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Name:Racine Kane

Birthday:October 26



God Parent:Poseidon,Zeus,Apollo

Mortal Parent:Madioula(mother)

Appearance: Racine has sandy messy blonde hair. He has blue eyes, that are one of his most noticeable features. He is considered attractive by other females. He has tanned skin. He has a slim muscular build. His mother commeted that he got his looks from his father.

Personality: He is described as being a chill person,personality wise,because of his chill personality, he is able to befriend many people, even if they are unpopular. He is also lazy at times, when it comes to things he isn't interested in.He also has a sense of humor. he can be sarcastic,wise-cracking, and even plain dumb in his jokes. He is also somewhat of a flirt, and perv at times. Despite his laid-back personality, he has also has some negative things about him, like his temper can get the best of him, he has trouble trusting or expressing his feelings towards people,whom he doesn't know.

History:Racine was named after the famous dramatist Jean Racine, whom his mother admired for his work. he has been called Ray short by his friends and family. Well anyway, Racine was born in the city of Chicago. He lived with his French mother. When he was younger he had an encounter with a monster that tried to kill him before,but it was as if he had a guardian that would always defeat these monsters. When Racine tried to explain things to the police, they didn't belive him, and sent  him to his mother.

As he was only 6 when this event happened,  it left him traumatized, he was distant at school, but he soon to befriend people after a field trip he had taken, and got to know the students and became good friends with many people. He soon forgot about the mosnters, til  some years had passed. It all started when he got into a heated argument with his mother, he went out with some friends to cool down. They hung out until night fell. He began walking home, he noticed he was being followed. Racine turned around asking the man what did he want, and the man screamed "YOUR DEATH!!" as he threw Racine to a small alley. Racine was cut up,he had looked at his attacker only to see a lion with a scorpion tail and bat wings. he knew this species a manticore, but he thought it was only myths, he had thought he inhaled some type of gas, he wasn't quite sure, but what he was sure of was that he was going to die.He thought of his mother, and the regret he had during the fight between them, he wanted to apologize. He had unlocked his powers against the beast, but to his dismay the beast was only injured, and Racine all tired up, the manticore went for the kill. He was saved by a person who looked like a Satyr. Racine had thought he had really lost it. the satyr gave him some ambrosia to heal him up, and gave Racine a weapon as well. Racine knew the Satyr from one of his classes, his name was Jay.Racine was so confused and asked questions but he stopped as he just wanted to get rid of this thing, and get home to a good meal and get some good answers Then another demigod had appeared whom he did not quite know,but as long as this person was here to help Racine didn't mind. After greeting each other  the three of them fought against the manticore. After the fight Racine went home and apologized to his mother, and everything was explained to him, about his heritage. Racine had asked who was his father, but his mother jokingly said "that would spoil the fun.' Racine embraced his mom promising to come back after summer. He had then went to join Camp with the satyr and the demigod, to grow into a powerful demigod.

Weapons: He received a celestial sword, from the Satyr Jay to help him fight against the beast.



Please sign your claim, also if he had that many monster attacks by the age of 6 he'd be dead. Not even Percy had monster attacks that young.

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver(AngelRay276) Sorry about this, but what do you mean by sign my my claim?

You leave a signature by using 4 ~ after your comment/claim/whatever. And so he's still 11 currently?

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(AngelRay276) No i'm thinking of making him 15, and i'm going to change it as well ^.^

Please sign your comments too, and why did he wait 4 years after the monster attack to go to camp then?

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(AngelRay276) I've changed his age :o

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