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Name: Prosymnus Confortola

Gender: Male

God Parent: Aeolus, Dionysus, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Kristina Confortola

Age: 15

Age when coming to camp: 15

Appearance: He has straight brown hair that reaches just above his eyebrows. His eyes are a light brown
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almost hazel color and almond-shaped. His skin is generally pale, yet his checks have a rosy hue to them. He stands at about five foot six and has a fairly scrawny build.

Personality: Prosymnus is generally in a state of happiness with a broad smile on his face. In a few words he is kind, caring, and protective. He is the kind of person who will help his friends and family when they need him. He is almost loyal to a fault and will defend a friend to the death, even if they are the ones at fault. Some aspects of his personality make him seem somewhat childish like his sugar addiction and his blushing at anything suggestive. Others make him seem more like a teen such as his coffee addiction. Like most adolescent youths he can also get very emotional at times, especially when it comes to his friends or his sexuality. If someone were to make a rude or careless statement about either he would most likely get very furious and yell like a madman. If he doesn't get furious his other goto emotion would most likely be sad. He has a tendency to try to hide his tears to not make him seem weak. All in all, he actually is like most other teens.

History: It was a particularly dreary September morning and Kristina, a twenty-years-old pizza girl, was bored out of her mind. All day, she had just sat at the cash register taking orders and answering calls. Boring! What she desperately needed was just a little excitement especially since she took on her friend’s night shift. What was she thinking when she had agreed to this. After looking at the digital clock on her phone for the thousandth time she found out it was only 6:30. It would still be another two and a half hours until she could leave from her own personal torture. There was no way she could last another hour of listening to the owners stories about greek mythology. Don't get her wrong she loved listening to the old man, but after hours of listening them it gets a little old.

About an hour later her saviour came to her aid. He was an incredibly handsome man who looked around Kristina’s age. Score for her. He sauntered to the cash register and gave his order: he wanted a dinner combo number four which came with a slice of pizza, a sixteen ounce fountain drink(free refills), and two slices of garlic bread. Yummy! While Kristina was taking the order she felt the need to flirt with the guy not only for a distraction, but because she was legitimately attracted to him. From what she could tell he was attracted to her as well. In all honesty it shocked her a little that he was flirting back with her. Kristina personally didn't consider herself too beautiful mainly because she was five foot three and had a curvy, slightly chubby body frame. She also has shoulder length, curly brown hair, and almond brown eyes.

Once he found a spot to sit down Kristina quickly gave the order to the owner so he could start making it. While back there she was trapped to listen about a story of how Dionysus was supposed to marry someone but the ended up dying before he could. Honestly she was only half listening just managing to make out the name Prosymnus. Afterwards the order was ready and her boss said that after is was delivered she could take a break. Leaving the kitchen carrying the order of pizza and garlic bread she meandered her way to the man sitting at a table near a large window.

“So what are you drinking?” She asked while setting down the food causing the man to look up and smile at her.

“Coke-a-Cola.” He replied quickly causing Kristina to give a nod and turn around . Before she could get too far the man called back asking her to sit with him. “So what is your name if I may ask?”

“Oh you can just call me Kristy, but my full name is Kristina.” She replied giving him a happy smile.

“I like that name. It is a pretty name for a pretty girl.” He cooed causing Kristina to become putty in his hands. As the time went on the two strangers seemed to talk and flirt for hours until Kristina’s boss came over and told her she could leave. Now that is was midnight Kristina was free to do what she felt like, so her and her new acquaintance hit the town. They visited a multitude of bars and five in the morning one thing led to another and the two found themselves in Kristina’s studio apartment. By the time Kristina woke up she found herself all alone except for a small note from her mystery man. She couldn't help but feel that she was also forgetting some important stuff from her drunken haze.

After about two months from her first visit with her one night stand a lot of things had happened. The most important thing that happened was that she found out that she was pregnant and knew who the father could be. Although it didn't really bother her that she was going to be a single mother. She is a strong independent woman who doesn't really need a man. Keeping with this mentality she kept working at the pizzeria when one day she saw the father of her child.

