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Quinn, Basics

Name: Quinn Beecher

Age: 14

Birthday: September 21st 2001

God Parent: Athena


He is very, very smart and conscientious, to the point where he is introverted, he is a self processed 'nerd' and 'wall flower', and stays clear of any popular group. He is courageous and selfless, even when no one is watching as he is more of a background character, know one really sees him doing good even though he lives for it.

Which explain his desire to 'prove' himself to his mother, Athena.

He is a serious person, he rarely understands common humor and why people make fools of themselves under the effects of, e.g. alcohol. However random geeky jokes and puns will crack him up.


He can fight with any weapon light enough for him to yield cleverly in a battle because he believes it's not wise to fight with a heavy, bulky weapon that slows you down just to look better. He wont go anywhere without his trusty watch, which will turn into a sword and dagger thanks to some clever machinery built by himself. Quinn got the sword/watch/dagger from a hephaesteus demigod, but upgraded himself. If, some how, his watch isn't avalible he will use throwing knives as they are light and versatile.

Alex, Basics

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Beecher

Age: 14

Birthday: 21st of September 2001

God Parent: Athena


Alex is is the polar opposite of her brother, Quinn. She is loud, 'sassy' and will always have a comeback, unlike her stumbling brother, Alex is an extrovert; she lives for for party, the excitement and of course, the bragging rights.

Her loud and somewhat obnoxious personality doesn't prevent her from being as intelligent as any other Athena child though, when she wants to be she is cunning and witty however her wit is wasted on occasion as she puts other things first.

Alex is heroic, and not just to look good, she generally wants to help, it just doesn't come across in the right way.


Alex fights with a bronze sword, the handle embroidered with a purple, ever lasting thread, her brother called it a 'unless decoration' but she didn't care, she loved it. If her sword wasn't available she would swipe someone's weapon or try using a dagger, but it was a pointless effort, she didn't train enough to be skilled. The sword was the one Athena left her father.


Tom Beecher was studying to be a military historian, he did great, extensive amounts of research on WW1 and WW2, and was at the war graves in Belgium when he came across a student, probably the same age as him. He was in love with her intelligence, as well as her otherworldly beauty. She was, of course, Athena. So, they got together for a while, travelling Europe, visiting historic and culturally rich cities, until one day, Athena somehow gave birth to twins, she wasn't pregnant so of course Tom was confused, and his intelligence insulted, he demanded to know answers. Athena, being in love with Tom, told him as much as he could understand, as we was a modern historian, not someone with a great deal of knowledge about Greek mythology. But of course Athena had to leave Tom, heartbroken and with two children.

Tom brought up the twins on his own, never revealing anything about their demigod secret.

The tight family moved a lot, for two reasons, the first being Tom's research caused him to have to constantly move around. The second reason? That was complicated. Alex was a 'typical' demigod, she had ADHD, Dyslexia and mad hyper activity. She often got kicked out of school's much to the disgust of Quinn, who was smart and hard working and hated having to follow Alex around.

Alex was always the popular one, the rebel, the center of attention and Quinn was that nerd who know one really knew. Quinn was bullied, badly, he often came home with scrapes, bruises and sometimes even burns - kids were mean. Some of the bullies were Alex's friends, something Quinn was always angry at her about, but how could she know?

Then one time, Quinn was being pummeled by a beefy footballer, the same grade but twice as heavy and muscular as poor Quinn and something weird happened. Somehow, Quinn knew what moves the bully was going to make, like a sixth sense. After 5 minuets the bully was crying on the floor.

Despite his new 'power' Quinn's life did not become easier, he was a freak now, an even bigger target for more ruthless bullies. He took refuge in comics like the X men, knowing that he was not alone.

On the other hand, Alex was experiencing weird occurrences of her own, she knew she was always smart but never used it, fearing it would damage her reputation as a bad girl. But she could never weave, she hadn't even though about weaving - how weird was that? Weaving? Then suddenly wall's of random objects woven with accuracy appearing around her. Unlike Quinn, her 'power' was a very much a secret. She began to dive deeper into the 'bad crowd', getting involved with alcohol and petty crime.

Tom was not happy, he was a well established historian and worked hard to give his kids as much as he could, and suddenly one of kids never left his bedroom and the other never returned home. He was tolerating Alex's behavior until he had to bail her out of a police cell after she was caught drunk driving home from a reckless party - she was 12!

They took a 'vacation' to Canada where Alex could 'detox' and Quinn could get some time where he didn't constantly feel threatened. That luxury didn't last long, while the twins were finally enjoying themselves together, canoeing on a secluded lake, they were attacking by three telekhines!

