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Reichen Lee

Name: Reichen Lee

Gender: Male

God Parent: Dionysus, Apollo, Astraeus

Mortal Parent: Jacinta Lee

Current Age: 14

Appearance: Reichen is about 5 feet 9. He has dark straight hair and fair, clear skin. His facial features are rather refined. His body is mildly-toned, and isn't very muscular.

Personality: Reichen doesn't like order, he finds himself functioning at his best when he's surrounded by madness and chaos. He also finds rules to be extremely constricting. Reichen likes to take things as they come since he doesn't enjoy the feeling of worrying over things. In a way, he's rather free-spirited. And there is one thing that Reichen couldn't stand above all others which is arrogance. It is one thing to be self-confident but it is another thing to be arrogant. Reichen started drinking at a young age, but he has never really gotten drunk nor was he an alcohol-addict. Although it was against the law, but the Chinese could care less about that. They believe that a young child should be trained to withstand alcohol from a young age so that he/she could have a higher resistance towards getting drunk, which could be a useful skill when they have to meet clients and socialize during business meetings. Well at least his grandmother did. Reichen is also fascinated by play-writes and stage performances. Naturally, he likes watching movies but what really interests him is theater performances. He speaks English, Mandarin and knows a little Japanese.


Reichen's mother, Jacinta Lee was a young exotic-looking Asian American woman. Once, she aspired to be a stage actress and had even took up play-writing at the University. However, that dream has never been fulfilled. At a young age of 23, she was forced to take over her father's wine distribution business as he was diagnosed with cancer. It was a small family business, but it has always been the sole income source of her family. As a fresh graduate, she was forced to learn the ropes of a completely foreign business. Being the only child, she was also responsible for taking care of both her parents. Her father's treatment cost a lot and the insurance wasn't enough to cover all of the expenses. She then made the decision to take a loan from the bank to fund the wine business, while withdrawing most of its current funds to treat her father. Of course, the risk of taking such action was extremely high. She could have lagged behind the repayment and risk being declared bankrupt, but she was determined to help her father regardless of the consequences.

Unfortunately, Jacinta's father lost the battle against cancer and she was left with a huge debt and a broken heart. That wasn't the end of her misery. Just as fate would have it, one of her wine suppliers in Washington reported that they weren't able to deliver the stock that was promised because a rare storm had destroyed a good portion of its crops. She had to rush down to the vineyard from Chicago to assess the damage and to come up with a back-up plan. Once again, there wasn't much that she could do. She was in serious trouble, her stock was already running low and she was counting on this particular delivery in the coming months to help sustain her business and repay her debts. Crushed, she left the meeting with her supplier late at night. It was almost daybreak as the meeting lasted a lot longer than anyone had anticipated, since dozens of wine distributors, and business partners came in to assess the damage. Since hers was a smaller business compared to the rest, she had to wait a lot longer than the 'big bosses'. On top of that, there wasn't much that the supplier could do since their contracts were in favor of the 'bigger players' and all she could do was wait for a new batch of crops. Finally when she was done, she decided to head towards the vineyard instead of going back to the hotel. She was over driven with grief and frustration that the last thing she wanted to do was to fall asleep. There were just too much to think about. The stress of everything was overwhelming her as she broke down into tears right in the middle of the vineyard. How could life be so cruel to her, she thought. She was about to be left with nothing. She stared hopelessly at the rising sun, praying that a miracle to happen.

