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Name: Priscilla

Species: Rainbow Nymph

Age: Physcially 15; Immortal

Creator: Iris

Gender: Female

Personality: Priscilla is very bubbly and likes to meet people. But most of the time Priscilla is really naive and doesn't know a lot about the mortal world (she's too curious). She also can act very cute without trying. Sometimes Priscilla can get rebellious if she wants to.


Rainbow nymph for Pandy


History: Iris decided that she needed more helpers run the iris messages for her so she created some rainbow nymphs and spirits to help her. Priscilla was one of these nymphs and she helped Iris a lot with her store and the iris messages. But Priscilla decided that she didn't want to help Iris any more since she had others that could help her. She started getting rebellious and didn't follow Iris' orders and her commands. Knowing that she'll just be a hindrance later on, Iris sent Priscilla to live in camp half blood and help out her children there.


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Wouldn't the nymph have faced a slightly harsher punishment, being a rebel?

Cloudsies Riri Where the clouds are swimming? 10,486Cloudsies

@Riri Iris decided to give Priscilla one chance to prove her worth and will bring her back (to help her [Iris] again) if she does. For now Priscilla stays at camp half-blood to help the Iris kids. I guess what im trying to say is, that Iris was really nice at the moment when she gave Priscilla her punishment.

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She couldn't have been at camp for awhile (that is what your history suggests), please fix the issue by saying Iris just sent her to camp :) then I'd say you're good to go.

Gigi2 Brocky Good morning, campers! 27,583

@brocky, fixed!! ^^ (thanks for pointing it out btw. XP)

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Since you fixed it, you wouldn't need that Camp Life segment, remove that and it should be able to be claimed.

Gigi2 Brocky Good morning, campers! 27,583

>~< fixed @brocky

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