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Name: Reese Davis
Reese Davis

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Demigod

Godly Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: Beau Davis

Personality: Reese, when first met, is a rather quiet and reserved boy. Once a person gets to know him he opens up and becomes very sociable and out going. He is kind and protective of his friends and family as well as generous and forgiving. He can be very energetic as well, bouncing from one project to another and back as he sees fit, especially when it comes to different fashion projects. He loves clothing and just fashion in general and hopes to one day become a famous fashion designer.

History: Beau Davis was, to put it simply, a natural born charmer. He had the perfect look, an amazing personality, and a smile to die for. He would have females falling at his feet wherever he walked (figuratively of course). He was of a different breed, a man with no equal. That is until a certain party on New Years Eve. There he met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her hair was like golden silk, her skin pale perfection and her eyes, which Beau was most enchanted by, were the color of pale glaciers. He approached her and they talked for most of the party, neither danced they just sat together on the couch talking. Beau hung on her every word as she told him her life's story, to this day he couldn't remember all that she had said as the memory seemed a bit foggy to him but he could remember not wanting to miss any bit of it. When the party was coming to a close he found that Anneliese, that was her name and it was utter perfection on the tongue, was the hostess of the party and this was her home. As the guest dwindled and he prepared to leave Anneliese asked him to stay the night and he did....

Beau woke up the next morning in his home with little memory of what happened after the party ended and no idea how he wound up in his own bed. He searched around for weeks looking for Anneliese in all of his social circles, but no one knew who she was and lack of a last name didn't help. After one whole month he gave up the search of the beauty he had met at the party that night, though he still held onto the hopes that one day he might see her again. About eight months later his wish was granted one early Sunday morning when a someone knocked on his door. When he opened it he was surprised to find a very real and very pregnant Anneliese. He stood there flabbergasted until she asked for permission to enter, which he gladly permitted. He made sure she was comfortable, got her a few pillows for her back whilst she sat on the couch, made sure the room wasn't too hot and even got her a cup of herbal tea and an apple. She smiled at the fruit in her hand as if it held some long hidden secret then placed it on his living room table. She asked Beau to sit and he complied, then came the explanation. He sat there for a good ten minutes as his dream girl told him a fanciful tale, one where the Gods and Goddesses of Greek lore were real and walked the Earth. One were beasts you heard about in fairy tales were real and some could even walk among humans with ease. A tale where Gods would mate with mortals every once and a while and that union would create a Demigod. One where Anneliese was a goddess and the child, his child, she bore was one such demigod. He laughed and said it was a good joke, but it was time to stop. She sighed and smiled a sad smile. His window opened suddenly and a bevy of doves flew in through the window. They fluttered above Anneliese's head as she was bathed is a golden light. Her appearance also started to shift, she appeared as different women, each one more beautiful than the last. Beau sat there awestruck as this all occurred and held that look as it ceased. Anneliese was Anneliese again and the doves and the light were gone. It was like none of it had ever happened. Right then and there he believed her and she stayed. But Beau thought it was forever, and she knew it was not.

A few days later Reese was born and they were both happy. Beau had been a tad worried since she had disappeared for a few hours but was relieved when she came back with her child. She explained to him that she went to Mt. Olympus to give birth. Reese had his mother's eyes (well, the eyes she had around Beau) and a strange, teal hair color. They moved out of the big city to a more rural area, an old but well kept house Beau's grandparents left him, and made themselves comfortable. The first month of his life was like heaven for his father, but one day Beau awoke to Reese crying in his crib. He could've sworn Anneliese had gone to check not too long ago. He got up and walked to his son's room to find him alone in his room and the door to the small terrace off of it wide open, the curtains blowing in the night breeze. He walked to the crib to find his son laying there next to a note, two necklaces and a sheathed sword, it's hilt wrought in the shape of a dove with a ruby in the shape of an apple decorating the pommel. Upon his son's forehead was a red lipstick mark, as if he had been kissed there, but it soon faded away in a sparkle of pink. He picked up his child along with the note. He sat in a nearby rocking chair to soothe his child and read the note. When he opened it the smell of apples and roses wafted from it, somehow she always smelled like that exact combination. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them to read:

My dearest Beau,

I am sorry I must leave on such short notice, my dear. If I had a choice I would stay with you and Reese but this is out of my hand. So with this note I leave you a few keepsakes and instructions. The first necklace has a small little clockwork dove, have Reese wear it. It is very special, made of a metal called Celestial Bronze. It is enchanted to be nearly invulnerable and to defend him against monsters who wish to do him harm. This little dove may not be able to save his life, but it will be able to hold a danger off until you are able to save him. The second necklace is a crystal, it's properties and abilities are a secret and shall be known only to him. There is another note next to it that only Reese will be able to open and only when the time is right. The last thing is a sword. This is for you, it is made from the same material as the dove and will also be able to slay monsters. Use this to defend our son. Whenever you hold it in his defense your resolve will never falter. It will not give you the strength of a demigod or the power of a god, but courage whilst you defend something you love is just as good. Beau, I want you to love our son as much, no more than you loved me. He will need that love as all children do. Protect him. And know that I will always watch over both of you with all the love in the world.

