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Species: Erotios

Appearance: check pics

Personality: Red is quite cocky and adventurous, he's often likes to sleep around. Red often enjoys stealing girls from other guys. He's selfish and arrogant, thinking the world's all about him. He's quite deceitful, often acting friendly so girls will lower their guard for him. June and Johnny somewhat rubbed off on Johnny, making him think stuff like drug abuse and cheating is okay.

History:Once upon a time, not so long ago, actually in the 1900s in fact, there were two demigods. Their names were June Carter, a child of Apollo, and Johnny Cash, a child of Dionysus. They both grew up to be musicians, once they got through their tumultuous teenage demigod years. To say their love story was an easy one would be a huge exaggeration, but it was love, deep and true, even if Johnny didn't make loving him at all easy. Their love story was so epic in fact, that it created a love spirit.

The couple was always in love, but their relationship wasn't easy, and that caused Red’s personality and emotions to often reflect the current state of the relationship. So through the fighting, the cheating, the drug abuse and everything else life threw at them, Red was right there along for the emotional rollercoaster. As the couple grew old, eventually Red stayed away even more, off doing his own thing, and having his own adventures. When the couple died around a decade ago because they were still very much in love and together when they died, Red became a first generation love spirit. Red had continued his perilous adventures, having the time of his life until he decided to come to camp. Having no plans to change his ways.

Weapons:CB Scimitar


Note: Hydro let me take a look at it yesterday. Just for y'all who think it's a bit weird that I claimed it so fast >.<"

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