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Name: Pomona Deckler

Gender: Female

God Parent: Demeter

Mortal Parent: Francis Deckler

Appearance: Average height, thin, chocolate brown wavy hair, light green eyes

Personality: Pomona has a very bubbly and caring personality. She puts others before herself. She is optimistic, which can become overwhelming at times. Her outlook on life is high and all she wants is for everyone around her to be happy and safe. This can lead to people taking advantage of her. She is always happy herself, always wearing a smile on her face. Pomona tends to be the mother of her friendships, which leads her to sometimes discipline her friends. When someone pushes her buttons far in enough, Pomona will snap and lose her cool. She would never let someone bring down her happiness. Average height, thin, chocolate brown wavy hair, light green eyes

History: In 1998, Francis Deckler was busy watering the roses that sat in the windows of his flower shop, when a beautiful woman in a floral-pattern dress walked in. She asked Francis for a bouquet of a bunch of different flowers. He suggested a few design ideas, which she greatly appreciated. The woman came back every day for the next year. Over the year, Francis and the woman grew close, and soon became lovers. She explained her true identity as the Greek Goddess: Demeter to Francis, which surprisingly did not shock him. In 1999, Demeter disappeared for a while, never returning to Francis’ shop. When she came back, she was holding a newborn baby in her arms. She handed the baby girl to Francis, walked out, and never looked back. Francis raised his daughter, Pomona in New Jersey. Growing up, Pomona had a pretty normal childhood. She had playdates, went to amusement parks, and learned to ride a bike. It wasn’t until she reached the age of 11, when she was attacked by a harpy. Walking home from school with her friend Melanie, Pomona was discussing future math test questions and who she’d go to the dance with. When they reached Melanie’s house, they both said bye, and Pomona was left alone to walk home. Out of nowhere, she heard a shrill shriek from high above. When Pomona looked up, she noticed a half bird, half woman perched high in a tree. Pomona thought she was going crazy, but when the harpy flew down and scratched her arm, Pomona knew it was real. Pomona’s first instinct was to find something to use as a defense. As she was thinking, the harpy nosedived towards her. Pomona screamed and threw her arms over her head. Then, a flash of fur wizzed past Pomona, a cloven hoof smashing into the harpy's face. As the harpy fell to the ground, the goat-man pointed to a flower patch. "The flowers! Pick the flower!" As Pomona eyed the bunch of wild flowers, she didn't understand. "Which one?!" The goat-man was in the middle of a standoff with the harpy. "The one that looks different!" Pomona looked again, then she noticed a single blue rose. She quickly leaned down and could see a golden ring sitting in the bulb. "Put it on!" Pomona listened, and the ring slipped on like butter but fit like a glove. Pomona watched as the goat-man jumped from side to side, dodging talons. Pomona felt an odd feeling bubbling in her chest, like she knew what she had to do. Right as the harpy launched back into the air and zeroed in on the goat-man, Pomona spun the ring around her finger, then like magic, a Khopesh appeared in her hand. She jumped in front of the goat-man, and swung. The harpy shattered into golden dust. When Pomona settled, the ring was back on her finger, and the goat-man was gone. She ran home and told her father everything. Francis sat Pomona down and told her everything. Learning her mother was Demeter, Pomona was shocked and hurt. After a year at school, and distancing herself from friends, her father packed a suitcase and introduced Pomona to a satyr, Doran. Pomona recognized the goat-man from months before. He was the same that helped save her from the flying bird lady. Doran escorted Pomona to Camp Half-Blood with only a few run-ins with fire-breathing horses. On her travels, Doran explained how the myths were real, and the ring she wore was indeed a weapon, a gift from Demeter. Once Pomona entered camp, she felt like a new person, a new chance to start over. Now, six years later, Pomona has become a year-round camper, joining the ranks of other half-bloods. Since spending her last school year in self-isolation and losing all of her closest friends, Pomona has finally felt safe enough to start opening up to others again.

Weapons: Khopesh


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  • If you could write in a few more sentences fir her personality, that would be great.
  • The history should be expanded.
    • Parent meeting: You can be vague about this; it can be as short as 2 meager sentences.
    • Childhood: Can be mentioned in 3 sentences. School life, home life, any friends, troubles, etc.
    • First monster attack: Please write how this encounter occurred. You're free to not choose a specific monster and keep it vague, but how she reacted / survived (and if someone else took care of it for her) must be added.
    • Learning parentage: More of an extra, really, since if not specified we're inclined to believe they find out from someone not their parent or at camp, when they're claimed.
    • Reaching camp: Can be as straightforwardly short as "a satyr found her and brought her to camp."

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Hello! I couldn't help but notice that you added how Pomona killed the harpy with a thick branch, but monsters can only be killed by a weapon made of celestial bronze. An easy way to get around that is by stating that the satyr found her and saved her, her mother left a weapon hidden as another object (jewelry?) for her to use when the time was right, or by stating that a nearby demigod aided her. There's many ways, these are just the basic ideas. :)


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