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Name: Primrose Bishop

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Aphrodite, Apollo or Persephone (History can be slightly edited if Aphrodite doesn't work out)

Mortal Parent: Russell Bishop

History: Russell Bishop is the founder and CEO of Bishop International, a multimillion-dollar business conglomerate which has brought him not only money but a staunch reputation as well. For his 30th birthday, he had a huge party at his Manhattan penthouse with an open invitation for all of the who's who of New York. There he met Aphrodite, Primrose's mother. He spilled a glass of wine on her dress and surprisingly she laughed it off. As the party died down, she stayed behind and months later Russell found a little baby girl lying on his bed with nothing but a rose necklace and a letter, explaining who the mother really was and warning Russell of what his daughter would face. Obviously, Russell didn't believe Aphrodite at first. However, as Primrose grew it became clear that the letter had some truth to it.

When Primrose was five, it became apparent that she struggled to read and was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Russell got her a reading tutor as long as tutors for music and art. When she was seven however she was having trouble focusing not only in school but with her tutors as well. She could never keep up with one music or art hobby, instead, she learned little bits of piano, violin, etc. Russell became concerned and she was of course diagnosed with ADHD.

Outside of this, Primrose grew up normally. She was popular and pretty and got along well in school with a lot of hard work. At eleven she started doing toy videos on Youtube and has garnered a modest following of about 100k subscribers and as her channel grew she started to do makeup instead. Until she was twelve and she and her father were out in New York when they were attacked by a harpy. Thanks to her father, Primrose was able to narrowly escape and it was decided she would have to be taken to Camp Half-Blood, which Russell learned of from the letter. Russell told Pri of her demigod heritage and after some explaining she believed him. After more attacks over the years, the cute chihuahua that turned into a hellhound and climbed out of a of Victoria's Secret shopping basket when she was fifteen was the final straw. She was able to hide in a department store thanks to the heavy perfume scent. After this Russell gave Primrose one year to say goodbye to her friends and tell them she was moving away. Reluctantly on her 16th birthday, Primrose went with her father to Camp Half-Blood.

Personality: Primrose is fun loving and carefree by nature. She has led a very privileged life which has made her very bubbly and innocent having faced very few trials. She loves to make new friends and is very social. Primrose finds it hard when people don't like her and will do whatever it takes to try and fix it. While she may come across as naive and ditsy, she almost always wins people over with her adorable charm and optimism. Even though she can be childlike, she also finds a lot of joy in being flirty and she knows that she has always been naturally pretty. Sometimes she can be a bit careless with people's feelings, however, because it is hard for her to relate to other people who didn't have her sort of upbringing. Overall, she is a bubbly and sweet girl, even if she can be a bit spoiled and self-centered.

Appearance: Primrose is a very pretty girl thanks to her godly parentage. She has shoulder length platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has fair skin that never blemishes. She is thin and stands at only 5'2" and because of her height, she often wears very high heels to try and make her seem taller. She loves to wear makeup and is very talented with it. Along with this, she loves fashion and designer clothing. When she does leave camp, it's almost always to go shopping. She always has the nicest clothes she can find and always tries to look her best. As carefree as Primrose is, she cares deeply about her appearance and always tries to look her best.

Weapon: A hairpin that when twisted pops into a rose gold bow and a clutch purse that when unzipped unfolds into a quiver full of heart-tipped arrows. Both were left with her when she was a baby, but her father held onto them until she twelve after her first attack.

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Hi! The only issue so far with your claim is she was attacked for the first time far too late, especially for someone with a huge online presence. Having it at age 14 is already pushing it, 15 just isn't possible without interference. I suggest bringing the attack down to 12 since monsters are able to smell demigods through technology.

It's not important - but I assumed she got the hairpin from camp.

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