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Name: Raven Day

Gender: Male

God Parent: Thanatos         

Mortal Parent- Lara Day his mother  

Weapons- Spear that glows whenever monsters are near..

.History- His parents met one stormy night in a graveyard. His mother was sheltering under a large angle gravestone when she herd a noise she turned around and saw an another person. As they were sheltering they chatted for hours until the rain went away. She thought that he was just a runnaway like her but in fact he was Thantos. The two soon fell in love and had a child- Raven. A few months later Thantos then left her never to be seen bye her again...

His mother never spoke about his father, whenever he asked she would start crying and would lock herself in her room. No matter how mutch he tried he could never get her to tell. One night Raven and his mother had a huge fight. His mother overtaken by rage that he could not understand all the sorrow that had happened to her. She left him never to be seen again. (Thantos had made it so she couldent tell). He kept to himself at school pretending everything was fine. BUT.... (he was twelve when put in foster)He was quickly noticed and put in a foster home. After Two years of the new home he ran away with all there money.  That night he had been sleeping when he woke to a gaint attack. A giant loomed over him as he slowly got to his feet. The giant swung his club down but he rolled out of the way he reached for his bag to protect him but instead he found a black spear he stabbed upwards and the moster exploded into dust. As soon as he had calmed down he noticed a note tied to the spear the note had instructions sending him to long island and the directions to camp-half blood. The end of the note was signed with one word- Father He hitchhiked to long island and then walked to camp he arrived safely...(when he arrives he is 14)


Apperence-Really short hair with tanned hair tall and buff. Looks tough but is really nice

Personality- Nice and funny but hates people who abuse power and hates showoffs and flirts.(Is a flirt though) If pissed will start hitting and stabbing people...

His spear



If his mother ran away, other adults would have found him and sent him to Foster Care or to the closest relative, and he wouldn't be able to just sell things like that. How old was he when he reached camp, and there should be a bit of explanation on how his parents meet.

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Do you still plan on working on this? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

So who left the spear for him and how?

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Why exactly was his mother hiding and how did she come to be hiding in a secret temple of Thanatos? 

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Why did his mother just walk out on him? What would cause her to become so enraged she never returned? How old was he when this happened? Urgh2Facillis Decensus Averni-OnyxUrgh2

If his mother left wouldn't he have been sent to some foster home or to the nearest relatives?

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