At first she didn't say anything until he came up to her and she told him they needed to talk. On her break she went up to him and explained her situation. He honestly took it all with ease especially the part when she said she didn't really care if he was a part of the child’s life. Afterwards it was his turn to explain everything to her. The man explained to her that all the greek myths she has heard through her life are all true and that he was a god. He also explained how he wouldn't be able to raise the child if he wanted too and that one day the child would be able to go somewhere with others like them. Naturally she didn't  believe this at first and was quite skeptical of everything. She just thought the guy was crazy and went on with her life.

On June eighth during a thunderstorm Kristina gave birth to a cheery baby boy. Surrounded by family she decided to name the boy Prosymnus probably because that name stuck with her for some odd reason. Maybe it was because she had to listen to that story one hundred times.

As time went on Prosymnus got older and Kristina went to school to become a dental hygienist. The two had a few rough years in the beginning, but around four years everything kinda fell into place. Kristina found a nice apartment and a decent paying job for her and Prosymnus. Prosymnus also started kindergarten and was loving every moment of it. Everything seemed to be be going perfectly, but something in the back of Kristina’s head said something that the aren't out of the woods yet. Unfortunately Kristina being the head strong woman she is she didn't really care.

Year later when Prosymnus was entering into fifth grade his teacher noticed that he had trouble reading and had trouble keeping his attention. At first the teacher didn't think it was too bad, so they just ignored it until it got too severe to turn a blind eye. Kristina went to a parent teacher conference where the teacher asked to get Prosymnus tested. With some reluctance she agreed and took him to a doctors appointment. Lone and behold Prosymnus was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.

Again the years went by and Prosymnus, now a thirteen years-old, had slightly more control of his ADHD and tended to do things on his own. One day specifically he decided to go on a walk by himself to the park a couple blocks away. He meandered his way to the park and decided to go on the swing set for fun. He sat down and started pumping his legs allowing himself to get high into the air. He kept on doing this for a while when in the distance he saw what looked like a large bird. Not caring he kept on until the bird perched on a nearby. The thing looked like a monstrous pigeon and Prosymnus didn't like the looks of it. Being scared he jumped off the swing and landed face first on the grass. When he got himself together he stood up and noticed the bird was far too close for comfort. Like any normal kid he gave a small scream and hightailed it to home. As he was running home he noticed other birds like the first one, there were about three others and he was getting very worried. Unfortunately for him the first bird kept up pace and about a block away from home it dived at him. Prosymnus barely dodged it causing him to get decent sized tears in his shirt and some minor scratches.He then flipped onto his back and kicked the bird repeatedly until he was sure it would no longer follow him. That didn't stop the other three birds from trying as well. Luckily for him he managed to lose the other birds in a large crowd of people and tried his best to stay out of sight. Collecting himself again he made it back to his apartment where his mother was sitting down in the kitchen.

“Prosy, what happened?” She asked concerned when looking at him. She got up and grabbed a medical kit from the bathroom pulling out some bandages.

“Big...Bird...Attacked...Me!” Prosymnus exclaimed between breaths. Kristina’s eyes widened a little and muttered something under her breath that sounded like oh sh*t he was telling the truth. This caused Prosymnus to stare at her oddly.

“Oh! I am sure it was nothing. You just need to get some rest.” She said finishing up the bandaging and ushering him into his room.

This unfortunately was not an isolated event for a year later something similar happened to poor Prosymnus again. Now at the young age of fourteen Prosymnus had learned new things about himself: he is gay, loves to talk, and enjoys walking home from school. One specific walk home from school Prosymnus decided to take a nice back alley route home. He passed by some abandoned alleys and homes just listening to the silence. He was enjoying himself until he heard what sounded like a whimpering dog. Being curious he followed the whimpering until he entered a back alley and in the center was what looked like a massive black mastiff. As soon as he entered the alley way all whimpering stopped and the creature looked ready to kill. Prosymnus was scared out of his mind, but something told him the he needed to move immediately. In order to distract it and run faster Prosymnus slipped off his backpack and chucked it at the creature. Luckily it caught it off guard and smashed it in its face. Not wanting to see how long it would last he booked it. Of course the beast got to its senses quickly and let out  a massive growl causing Prosymnus to run fast, but the beast caught up to him quickly and clamped down on his belt and jeans. Prosymnus didn't want to get eaten, so he did the only thing that made sense to him. He slipped out of his pants and scrambled home. Later that night when his mother came home he naturally told her, but she gave the same response as last time completely dismissing him.