Just then, she heard a man's voice from behind. "Such a pity, don't you think?" Jacinta jumped at the intrusion, she wasn't aware that there was another person in the vicinity. She thought that she probably looked like a fool as she straightened herself up. "Oh, don't worry about them. I'm sure that they will find a way to regrow themselves. Grapevines are tough plants," the man said and smiled reassuringly. Instantly, Jacinta was captivated by the man's charm. She had never felt like this before, not even when she was together with any of her ex-boyfriends. She thought that perhaps the man was one of the vineyard's business partner who also came to assess the damage. Right after, the man and Jacinta took a stroll and sat on the hilltop overlooking the entire vineyard. Jacinta revealed that she was here on business and told him about her problems back at home. She has also revealed her interest in stage performances, but had to give up that dream in order to provide for her family. They've also talked about wine, and wine-related topics. The man was intrigued by her tough character. There was a mutual connection between them, as Jacinta was really glad to have someone understanding whom she could share her problems with. Not that she was expecting any kind of help from the man, but she really just needed to find an outlet for the mounting stress that was building inside of her. They only stopped their conversation when they were interrupted by the vineyard boss who also came up to the hill to work out a plan while overseeing his land and crops. The man then offered to drive Jacinta back to her hotel as she had stayed up the whole night, and promised to have her car delivered to her by the time she's awake. Jacinta was extremely grateful for the company of the man and just wanted to spend more time with him, so she invited him into her hotel room for a cup of coffee to thank him for the trouble she's put him through, and there was where Reichen was made.

Right after that, the man disappeared from Jacinta's life and never showed up until a couple of years later. True to his words, Jacinta's car was delivered to her, but she was disappointed to not see the man when she woke up, nor did he leave his contact number or email address or something. She didn't have time to dwell on it as she received an urgent call from the vineyard and had to head down there immediately. As she arrived, the boss said that it was a miracle because his workers have spotted that grapevines have already sprouted from the ground and it will shorten the time of the next expected harvest by months. On top of that, the grapes from the crops that escaped the storm unharmed were bigger and fuller than their normal harvests, which means that the delay for Jacinta's next delivery was shortened to only a couple of months. She was extremely relieved and thought that perhaps her deceased father had answered her prayers. When Jacinta found out that she was pregnant with Reichen, she was extremely happy and has always regarded him as a miracle child. She believed that perhaps he has brought some good luck into the family after the vineyard incident, and she was happy to have at least a connection to the man she fell in love with in the vineyard. Reichen was the sole proof that her encounter was real.

After Reichen was born, his grandmother took care of him while Jacinta concentrated on her wine business. Things have picked up for her since that encounter. While she struggled in the few couple of years right after Reichen was born, she did manage to sustain a positive cash flow and managed to repay her debts entirely. She has also saved enough to purchase a small vineyard somewhere in New York which the entire family moved to, as an insurance in case weather problems threaten the vineyards in the West once again. Also, when her business was a lot more established, she took up play-writing for a couple of broadway houses in the city. She would bring Reichen along to the screening of her plays whenever she was invited, which sparked the interest that he has within himself. And although Reichen was brought up in a loving family, life was just as tough growing up. His grandmother wasn't too happy when he almost failed in every subject that he took in school, but she was encouraging and would help him with his studies and homework. Later, Jacinta found out from the student counselor that Reichen was diagnosed with dyslexia which was reflected in his poor performance in school, but she has never pressured him. But that didn't stop his classmates from teasing him whenever he mess up in class, which was extremely often. However, Reichen wasn't very much bothered with the teasing he's received. What bothered him most was how some of the more traditional Chinese parents were giving his mother weird looks and were bad-mouthing her about being a single mom. Naturally, Reichen didn't get along with their children at school either. They were over-achievers and were often extremely arrogant due to their achievements. They would flaunt their results and the prizes that they've received from their parents for doing well in exams. Reichen never wanted revenge or anything, because he thought that it wasn't worth the trouble. He much rather be happy and carefree. Being the only child with no friends at school, he spent most of his time watching movies and plays on the TV. His mother has a huge collection of movies.

It wasn't till Reichen was almost 10 when his father had finally contacted his mother. Reichen still remembered answering the strange phone call after dinner one night, where the man was asking for his mother. After she answered the call, she gave Reichen a strange and alarming look, and then turned away from him as she continued to listen to the caller intently. That night, Reichen's godly parent had informed Jacinta that he is a god and that Reichen is a demigod. He had also warned Jacinta that Reichen would be in danger of being attacked by Greek mythology monsters as long as he is living outside of the compound of Camp Half Blood. He had also given Jacinta the address of the camp and said that Alexander the Great from the camp would be in touch with her in future if they need any magical assistance. Ever since that night, Jacinta had been extremely protective over Reichen especially when they head out. Of course, she has reduced Reichen's outing outside of the house and their vineyard to a bare minimum. On his birthday every year, she would treat him to a nice dinner and a play in the city. Other than that, the only interaction with the outside world that Reichen had was school and his mother's employees at the vineyard. Not that Reichen really minded staying in the vineyard without heading out much, he loves living there. As a child, he had seen 'goat men' and 'pretty ladies' out in the vineyard occasionally, but he had never had the chance to interact with them. Every time when he got near, they would disappear. Jacinta used to tease him about the stories he told her when he saw the satyrs and nymphs. As he got older, these strange sightings became less and less frequent.

