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Name: Renée Chaput

Gender: Female

God Parent: Demeter, Nike or Tyche

Current Age: 16 (but born 1777)

Mortal Parent: Pierre Chaput

Appearance: (See image)

Personality: Renée is very confident, strong and a born leader. It takes a lot to break her will. She also can be quite competitive and never wants to lose.

History: Pierre Chaput was caring man; he would always go out into the streets giving the poor all he could afford and was even one of the Protestants against the French government. Though his past was a mystery, he never told his friends or family, he never told them he was … a demigod, a son of Themis. When he was, but a boy he was forced to move to England to go to a place called Camp Half-Blood. Then after spending a few years of his life there, he decided that he had trained enough and since his parent was minor goddess he could live in the mortal world. So that’s exactly what he did. He returned to France after leaving Camp and found it in disarray when he arrived. There was a sense of uneasiness throughout the city of Paris, but that’s when he met her. He was walking down a very crowded and busy street when someone bumped into him. An umbrella dropped to the ground and he looked over to see a very beautiful woman. Overcome by her beauty he started stuttering at first, but eventually his voice returned to him and he said, “My apologies, Mademoiselle, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“Oh, it’s quite alright! These streets are quite crowded this time of day,” she said and overcome by love Pierre felt as though her voice was intoxicating him. Once again his voice had left him, but he covered it by bending down, picking up her fallen umbrella and returning it. “Thank you,” she said and with a small wave started back down the street. He also started walking, but within a few steps he couldn’t help but look back to catch one last glimpse of the beautiful woman. She was gone.

A few days passed and Pierre couldn’t get the woman out of his mind, but just when he gave up all hope of seeing her again … he did. She was walking down a dark alley and Pierre was just about to call out when two men suspiciously followed her, but it all became clear when one of the men slipped out a knife, they planned to mug her. So heroically Pierre tackled the man with the knife to the ground and a fight began, but two mortals had no chance against a trained demigod. He had both of them down within minutes and when he looked up he saw the woman looking on. “My hero” she said as she faked surprise and awe.

“These men planned evil on you, Mademoiselle. I couldn’t just stand back and watch,” Pierre humbly replied.

“Indeed, but I must thank you, Pierre son of Themis,” she said as she walked closer. “Y-you know me?” Pierre asked as his heart pounded quicker by the second.

“Yes, I’ve been watching you for quite some time.” The woman wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Are you a goddess?”

“I am Demeter/Nike/Tyche.” She kissed him and in that moment they both fell deep in love. The night that followed was a night that Pierre never forgot, but it was also the last he ever saw of the goddess.

Nine months later a baby girl appeared on Pierre’s doorstep with a note that said: “Our beautiful daughter – Demeter/Nike/Tyche.” With that he took the baby in his arms and from that moment he loved her with all his being. He named her, Renée.

Renée had a good childhood. Pierre continued to adore her and would always play with her, tell her stories and spend as much time as he could with her. Until she turned twelve in the year 1789 when the French Revolution erupted, her father was always out participating in events like the National Assembly and had very little time for Renée. As a result her life became dull and lonely and the babysitter Pierre always left with her cared more about getting paid then about caring for Renée. The only times Renée looks forward to were when her babysitter took her out to walk in the park. She absolutely loves looking at the flowers there and just felt at home around them. Then one day on one of these walks, when she’s admiring a beautiful iris a voice behind her spoke up, “You know the iris is France’s national flower.” She looked behind her to see a boy, a little older than herself. He introduced himself as Jacques Richelieu and they became instant friends.

Two years later Renée was fourteen years old and on a rare occasion Pierre has some free time. So they walked through the streets of Paris together. As they passed through a dark alley they heard a flap of wings above them and they looked up to see … a harpy! It dived right at Renée, but with a quick move Pierre took out the Celestial Bronze Knife he always carried in case of an emergency and drove it right into the harpy’s chest. It was Renée’s first monster attack. After the attack Pierre decided to teach Renée how to fight. He also started teaching her English in case she ever had to go to Camp Half-Blood if the situation got too bad. Then two years later after much training, studying and monster attacks Renée became a skilled a fighter and fluent in English, but her world came crashing down when Jacques appeared at her doorstep (they had slowly fallen in love and had kept in touch all those years via letters and secret meetings). He explains how he had joined the French army and how he wanted to marry her, but that’s when Pierre appeared in the doorway. Recognizing him from a protest and knowing his duty to the King Jacques attacked Pierre. The scuffle left the living room shattered and ended when Renée desperately pulled Jacques off her father. Jacques looked stricken and said, “Make your choice, Renée. It’s me or your Revolutionist father.”

