfis (a clear sighted mortal) kills a dracnae with a sword. (Even if his dad was not, the mist WOULD struggle to hide a monster the size of a rhino , and it would be likely he would realise it was a monster...) He's also an archery champion so he could easily finish it off with help. It is also implied that Pietro has been at camp for around a week roughly, (after 5 days of being at camp) which does fit into our policies. Also, please IM the next time you unclaim something of mine, as I am one of the people here who is probably most aware of canon and would know a bit more about why it's been claimed or not. Thanks :)

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