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Reyna De La Fuente

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Gender: Female

God Parent: Ares, Nike or Athena

Mortal Parent: Helena De La Fuente (if not Ares, Andrés De La Fuente)

Appearance: see foto


Personality: She is a mature and often silent person. She doesn't like to be around people but when needed she is one of the best lider you could have. Even though at first she seems cold and a bit arrogant but whe you meet her she is very warm, friendly and loyal person.


His mother was a police in Puerto Rico when she meet a soldier from the army there. They started to date until the day they conceive a child.  He desapeared the day after but before that he told her that he was a god and couldn't stay with her.

She didn't seem surprised because she was a demigod of Nemesis that once infurate Hades by stole one of his treasures: a necklace that allowed the user to speak with an spirit from the user past. But she managed to protect his little daughter hidding from the god's wrath.

After Reyna born, they moved to the coast where the two of them lived in a small house. Even at a young age Reyna showed a incredible spirit of leadership with the other kids who seemed to respect and fear her.

At the age of 13 a Fury disguised as her mother's lawyer at Hades comand attacked her while in home. The Fury managed to kill her mother but couldn't trap Reyna that was in the basement by her mother's orders. There she found the necklace, a spear along with a dagger and some photos of her mother in camp.

When the Fury disapeared, a satyr came and saved her. They begin a trip to camp when a group of hellhounds led by the Fury attacked them in Florida.

Unfortunetly the satyr ended up as the hellhound's meal. She run away. When she stopped of tiredness, she was in a park where she found a demigod being attacked by an empousai.

The two of them managed to defeat the monster by fighting them or just scaping from them and stayed in his house with the boy's father being attacked by hellhounds, stymphalian birds an other monsters.

Finally they started a new trip to camp. In the trip, a group of arpies chased them but fortunately another satyr came and took both of them to a safe place. After the monsters disappered, they arrived at camp where they were claimed.

Weapons: cb spear, cb dagger and a magical necklace

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  • 14 is very old for a first attack, 10-13 is when first monster attacks should happen
  • For each year she wasn't at camp please add in a single monster attack (when choosing monsters, please choose from the light section from the monster encyclopedia) 
  • Clarifying questions: The celestial bronze dagger is her secondary weapon right? And you said her mother was a demigod? Who is her godly parent? (unless I read it wrong....)

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Good claim interesting turn of events but a few errors that need some fixing.

  1. Please improve your grammar usage
  2. How did the two demigods escape the horde of monsters? 
  3. Why did the fury come after Reyna instead of her mom Because his mother was dead
  4. Why did Hades let Reyna's mom go all these years.

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Pleas elaborate on how did she survive between the time she lost the satyr to the time she found the demigod

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Please elaborate on how one demigod stops a horde of monsters besides that it seems pretty good to me. 

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This claim is pretty well written but there is one thing i would like you to fix

Empousai are marked as Medium leveled monsters and it takes 3-5 demigods to kill one so i highly doubt that two inexperienced Demigods would be able to defeat one.

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Looks good to me I will have an admin look at it.

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