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Name:Raj Gupta


God Parent:Hephaetus/Poseidon/Apollo

Mortal Parent:Bala Gupta


Personality:Nice,funny,goofy,isn't much of a fighter,smart.

If my first choices:He loves to build stuff.


His Mother was a very smart lady who moved from India, to the USA.She had a nice job for a watch company.She kept working until she had enough money to start a new company.This is what attracted his father.His father soon begun to hit on her and they started dating.He then realized he had gotten the mortal woman pregnant.He left.His mother lafter he was born kept her company up.His mom loved him to death,even though his grandma was more of a mom than his mom.His Mom had no time for him so most of the time got his grandma, or grandpa to take care of him.She was more like an Aunt or Cousin than mom because her company was getting bigger and bigger, so she had very little to do with him.His mother finally couldn't take it anymore.She went nuts and killed her self over the company and the stress it brought.His Grandpa and Grandma were now his gaurdings.Nothing really changes, but the fact he didn't see his mother once a week.Soon his Grandma died.His Grandpa was sad and alone.Some how him and his Grandpa comforted each other.Until his Grandpa died.This was too muuch his grandma and grandpa had both died from old age and now he had no one.Well one.He ran off to his friend Rick's house.Rick showed him self.Rick was really a Saytr and not a human.Raj was ready to go anywhere to move on from all the deaths his life had had.Rick took him to camp.On the ride to camp a giant attacked them.Rick fought the Giant off along with Raj.Raj tricked it while Rick did the harder stuff.Finally he went to camp.When he went in the entrance he was claimed.

Weapons:He doesn't like to fight

Do not look at me!!! 23:26, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry, what couldn't the mom take anymore? why did she kill herself? I got the moves like Jagger! MLJ! 23:29, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

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