Apart from his family, Reichen was also close to the manager of his mother's vineyard. The manager looked about 30 years of age and was extremely capable in managing the vineyard which explained how Jacinta had got the time to delve into play-writing. He started out as a supervisor when he first got here, but after a couple of years Jacinta has finally promoted him as her manager despite his limping and young age, and she had much more time for her family and herself every since. He made up for his disability with his management skills and passion for the vineyard. His name was Stu. Stu would always accompany Reichen whenever he is free. He would talk to Reichen about the plants and crops and would provide Reichen with sweets. Reichen loves sweets and candies, especially grape-flavored candies. Stu has ever requested to stay in the vineyard so that he could tend to the crops off working hours and it would be a lot easier if he cut down on the traveling because of his bad knee, which Jacinta agreed to. She has even finance an employee's quarter right behind the wine brewing factory for him and a couple of her labors. Reichen has always called him Uncle Stu as he was always keeping an eye out on Reichen and was extremely protective over him. However, Stu always smelled strange on a humid day especially right after it had just rained. It reminded Reichen of the scent from a wet animal.

When Reichen has finally turned 12, Jacinta presented him with a box containing a gift for his birthday. She said it was from his father, but when he asked her about him, all she replied was "You will find out soon enough." Of course Reichen was never satisfied with that answer, but he could also sense the conflicted and pained expression whenever she talked about his father. She would seem apologetic and tried to change the subject of discussion. Reichen didn't understand why but he couldn't stand to watch his mother suffer, so he wouldn't pursue the topic further, but that didn't stop him from trying from time to time. He believed that one day he would finally be lucky. The gift that he's received on his was a delicately-crafted knife with a smooth wooden handle with carvings of leopards and leopard prints all over it. The blade was a mixture of Celestial Bronze and Silver. Beside the blade, there was a note that says "The Lone Fang. Use it well." Of course, Jacinta was shocked that Reichen's father would give a boy such a dangerous weapon and wanted to take it away, but he held onto it and promised that he would not use it to harm anyone. He pleaded and pleaded, and finally Jacinta gave in to him. It was the first gift that Reichen has gotten from his dad, and it was his only connection to his father. There was no way that he was going to let anyone take it away from him. He has even tucked the box and wrappers neatly away in his cupboard, and kept the note that his father has written to him in the drawer next to his bed. He would also store the knife in the same drawer and would bring both items out at night or whenever he was feeling down. Just by looking at them comforted him and made him think that perhaps his father hasn't really forgotten about him or ignored him.