Having very little battle experience other than their father's long talks about the trenches, the twins abilities were put to the test, Alex recklessly tried to lunge at one of the monsters, but her instinct pulled her back (and her brother). It was clear to Quinn they needed weapons, and to buy himself and his sister some time, he built a makeshift wall from random materials he found scattered around. Both twins racked their brains for anything, but they needed weapons and they didn't have swords and daggers just lying around.

This was when Tom came to the rescue, after a desperate phone call from Alex he came rushing to the lake with (celestial bronze) swords he had been given by Athena years before, the twins worked together with their new found battle skills and strength, distracting the monsters and launching surprise attacks. After a long and strenous battle all their foes had evaporated into gold dust, the twins were left battered and exhausted. Tom saw the battle as he had the sight.

After that Tom told the twins all he knew about their mythological past, they had to believe him, because it was only the reason to explain their powers and the monsters.

Tom however didn't tell them about camp and decided to keep them for amother year and help Alex get back on track and away from drinking, bad behaviour etc. It was only when they suffered another monster attack from two harpies that he decided to tell them about Camp.

Along with the sword, Athena had written Tom the address to Camp Half Blood, so he drove the Twins their as a place of safety for them.

When they arrived at the camp border, another swarm of telekhnines emerged from the surrounding water, there were too many to defeat with one sword but luckily, they had a camp full of demigods on their side, and the monsters were defeated in almost seconds. The demigods were welcomed into camp as they turned 14 and Tom went back to his career as a historian. The twins still find ways to visit and spend time with their dad.

--Demigod Avenger in the FAYZ (talk) 07:04, September 29, 2015 (UTC)


Hey, Avenger! I'll say this is a great claim, though I think them dealing with their powers while fighting the telekhines in the lake without even feeling so tired immediately—since they're not even trained demigods—is not so realistic, to the demigod part. And one more thing (sorry if I missed this), where did Tom get the CB sword? And also, where did Alex get her sword with purple designs and Quinn's watch that can turn to a sword?

That's all anyway. Way to go! :)

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Thanks for the quick comments!

-I've changed it so the twins are exhausted after the telekhine fight

-Tom got the sword from Athena (I've added that)

-Quinn's watch was from a Hephaestus camper

-Alex's sword was the one Athena gave Tom

Demigod Avenger in the FAYZ (talk) 14:55, September 29, 2015 (UTC

Hey Avenger (Love your user name btw) ill be your claim checker for today.

  1. With two demigods living in the same house and all the first monster attack would happen earlier then 14. maybe 11-12 (with all the moving and stuff they did though 12 would probably be fine)
  2. Because im suggesting you make the first attack ealier then please add at least another momster attack at age 13 (If you make the first one at 12) 
  3. This is just a question really but why did athena only leave one weapon? If she knew she had two children why not leave two weapons. one for each of them. 
  4. also what age did they start noticing there powers? 

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Hey Musician

- Thanks for the username comment!

1. I've changed it so the attack at Canada was when they were 12 not 14

2. Whrn they arrive at camp and get attack by teleknines again they're 13

3. I've changed it so she leaved two swords, sorry that was a bad mistake.

4. Quinn noticed them fiDemigod Avenger in the FAYZ (talk) 14:37, October 22, 2015 (UTC)rst, at age 11 when he was being harshly bullied and Alex later (she was 12)

Demigod Avenger in the FAYZ (talk) 15:23, October 9, 2015 (UTC)

  • Did they get to camp at age 13 and are now 14? if so that isn't allowed. The wiki has a policy that any unclaimed chars cannot stay at camp for more than two weeks. this helps us avoid metagaming. 
  • I would suggest having the father not wanting to give them up yet and keep them till their 14 then they can go to camp. also if you do that please remeber that after their first monster attack they have at least one each year they are not at camp.
  • Also demigods dont start developing their powers till their early teenage years so they wouldnt be able to do much. The whole knowing his next move thing is fine but everything else would be a bit to difficult for them to do.

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- Thanks for giving me the claim back, sorry I was reallly inactive

1. The twins are nearly 13 when its their first monster attack, In Canada, they turn 14 on their firstday at camp, while they were 13, their Dad kept them for awhile (there was an attack from harpies in that year that made their father change his mind about sending them)

2. All they can do in the battle at Canada is know the moves the telkinhes are going to make

Demigod Avenger in the FAYZ (talk) 14:37, October 22, 2015 (UTC)

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