Finally one year later Prosymnus finally thought he was in the clear from anymore monster attacks, but he was wrong. This time it was on his way home from his babysitting job. It was ten at night and was dark outside. The only lighting was from the few houses and the dim street lights. He was riding his bike home and was only a few block from home when a feathery mass tackled him off his bike. He skidded into the road and his arms and elbows got skinned. Luckily he was wearing a helmet, so there was no serious damage. Prosymnus pissed quickly got up getting a clear view of his assailant. Since his second monster encounter he decided he should start reading about monsters in the library: he determined the first was a stymphalian bird, the second was a hellhound, and this ugly thing was clearly a harpy. Prosymnus would no longer be pushed around, so he grabbed his bike and threw it as best he could at the monster. Hoping that the creature was done for he ran home demanding answers from his mother. Reluctantly she finally admitted what was going and how at first she didn't want to admit what was happening. She explained how Prosymnus is a demigod and that she thinks it would be best for him to live at a special camp for others like him for a while.

In the following few days Kristina told Prosymnus some more about  the place he was going to. It was called Camp Half-Blood and would have other kids like him. Some of them could even be his siblings. When he asked how she knew all of this she admitted that a few weeks prior a satyr had visited her asking to bring him to the camp. Kristina of course said she would do it herself when she felt the time was right. Now with the directions to the camp and a good reason to go Kristina thought now was the best time. Kristina now decided to take the day off of work so she could say her goodbyes in person. Kristina and Prosymnus took the five hour drive from their upstate New York town to Long Island. The two made some small talk with each other, but mainly just listened to the radio. When they approached their destination Kristina pulled into a small town near a dirt road to give her farewells to her son.

“That satyr boy gave it to me when we had the talk about what to do with you. He said if you ever got into trouble it would turn into a weapon of some sort. Press the button in the center to make it transform while in the other will open it like a normal locket.” Kristina told her only child while more tears streamed her face. She then cleared her throat and helped Prosymnus put it around his neck. “Well I think it is time for you to go now Prosy and don't open the locket just yet wait until you are alone. Goodbye sweetie.”

Giving his mother one last hug he hopped out of the car following the path to camp. As he walked alone tears streamed his face, yet he still managed to have a smile on his face. Probably because of what he saw when he opened the locket.

Those close to you will always be in your heart. -Love Mommy

Weapon: A celestial bronze spear that take the appearance of a heart shaped locket . Given to him by his mother whom received from a satyr informing her of Camp Half-Blood. On the inside is a special inscription from his mother. When the spears transforms the inscription can be seen on the shaft of the spear in beautiful cursive script.

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Hey there, thanks for making a claim! Just a few issues to get worked out before it's approved. First off, how did Prosymnus escape from the bird in the first attack and make it to his apartment without killing it or being killed?

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Hi ill be your claim checker for today and i just have to say that this claim is very well written and in my opinion should already be claimed. However before it is could you explain how Prosymnus got to camp? Such as if he took a a plain or drove there and if he was attacked by any monsters on his way there. After that i think this Claim will be pretty good and ill ask an admin/Rb to look at it and see if it can be accepted.

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Hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say this claim is good!! like super good for a newb but sadly its not good enough to be claim yet as I have a few problems

  • how did he get his weapon?
  • and also on that note Stymphalian Birds travel in pack soo there will be more than one please add that

thats all the problem I see and hopefully after you fix these problems you would get claim good luck!!

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