A couple of weeks after that, Reichen was awoken by some strange noise coming from the vineyard. He thought he heard Stu's voice and he sounded like he was in trouble or something. Quickly, he pocketed Lone Fang and headed out of the house in nothing but his pyjamas and his pair of slippers, thinking that it might be just the regular thieves. It wasn't uncommon that the vineyard has been the target of countless thieves in the past. A large house in a vast land in the middle of nowhere seems like a good place for thieves to strike without fear of the cops. In the past, Stu has managed to nabbed a couple of thieves and handed them to the cops. For a crippler, he was rather good at hand-to-hand combat, Reichen thought. The noises grew louder as he closed in on the area in front of the factory. He could hear clearly now that one of the voices belonged to Stu, but the other was some strangely high-pitched screech that didn't quite sound human. Then, when he finally arrived at the scene of the fight, he saw that Stu held a guy in a headlock, both of their backs were facing him. He also saw that there was a wooden staff lying next to Stu's feet. Next, he saw another figure creeping up on Stu from behind. In his current position, Stu wasn't able to spot the other man. Reichen wanted to surprise the second man and alert Stu at the same time, so he shouted at the man. "Hey you! Don't you dare sneak up on my uncle." As soon as he said that, the other man turned his attention towards Reichen, so did Stu. The second man immediately started charging towards Reichen instead, but he was too stunned to react. The man wasn't really a man, he was some kinda monkey-man hybrid. When Stu turned over to face Reichen, he also noticed that the other hand held in a headlock was exactly the same as the other monkey-man (Cercopes). Stu shouted "No Reichen, run! NOW!", but Reichen was too shocked to do anything but standing still on the same spot. The second Cercope tackled Reichen onto the floor and Lone Fang fell out of his grip. The impact shook Reichen into consciousness as he was now trying to resist the Cercope by pushing it away from him as it tried to bite him with its jaws. Reichen wasn't fast enough to resist the creature as it managed to scratch his left arm while trying to pull his hand away from its face. Reichen cried out in pain as blood started tricking down onto his pyjamas. Then, the other Cercope gave a sickly shriek as it crumbled into dust as Stu managed to break it's neck. The Cercope that was on top of Reichen got distracted by the cry of his twin and looked up at the other director just as Stu swung his wooden staff at the creature's face. The impact stunned the creature and Reichen was able to free himself from it. He ran behind Stu who was knocking the creature senseless with his staff. Finally the second Cercope let out his own death cry as he vanished into dust. Reichen's vision started blurring and blackening at an alarming rate. Stu quickly turned over to Reichen and asked "Are you alright?" Before Reichen could answer, he collapsed onto the ground.

When Reichen woke up again, he was lying on his bed, his mother was sitting next to him. She told him that he had a really bad stomach flu and was seriously ill. She asked him to stay in bed which he didn't oppose. Then when Reichen asked about the monkey-men who broke in last night, his mother only gave him a puzzled look and said that no one broke in last night. He remembered the scratch on his left arm, but found that it was now nothing more than a bruise. He also noticed that he wasn't wearing the same pyjamas as the night before. He told his mother that the intruders were real and they left him this bruise, but his mother told him that they found him laying on the floor in the morning when they checked up on him and he must have bruised himself during that fall. She told him that he must have had a really bad nightmare and ordered him to rest up for the rest of the day. She had already informed the school that he will be absent for a couple of days until he's recovered. Reichen had no choice but to listen to his mother. Of course, Stu had already informed Jacinta about the attack last night, but reassured her that the Cercopes weren't tracking Reichen, but they lucked into him and his scent as they were planning to break into the factory when he found them. He told her that Cercopes are rogue thieves and that she shouldn't worry that much. Stu also had to explain that he is an undercover satyr sent by Reichen's father to watch over Jacinta and the child. Nevertheless, Reichen was convinced of what he saw but he knew that his mother would never lie to him, so he was very confused over the incident. When Reichen tried to look for Lone Fang out of habit the next day when he was feeling better, he couldn't find it in his drawer. He panicked as he didn't want to lose his father's gift after just a few weeks. Then, he remembered that he dropped it in the vineyard, but he couldn't find it there either. Dejected, Reichen went back to his room. He searched high and low for the blade, but couldn't find it anywhere. Then, he spotted the pair of pyjamas he wore the night before sitting there in the laundry basket. He took it out and found Lone Fang resting in the pocket of the trousers. He looked at the shirt and noticed that the cuts in the sleeve were covered in blood, just like what he remembered. When he brought it back up again to his mother, she grew angry and ordered Reichen to stop asking about it when he should be resting. He has never seen her angry and it made him stop pursuing this topic any further. Of course, he also tried to approach Stu about the incident, but Stu quickly snubbed his story and repeated the same thing that his mother has told him.