With love everlasting

When Beau finished reading the note he had tears in his eyes. She was really gone. But he would abide by her request and love his son more than her loved her. He would defend him with his life. He kissed his son's forehead where his mother had before walking him back to his crib. He picked up the dove necklace and placed it about Reese's neck before grabbing the other items. He found a small little box decorated with doves and placed the second necklace and note for his son within. He played with the sword before putting it up in a closet, right next to the box. He then returned to his son's room and slept in the rocking chair, like a vigilant guardian.

For the next ten years Beau raised Reese with as much love and kindness as he could muster. His boy grew up a happy, bouncing child, though school was a bit challenging because of his Dyslexia and ADHD, though the former was much milder than the latter. Reese went to school and picked up on most subjects rather easily, though his favorite classes were art and French. Those two came so easy to him. One day after school Reese was in his bedroom drawing random sketches of what he thought his mother, the mysterious woman who disappeared one night, might look like. He both loved and hated doing this because every time a sketch started looking just right, his mental image of her changed and everything was wrong. It was very confusing but he kept doing it because he hoped one of these days, a picture would stick. As he was drawing he heard a tapping at his window. He looked up and saw three doves sitting on his window sill. He walked over and opened the window sitting down and smiling at the little creatures "How are you all today?" He said to the white birds. What he had not expected, was an answer from them. A chorus of "Very well, Thank you." came as an answer to Reese's question and he was shocked to say the least. He then had a whole conversation with the birds on how they could only talk to him and no one else. He decided to keep it to himself because his father would no doubt think he was crazy. So it became his little secret, kept between him and the doves.

Two months later, Beau needed to hire a nanny for Reese so that his son wasn't alone between the time he got off of and the time he got home. He had lined up about ten candidates for the position but only one showed up, her name was Zoraida. She had all the proper qualifications and experience so Beau saw nothing wrong in hiring her for the job. And she seemed like the perfect fit for the job because Reese seemed to love her. To Reese the lady seemed nice enough, she even baked him chocolate chip cookies. But whenever he was around her the most curious thing would happen: his little clockwork dove would start fluttering it's wings ever so slightly. The thing had never worked so it must have been something special happening when she was around. One day, while his father was in his study finishing up on his work, Reese was outside playing while Zoraida supervised. Reese was having a very fun time, running about and jumping around. His little dove friends even joined in on the fun. But then all of a sudden the wings on his little dove necklace started fluttering again, more furiously than before, and the doves flew away. All of a sudden a shadow loomed over him, prompting Reese to whip around to see what it was. Zoraida was gone, in her place was a creature much with her upper body but a snake's lower half. Her facial features were contorted and grotesque, and her teeth were replaced with serrated fangs. She flexed her clawed hands and snarled at Reese. The young boy fell back onto the ground in shock. He was speechless, he didn't know what this creature was or what to do in this situation. The creature raised it's arm and moved to attack Reese. The young boy squeezed his eyes shut and tensed for a blow that never came. He opened his eyes to see the creature rearing back and slashing at the air between them. He felt the chain around his neck moving erratically. He saw a glint of bronze zipping through the air between him and the creature and realized it was his little dove. The clockwork creature was fending off the monster in front of him, defending him. He sat in awe for a moment before he figured that this would be a good time to scream. He opened his mouth and screamed as loud as he could for his father as he started crawling backwards away from the monster. When the snake woman saw the boy's movements she lowered herself and slithered forward. The creature wrapped around Reese with her lower half and began to constrict, crushing the young boy. The dove was trapped against his chest, incapable of moving its wings so he was defenseless. Just then the creature screamed out in agony and Reese looked up to see a large sharp piece of metal protruding from her abdomen. The piece of metal was pulled away and the monster went limp and slithered from around Reese, gradually dissipating into a pile of ash. Reese looked at his father with surprise. He heard his father ask him if he was alright but had no time to answer as he sank into the black sea of unconsciousness.

