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Name: Rian Dales

Gender: Male

Godparent: Hephaestus/Deimos/Ares

Mortal Parent: Winona Dales



Personality: Rian is a teen with a positive outlook on life. He is a gentleman and is born musically and mechanically-inclined. He loves inventing and is often seen around busy with an invention.

History: (Assuming that Hephaestus is his father...) Winona Dales, a Filipino-Chinese-American sculptor, held an exhibit in Delaware. Hephaestus was one of the visitors as he was trying to spy on Aphrodite and Ares who were there as well. Recognizing Hephaestus, Aphrodite  immediately asks Eros to charm Hephaestus and Winona with each other even just for that day. It resulted in a one night stand and they never saw each other again; however, Winona conceived a child and that would be Rian.

Winona raised Rian well and had him discover what he liked by then with the help of his uncle, John, who owned a sword shop. He was greatly interested in weaponry and inventing at the age of 7, although for being Asian, he still had to get himself into the normal violin and piano lessons. It was also by that time that Winona was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on its terminal stage. She eventually passed away when Rian was 9; and John took Rian under his wings. Rian learnt more about weaponry and trained with a jian, a double-edged straight Chinese sword. John was pretty close to Rian and treated him like his own son. Yet, when John get married and had his family, things changed. He was left unnoticed and greatly uncared for as if he didn't exist anymore.

Years passed and Rian was finally a seventh grader. In a field trip of their class to a forest in the neighboring city, it was also where he first encountered a monster, a hellhound that was only roaming. He was able to outrun it, luckily. After that event, he had his mouth shut, he knew no one would believe in him nor care about what he said; so he remained silent about it.

In another time after that, there was theft in the sword shop and he was greatly blamed for its occurrence. John disowned him and had him go away and so Rian did, still trying to think positively for himself and his different inventions that he's busy with everyday. And one day, it was raining and he was lost in another state after almost three years of running away, weaponless but armed with his "inventions", when a drumstick (for the musical instrument, of course) with a black button at the base of it fell down from nowhere. It reads: Rian, it's your father. You're going to need this. Monsters may be after you by now but I have someone out there to find you and bring you to a much safer place. -Hephaestus

He was confused and considered it as a joke but he still kept it and continued on his journey to nowhere. He reached a forest in Bronx, New York at age 17, where he meets a satyr (which shocked him very much) who explains to him everything after a search of a nomadic Rian that took so long. Rian showed him the drumstick along with the note as it agreed onto the satyr's story. The satyr said that the drumstick is probably a weapon and when Rian pressed the button, it expanded to a sword of which made him believe on his identity for the first time. He arrived at camp to be claimed by Hephaestus.

Weapon: Sword

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