The next two years were uneventful as Reichen turned 14 on 23 January. As usual, Jacinta planned to bring Reichen out on a celebratory dinner in New York and bought tickets to a Broadway show, against Stu's advise. He warned her that both Reichen and herself would be in danger wandering around the city especially since Reichen turned 14 that very day, but she wanted him to have as normal of a life as possible and promised that they would return as soon as the show ended. The house was empty when Reichen got home from school that day since his grandmother had flown to China to visit some relatives. He quickly completed his algebra homework and prepared for the night out with his mother which he had so longed for. He had also brought Lone Fang and his father's note with him and tucked them nicely in his jeans since he wanted a piece of his father close to him as he celebrated his birthday. Soon enough, Jacinta returned home from a business meeting and drove Reichen out towards the city. Dinner was fantastic, Reichen particularly liked the char-grilled chicken and the rich barbeque sauce, but he told his mom that "the slice of raspberry cheese cake was to die for". Little did he know that he wasn't too far off with that comment. It was still early, so there weren't many patrons in the restaurant. When the waitress had brought Jacinta the bill, he excused himself from the table to use the bathroom. After he was done and was washing his hands, the same waitress entered the bathroom and stood by the door, staring at Reichen. Initially Reichen thought that he entered the female bathroom by accident and started apologizing to the waitress. His face turned red with embarrassment, but the waitress said nothing in return. She didn't move away from the door either when he tried to leave the bathroom. Instead, she moved closer towards him as he backed away from her instinctively.

Reichen had to shake his head as if he was trying to clear his mind or whatever trick that was playing on his eyes as he saw the woman morphed slowly into a monster (Lamia). Her lower body turned into a snake while her teeth were as sharp and intimidating as the shark in Jaws. She closed in on him and when there was no more space to run, she gave a wicked grin. Then, she raised her hand and wrapped her palm around Reichen's neck, hoisting him a feet off the ground. He struggled against her tight grip and tried kicked her but his attempts were in vain. His hands were also working hard to free him from her grip but she was too strong. He struggled for Lone Fang from his pocket and managed to pull it out. The Lamia tightened her grip on his neck as soon as she saw the knife. He was choking and running out of breath as the Lamia opened her jaw and bit down on his left thigh hard. Reichen opened his mouth in reaction to the excruciating pain but no voice came out of his mouth. He thrashed around in pain as his hand released his hold on the knife while shaking violently. She released his thigh and watched him writhing in pain. She let out a sinister laugh as she enjoyed her work. The pain was too overbearing for him and coupled with the diminishing supply of air, he started to lose his consciousness. He thought perhaps that was the end of his life, and out of nowhere he felt the grip around his neck was released as he fell hard onto the toilet floor. At the next second, Reichen was already unconscious. Stu tailed Reichen and Jacinta to the restaurant and sat at a quiet corner while looking out for us. When Stu noticed that Reichen had gone off to the bathroom for too long, he immediately charged into the bathroom and stabbed the Lamia with the sharper end of the wooden staff. He had brought it along with him out of his safe in case if he needed it. The Lamia drew back in pain and released Reichen. He was laying on the toilet floor coated in his own blood that dripped out of his thigh. The Lamia surged towards Stu but he blocked her by holding the staff between the both of them as a fence and placing it strategically at her throat to immobilize her. Jacinta who noticed the commotion and saw Stu rushing into the Bathroom followed him. She let out a shriek when she saw the Lamia, but spotted Reichen on the floor and went to his aid immediately. Stu had to muster his strength and push the Lamia against the wall to allow safe passage for Jacinta and Reichen. "Stop the bleeding and get him out of here. Take him to the camp right away, they will know what to do. Quickly!" The Lamia snapped her jaws angrily at Stu, narrowly missing his neck as she battled to recover her prey.

Jacinta did not argue. She tore off the bottom of her skirt and wrapped Reichen's wounds with it. It helped a little but they continued to bleed as the wounds are too deep. Jacinta placed Reichen's arm over her shoulders and carried him out of the bathroom. Then, she called for help from the waiter in the restaurant to carry Reichen back to her car. The employees and patrons were shocked to see a boy drenched in blood being dragged out out the bathroom. Some suggested to call an ambulance but Jacinta said that she needs to drive him to the hospital now because he's lost a lot of blood. Nobody argued with her and soon enough, she was driving like a mad woman down the streets of New York towards Long Island. They were lucky because the traffic weren't that bad either since it was still early and people were still at work. Jacinta honked frantically for the other vehicles to give way, and weaved in and out of lanes dangerously. When they have finally arrived at the hill, she drove her car up the hill for as far as she could go. Then, she helped Reichen out of the car and shouted for help. Soon, a couple of demigods answered that call and carried Reichen to the Infirmary. Reichen's pulse was a lot weaker now as he had lost a lot of blood. Jacinta wanted to follow them but found herself stuck outside of the campground, unable to get passed the barrier. All she could do was to sit at the edge of the camp where she prayed and cried.