When Reese awoke he was in the car with his father, along with several suitcases in the back. When he asked his father where they were going, he simply said "Road trip". He when he asked the destination all he got was a shrug. He told his father about the events, the monster, he remembered but Beau said it must've been a dream. It made sense so Reese dismissed it. Turns out 'road trip' meant 'We're moving to a completely different state spontaneously' because the next thing Reese knew he and his father were living in a two bedroom apartment in Connecticut. Reese was a bit upset but he knew that his father wouldn't have moved them without a good reason. He trusted him. On his next birthday Reese had a similar situation. He woke up in the car with remnants of a dream of another monster attack. This time it was a giant ant instead of a snake woman. This happened again in Rhode Island the year after that, but with a fire-breathing horse. And again in Pennsylvania but with a bird lady. And twice in Maryland with a giant scorpion one year and another giant ant the next. Nearing his sixteenth birthday him and his father were staying in a little place in New Jersey. He liked it because they lived less than an hour from NYC and his father took him to see the sites there every weekend. One day he was sitting at home, pretty bored. His father was out working and he had gotten home from school pretty early since the art club meeting was canceled that day. He was about to make himself some popcorn when he heard a curious singing. The house had been rather quiet before hand and he knew that he was alone, it was strange. He set the bag of popcorn down and decided to investigate. He walked through the apartment, the singing growing steadily louder as he approached his father's room. He entered and looked around, the sound originating from the closet. When he got closer he realized that the singing wasn't singing at all. It was actually a voice calling out his name in a sweet, melodic tone. He opened the closet and looked inside. The voice was coming from the back of the closet. He moved further into it, searching and came out with two objects: a sword and a box. The sword looked so familiar to Reese but he couldn't quite put his finger on why. Then it hit him: this was the sword his father always used to kill those monsters in his dreams. But how could it actually exist? Those were just dreams....right? He looked at the box, it had doves decorating the surface of it. He opened it and pulled out an envelope and a necklace. The envelope was blank at first glance but as Reese looked at it words started to appear in a beautiful, flowing script. "For Reese" it said. He opened the envelope and pulled out the folded paper within. The paper appeared blank at first, like the envelope, but as he looked at it the same script appeared:

For my beloved Reese

I know I have not been in your life as much as I would like to be or as much as you need, but if you are reading this that means your powers are going to be growing much stronger soon and you will be in more danger. I am afraid that I cannot explain everything how I want to. There are rules set it place that restrict me from doing so. But I do want to keep you safe so I have left you these two necklaces. By now you should be familiar with the dove and I hope that it has protected you well. The second necklace will lead you to a safe place no matter where you are. Take this one now and follow it wherever it leads you. Reese, I love you. I always have and I always will. I hope you know this and believe me. And I hope I get to talk to you at some point in the future.

With love that will last until forever is no more

He read the letter over several times before the words actually sank in. What did she need to explain? The necklace had protected him? What was this the other necklace would lead him to a safe place? Did that mean the dreams...those attacks...were real? He mulled over this for a while but one thing kept asserting itself: This letter was from his Mother. He could hardly believe it. He went his entire life without a word from her and then all of a sudden he gets this letter with a bunch of nonsensical information in it and a necklace. Speaking of the necklace he looked at it. It was beautiful. A rose quartz gem with a silver rose wrapping about it. He touched it and it glowed brightly, sending a slight shock up his arms and causing his vision to cloud. Then a wealth of information flooded into his mind. He saw a place, it looked like a camp, then it zoomed out as if it were a map. He saw Long Island, then New York state. Then and address number. Then he felt a strange feeling swell within him, like a tugging towards the place. The visions faded and he saw the room again. He placed the second necklace about his neck compulsively, the gem coming to rest beside the familiar dove. He left the room with the letter and the box to sit in the living room and wait for his father. He decided to follow his mother's instructions. He would go to where the necklace lead him. His father came home about a half an hour later, and Reese showed him the letter. His father looked confused and told him the paper was written in Greek. Reese looked at him strangely but agreed to read the letter to him. After he was done Beau got up without a word and went to his son's room. After a few minutes he came out with a small suit case and a book bag filled with things he thought Reese would want to bring with him wherever he was going and asked for the address of the place. Reese told him what it was, Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141 Long Island, New York, and his father ushered him out of the door quickly. Apparently they were of the same mind when it came to following his mother's instructions.

They drove the hour from Edison to New York and then to Long Island. As they drove towards the place the necklace had shown Reese, the gem got warmer and started to pulse with a small light. The closer they got the quicker the pulses came. When they reached their destination they came to a strawberry farm the two looked around confused for a moment before the farm began to changed and fade. After a moment the illusion fell away completely to reveal a sign that would signify the start of a new chapter of his life. Camp Half-Blood. Reese took his bags and hugged his father before stepping past the sign. His father took a step to follow but was stopped by an invisible barrier. He waved sadly to his son before he turned to go back to his car. Reese watched his father walk to his car and then turn back. His father waved one last time before he entered his car and drove off. Reese waved until he saw the car disappear and then walked down to camp. Hopefully everything would be explained soon.

CB Whip

Weapon(s): Celestial Bronze whip, wrought in the shape of a snake (with a silver paint job) made by a child of Hephaestus.

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