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Name: Reena Burgundy

Nickname/s: Ri

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate

Mortal Parent: Eliot Burgundy

Sibling/s: Samuel Burgundy

Personality: Reena loves to read and to write but not as much as her brother Sammy. She's carefree and easy going but won't hesitate to fight back when provoked. Her brother's the most important person to her and she'd do anything to make him happy (although most of the time, it's the other way around) and to ensure that he's safe. She enjoys the company of others very much and wouldn't hesitate to make new friends.


Weapon/s: A violin which turns into a bow and arrows

History:  Peter Erickson was a famous Studio Artist in New York. He has his own digital museum next to his studio near the Rockefeller Center. He was always praised by people for his works and the only thing missing in his life is love. He decided to take on poetry and write poems about love. Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate saw his poems and was fascinated with his ability to write. She soon fell in love with him and decided to introduce herself as a woman named Kaira. Peter was amazed by her beauty and fell in love with her too. They started dating afterwards. Peter then introduced Kaira to his best friend, Eliot Burgundy who was an author and stage poet. They stayed at Elliot's condominium unit near Times Square. Peter went out to buy food and while he is gone, Elliot showed his works to Kaira. Kaira read his books and watched some of his performances in the internet. Kaira started to develop feelings for Elliot and when Peter came back with the food, he caught the two making out. Peter was both shocked and furious. He busted into tears and left Elliot's condo. Kaira was a bit disappointed but then, she continued kissing Elliot until they had sex. Kaira found out she was pregnant and told Elliot about it. She revealed the truth about herself and then disappeared. Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate showed up nine months later with a baby boy in her arms. She told Elliot that it's their son and that he should take care of him. Mnemosyne left the baby with him which Elliot named Samuel. Before entirely leaving, Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate visited Peter and apologized for what happened months ago. Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate told her that she has a baby with Elliot and wants him to guide her son. Peter ignored her at first but when Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate left, he decided to be Samuel's guide or guardian and served as his uncle.

A year later, Elliot brought Samuel to California because he needed to perform there. He hired a babysitter to look after Samuel while he is performing. He didn't notice that the one she hired was Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate who disguised herself to be with Samuel. When Elliot came back from his performance, he was shocked to see Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate playing with Sam. Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate told Elliot that she saw his performance on T.V. and she was so proud of him. They had an affair once again after Samuel fell asleep. Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate told Elliot that she was pregnant (again) and Elliot thought she would leave but she didn't. She stayed with Elliot so she can look after Samuel and left after she gave birth to their second child. This time, it was a girl and Elliot named her Reena. Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate left a small box behind which contains a key and lock (for Samuel) and a violin (for Reena).

Years passed and Samuel and Reena grew close to each other. They love their father, Elliot and was fond of their uncle, Peter. They loved going to his studio and admire his works after school. They come to the movies with their uncle Peter every weekend since their Dad is busy with work, performing and writing novels. Soon enough, when Samuel was 12, he started to get interested in his father's novel. He soon spent less time with Reena and was indulged with reading books. He began writing novels afterwards which impressed his dad and the two became closer to each other.

His father soon taught Samuel everything he knows including gambling and even smoking. When Samuel turned 17 and Reena, 16 their father died due to lung cancer. Peter took the children under his care and brought them with him on his travels as a field journalist. They went to different places in the world from America to Europe and from Europe to Asia. They didn't noticed it but Samuel and Reena learned the different dialects of the countries easily. They soon returned home and Peter moved into Elliot's condominium. They found the small box Mnemosyne left for them and saw the key, the pad lock and the violin inside. Samuel kept the key and the pad lock while Reena kept the violin. Surprisingly, when Samuel tapped tapped the key, it became a pen. He tapped it again and it morphed back into the key. When he put the key inside the lock's keyhole and turned it, the pad lock and the key transformed into a sword. Reena was amazed by his brother's weapon and tried figuring out hers. She found a small piece of paper in the box explaining how to activate her weapon. She started playing a short symphony from her previous violin lessons and willed the violin to transform. It morphed into a bow and quiver which fascinated Reena very much. Before they can even celebrate, a monstrous Hellhound broke into their condominium. Peter tried to protect them but he was killed. Reena and Samuel tried fighting the Hellhound but was still unfamiliar with their weapons. The Hellhound almost pounced Reena when three silver arrows hit it's back. They saw a Huntress of Artemis and a satyr. The huntress introduced herself as Bree Gorman and the satyr introduced himself as Lucas. They explained everything to Samuel and Reena and was transported to camp afterwards. They were soon claimed as Children of Mnemosyne/Nemesis/Apate during dinner at the mess hall.

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