In the meantime, back at the restaurant right after Jacinta left the bathroom with Reichen, the Lamia came to her senses and wrapped her tail around Stu while pulling him down hard onto the floor. She wasn't going to allow her prey taken away from her. She wanted to finish the demigod first and come back for this meddlesome Satyr next. As soon as she was free to move, she headed towards the door. Stu realized what the Lamia was trying to do. While still on the floor, he saw the Lone Fang was lying on the floor a little further away from him. Without waiting any longer, he retrieved the knife with his staff and threw it at the Lamia as she stood at the doorway to sniff out the direction of where Reichen went. The blade of the knife sank deep within the back of the Lamia as she wailed out in pain and exploded into dust. Lone Fang made a clattering sound as it landed on the floor. With the immediate threat gone, Stu laid on the floor recovering from the impact that he took from the fall. After a short while, Stu stood up to retrieve Long Fang but it was no longer there. It had somehow found its way back to Reichen. When he exited the bathroom, he was glad to find that Jacinta had left the vicinity with Reichen. He hailed a cab and headed to camp right away. When he arrived, he saw Jacinta sitting at the edge of the camp boundary. He reassured her that everything would be fine and headed into camp to check on Reichen. The ambrosia and nectar did their magic as Reichen was no longer in a life-threatening situation. If they would have waited just a second longer, his life might have been beyond their control. Later, Stu convinced Jacinta to return home while he will stay by Reichen's side till he recovered and will return to help her out in the vineyard. But he has also suggested that Reichen should spend some time recovering and training at camp so that he would be better prepared for the next monster attack, and the camp is a safer place for demigods like him. Reluctantly, Jacinta agreed.

It took Reichen about four days to recover from his previously fatal state. He was looking for his mother when he finally came to but saw Stu instead. Stu asked him how he was feeling, which Reichen said he was fine, except for the sores he felt all over his body. He also noticed a sharp pain when he tried to move his legs. He saw that his left thigh was bandaged up and asked Stu if what happened in the restaurant was real, which Stu admitted to. Then he asked if that night with the two Cercopes was also real, which Stu admitted to again. Stu apologized to Reichen for lying about it, but when Reichen asked why would he lie, he said it was to keep him safe from the monsters such as the Cercopes and Lamia. He also explained that there were a lot more other monsters like them in this world. After having seen it for himself, Reichen could only believe what Stu said. Then, Reichen asked about the 'goat men' and 'pretty ladies' that he saw as a child. Stu answered that they were Satyrs and Nymphs, that they are rather peaceful and meant him no harm and that he was also a Satyr himself. Right on cue, Stu took off his pants to reveal his hairy goat feet. Reichen just sat there staring at Stu with his mouth opened, too shocked to say anything else. Stu also said that his real name was Stumper, but he goes by Stu in the human world. It took Reichen a couple more minutes just to get over his shock and he asked the magical question.

"How can monsters be real in this world and why did they attack me? And where am I?"

"There are many things in this world that exist without you knowing. Some are good while others are bad. It wasn't always clear why, we just exist. You are now in the Infirmary of Camp Half-Blood. But more important than that is why the monsters are after you. And that is because you are special, Reichen. You are a demigod."

"Demigod? What are you talking about Uncle Stu?"

"It means that your father is a god, Reichen."

"W-wait a minute, But that's not possible!"

"Why is it impossible? If monsters can exist, can't gods exist too?"

Reichen was lost for words. It was too much for him to take in. He was confused, scared and was suffering from a variety of emotions all at the same time. He tried to get out of bed to look for his mother but Stu stopped him. He promised that he will stay here till Reichen is fully recovered. Stu reassured that Reichen could contact his mother as soon as he's able to stand firm on his feet and all his questions will be answered in due time. Reluctantly, Reichen took some more ambrosia and nectar which reminded him of the raspberry cheese cake and grape juice, and went back to sleep.

