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Name: Rex

Gender: Male

Species: Automaton

Reason for Creation: Because Guy thought it would be cool

Creator: Guy Neilson

Appearance: Check picture 
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Personality: Rex doesn't have too much of a personality. He is very socially awkward and very dependent on Guy

History: The more Guy Neilson learned to build things while being at camp with the other siblings, the more he wanted to build bigger and more complex stuff. He quickly went from making just weapons, to small machines, and decided one day to go all out and create a full blown automaton, though he knew it would be nothing like his father could produce, he wanted to try anyway. After a while, Rex was the result. Though he has a hard time  feeling emotions, he has a wide variety of functions and programming.

Weapons: Wrist Blades, A Battle Axe and a Crossbow

Rex also has enhanced strength and endurance. Along with the ability to store and release electricity.


Does Rex have something more than normal automatons carry? a specal ability (voice recorder? scanner?etc.) for a special purpose? User:Broken fire

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