“Please, Jacques,” Renée pleaded, “Don’t make me choose!”

“Make your damn choice!” Jacques demanded. Renée in tears turned her back to him and tended to her father’s wounds. A heart-broken Jacques left the room that day.

A few nights later Pierre left the house in search for jobs to help the French Revolution, but that particular night was different, unbeknownst to him Renée dressed up as a boy and wore a cloak with the hood over to hide her face. She then sneaked out of the house and trailed her father. They were just walking along a street when the first battle broke out in the War in the Vendee. Pierre jumped in to help and so did Renée. She fought marvelously and killed many men, but was suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw a soldier about to kill her father! She rushed toward them and tackled the soldier into a dark alley, but Pierre got a glimpse of the face of his savior and he knew it was his daughter. He rushed to save his precious girl, but was stopped in his tracks by the body of a big soldier. He was overcome by desperation to get his daughter out of harm's way so he made quick work of the soldier. Though his desperation also blinded him and he didn't see another soldier rushing at him from behind before it was too late. Pierre Chaput fell that day and the last thought on his mind was, "Renée." In the alleyway Renée gasped when she saw that the soldier she had tackled was in fact was her love … Jacques! Her hood was still covering her face so unknowingly Jacques attacked Renée. He left a lot of openings, a man fresh out of training, but Renée didn’t want to hurt him. This went on for a few minutes until he got in a lucky, fatal shot. Renée gasped and fell to the ground as her hood fell off revealing her true identity. Jacques overcome by grief and sorrow screamed at the top of his lungs, he had killed his one love and even though she had turned her back on him he still loved her very deeply. Not being able to handle it anymore he committed suicide. Renée still barely alive sobbed for him. Though she knew it was only a matter of time before she would die of blood loss so she desperately got up and tried to get home, if there was any place she’d rather die it was there. She barely made it halfway before falling to the ground of small garden. Her life slowly passed, her blood slowly leaking out, but her mother on Olympus felt sorry for her and at the same time pride for her bravery so she turned her into a flower … an iris to be exact. (Note: If her parent isn’t Demeter I’ll get her mother to plead with Demeter to turn her into a flower so she’ll live)

Hundreds of years passed and Renée continued being an iris as she lived on photosynthesis and the nutrients and water of the soil. The owners of the house were quite religious and thought the iris was a gift of good luck from god and never tried to interfere with it, also the way the flower never wilted only reinforced their belief. They then passed the belief down to their kids who then inherited the house and garden and passed it onto their kids. The house and garden was passed down from generation to generation and all believed the iris was some sort of good luck charm. Then in present day a satyr came along and smelt a demigod nearby. The scent lead him right to the iris and knowing she could finally get to Camp Half-Blood safely her mother turned her once again into a human. She was very disoriented and so the satyr had a hard time getting her through Paris towards the airport. They even encountered a hellhound on the way, but he was able to subdue it with some woodland magic. Renée felt like she was in a dream not fully comprehending what was going on around her or what the weird things she was seeing like airplanes. The satyr was desperately trying to make it look less suspicious, but her old fashioned French clothes were getting them a lot of strange looks. He finally got her on a plane and they flew to New York. Half-way there Renée came back to her senses and panicked, but the satyr was able to calm her down before people got too angry. “W-what year is it?” Renée asked once she calmed down.

“Uh … 2013,” the satyr answered.

“No … no, i-it was 1793 I know it was! I was fighting in Vendee my father …” She stopped as she realized she might never see him again and as a result broke down crying. The satyr tried to calm her down, but then she eventually fell asleep and stayed that way for the rest of the flight.

After they had landed safely in New York, they took a cab to Long Island and for the whole ride Renée sat quiet trying to understand what was going on around her. They then reached Camp-Half Blood where she was instantly claimed.

Weapons: 18th Century French Military Sword, a small crossbow and also four small daggers.

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead9You believe in walking dead people? - Daryl Dixon (Legolas) 13:15, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

First off, very nice claim. Second, Renee's father, Pierre, would have, at the very least, seen the face of the person who saved his life and, as I have no doubt on this, every loving father would do all he can to save his child which leads us to the question... why he didn't help her as quickly as he could the minute she was injured? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Fixed Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead9You believe in walking dead people? - Daryl Dixon (Legolas) 13:41, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

Wouldn't the owner/s of the garden wonder why that single Iris flower isn't/wasn't wilting? Did the satyr sense something strange about the Iris flower or was he just randomly sniffing at flowers? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Fixed Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead9You believe in walking dead people? - Daryl Dixon (Legolas) 14:00, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

It all looks fine to me.

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