After another three of recovery, Reichen had finally regain full strength and was able to stand up properly without needing help from Stu or the Apollo kids who were tending to his injuries. They have taken off his bandage as well, but he could still see the ugly scar left by the Lamia's bite. Stu introduced Reichen to Iris message. After about a week of sinking in and realization, Reichen has finally accepted that he is a demigod. It wasn't easy, mind you but right now Reichen needed to hear directly from his mother. She was the only person in this world that he trusts the most. After seeing Stu with his goat legs for about a week, the way that Iris message operated did not frighten him, but instead he felt intrigued by it. Jacinta was at home when Reichen contacted her, and was relieved to see that he's finally recovered. She apologized for hiding the truth from him and her stupidity and stubbornness nearly got him killed. She also said that she had only learned about Reichen's birthrights and who his father was when he contacted her about 4 years ago. He asked her if he should come home immediately, but she said that he has to make the decision and that she thinks it would be better for him to stay at camp and train with the other demigods. She also said that the camp was a safe place for people like him and she wouldn't want to put him in harm's way ever again. She promised that he could come back whenever he wants to and she wanted only what's best for him. After hearing what his mother had to say, Reichen agreed to stay at Camp Half-Blood at least until he can defend himself against monster attacks. He didn't want to bring danger back to the family as well, since Stu explained how the monsters tracked demigods by the scent of their blood. Jacinta wished Reichen the best of luck and told him that she will always love him, and Reichen was almost close to tears. He said his goodbyes and ended the message. This is a huge step for him to take as he has never left his mother since the day he was born. He sat back onto the bed and started to weep silently. Stu wrapped his arms around Reichen to comfort the boy. When Reichen has finally calmed down, Stu announced that he's already made arrangements with the person-in-charge of the camp and he has to return to the vineyard. He promised that they will meet again and told him that "You belong here, Reichen. Train well and stay safe." Before he left, he gave Reichen the wooden staff that he's been safekeeping all these years. The staff was another gift from Reichen's father and his instructions were to "protect the family with it and pass it along when the time is right."  Stu also said that the knife and the staff are both magical, but he doesn't know much about their powers other than the knife would find it's way back to Reichen no matter where he is and that the wooden staff is called Ophidia. With that, Reichen was left all alone in the camp ready to face what is installed for him.

The Lone Fang

The Lone Fang: A delicately-crafted knife with a smooth wooden handle with carvings of leopards and leopard prints all over it. The blade of the knife was sharp and was made out of mixture of Celestial bronze and silver. The knife isn't huge, but it could provide versatility as it could be used in close combat and could be thrown as a throwing knife. It will find its way back to its user when separated.



Ophidia: A wooden staff that is both sturdy and light. The bottom end of the staff is thin and sharp, while the head of the staff swirls in a circular direction and the head of a snake was crafted at the end of it. The middle of the staff is wrapped by a layer of leather, offering a better grip. The staff is magical and it slightly reduces the energy consumption of powers used by its owner.

Reichen87 (talk) 11:29, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

First off, very nice claim. I only have a few problems with the history. One, Chiron is no longer at camp. Our Camp Director is Alexander the Great. Next, if he was fed with ambrosia and nectar (and I'm assuming the Apollo kids helped him as well), then it wouldn't take 2 weeks for Reichen to heal from the bite Lamia gave him. Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Thank you. I have made the necessary amendments changing Chiron to Alexander the Great and reduced the recovery time to about a week to regain full strength, due the massive loss of blood. My apologies as I was only trying to make it sound a little more dramatic. Hehe.

Reichen87 (talk) 18:16, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

It's quite alright. Anyways, once you have made the page for your character, kindly add his name to the cabin list and his picture to the photo album. Thank you.

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This claim has been approved as a child of Dionysus. You now need to make a page for them and a word bubble, if you aren't sure how to do this you can see the guide here. Once you have done that you can add your character's name to the cabin list located on the cabin pages and start role playing with your new character. If you have any questions feel free to ask a member of the Admin team.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Thank you! :)


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