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Name: Rayna

Gender: Female

Species: Love Nymph (Erotiad)

Creators: Jade Jeffries and Elliot Le Fevre

Appearance: Rayna is six years old. She stands at 4'1". She has long light brown, almost blonde, hair that she likes to keep in a ponytail or a braid and sweet green eyes. She loves to wear skirts and dresses and always has her teddy bear somewhere near her.

Personality: Rayna is a kind and loving girl. Her mood usually reflects how her creators' relationship is going. If they are happily in love, she is happy. If they're fighting, she's sad. Her life force is attached to their relationship, and if they decide to break up she will die. She loves to spend time with Elliot and Jade, and acts as if they are her parents sometimes. She is scarred of bees and spiders.

History: Rayna was spawned by the love of Jade Jeffries and Elliot Le Fevre. She was created while the couple was spending time alone by the lake. They were surprised to see a little, but Rayna explained her origin.

Rayna currently resides at the Big House, but often sleeps at Jade's cabin, because she is scarred at night.

Weapons: None.

"I refuse to sink" 21:32, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

Good, though you'd have to consult with Del about sleeping in Jade's cabin.

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