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Name: Ricky Lee
Th (79)

Age: 16

God Parent: Melinoe, Mnemosyne, Thanatos

Mortal Parent: Alex Lee

Appearance: check pic

Personality: Ricky is serious and anti social. He rarely ever laughs or smiles. He's very mistrusting and is afraid to grow close to anyone. He normally likes being alone. He's not afraid to kill someone out of self-defense or righteous vengeance. 

History: Alex Lee was a Korean-American boy who lived with his mother, Mina, and his father, Robert, in New York. Life was normal and peaceful for Alex. He played, went to school, and had friends. Robert Lee was a police officer who worked hard to do his duty, to protect innocent people. One night, there was a shootout. Two local gangs were fighting for territory. A number of cops had arrived on the scene, including Robert. It was a long bloody battle, but in the end many of the gang members were either shot dead or arrested. But another result of the incident was that Robert has died from a bullet to the head. Mina and Alex were heartbroken at their loss. Alex was only 8 years old when he lost his father.

2 years after the funeral, Mina had remarried a man named Patrick Holmes. The main reason Mina had married him was so Alex could have a father figure. It was a terrible mistake. Patrick was a very abusive man. He normally beat and sexually assaulted Mina. Alex normally went to bed, hearing the screams of his mother. When he was 12, Alex had grown tired of his step-father’s ways. So he had struck Patrick in the head with a baseball bat while he was yelling at Mina for not buying enough beer for him. Patrick was knocked to the ground and he saw that Alex had hit him. Alex had demanded that he stopped abusing his mother. This had greatly enraged Patrick, he called it “an act of disrespect”. Patrick proceeded to overpower Alex, taking the bat out his hand. And had savagely beat him.

After this night, Patrick had started to beat Alex more than Mina. At first, Alex took the beatings well, knowing that he was protecting his dear mother. He had hoped his mother could do something but she never did. This went on for 6 years. The beatings had only got worse and worse for Alex but these beatings had changed him. Alex had thought that all people we’re selfish and cruel along with the world around him. He even stopped caring for his own mother.

When Alex graduated high school, of course there was no money for Alex to attend college. Alex didn’t care about attending college. He just wanted to leave his terrible step-father he hated and his mother whom he hated as well, for just watching his daily abuse. So he decided to join the U.S army. Once there, Alex was a prodigy, going through his training with ease and becoming an ace soldier. He killed his enemies with no remorse. Outside of the battlefield, Alex was very antisocial. He didn’t talk to or befriend anyone. He didn’t care about his comrades, even to the point where he’d allow them to die by enemy hands. All he cared about was doing the only thing he was good at, killing.

A year later when he was 19, Alex had 52 confirmed kills in battle. He enjoyed the idea of killing so many people but something he didn’t like was serving his country; saving people. Things he didn’t care about since he had lacked empathy. So Alex had went to his counselor, claiming he couldn’t handle army life no longer. He had then received an honorable discharge.

After leaving the army, Alex had decided he’d never return to his family. Little did he know that Patrick had died of a heart attack and Mina was left alone, not knowing of what her son had become. So he had dove into the world of crime of Chicago and had used his military training to become an assassin. Alex had become one of the best. He had enjoyed the idea of killing people and simply being paid for it. He would only have to worry about himself. After he had become 23, he met a very strange and beautiful woman at a bar. Her name was Clarisse. Alex had found her very attractive. That and she was different from other woman. Alex had introduced himself to her. Clarisse took a liking to him. He took her back to his home. Where they then engaged in very intense sex. This had continued every night for 2 weeks. But after one night, Clarisse had disappeared. But Clarisse was secretly Melinoe, underworld goddess of ghosts.

Once Alex had realized she was gone, he didn’t care too much. He just saw it as a sexual relationship and nothing more. Melinoe had left because she was impregnated by her lover. 9 months later, she had given birth to twin boys. She named them Ricky and Sean and had left them by Alex’s doorstep. Once Alex saw these two babies, he realized his former lover had given birth to them. Alex had considered leaving them outside to freeze in the cold, but then he had an idea; an idea to use the twins to serve him for when he grew old. He’d have them to continue his work and protect him from the enemies he made.

So he moved to Oklahoma to raise his new pawns. Once Ricky and Sean had turned 5, he then started training them in the art of assassination. He has very strict with them, only caring about their progress and nothing more. Ricky had done quite well, while Sean was somewhat weak, normally passing out during his training. The boys had went to school like normal children. They we’re very close and loved each other. This went on for 8 years. He had managed to turn Ricky into a successful killing machine at the age of 13. Sean, on the other hand, who had the same amount of training wasn’t nearly as good as his brother. Alex had grown sick of this. So with no remorse whatsoever, he had shot Sean in the face in front of Ricky. He was mortified and was enraged at his brother’s death.

So when his father went to sleep, Ricky had alerted the police of what had happened. He had also told them of his father's assassin work. So they had sent in the SWAT team, easily overpowering Alex and taking him away. He was quickly sent away to life in prison, but had sworn revenge on his son while Ricky was put in protective services. After a few weeks the young boy had met a kind young old woman. She was very nice and loving. This woman was Mina Lee, Ricky's grandmother. She was informed of what happened to the grandson she never knew she had. Once she told him who she was, Ricky quickly hugged her. Mina had taken Ricky back home with her to New York where Ricky had then actually had a normal life. No training or strict treatment. Ricky had quickly bonded with his grandma but Ricky went kept a large number of assassin weapons in his room, since had took some money his father kept laying around. With his father's connections, finding the right dealer was easy.

And with this he continued his training, because we wanted to make sure he could protect himself and his beloved grandmother.

But after a few weeks of living with her, Ricky had went out to buy some milk. Then he noticed a harpy flying after him. Ricky was of course, confused and tried to fight it off. Luckily he never left home without a weapon. So with the knife he stabbed the harpy, deep in its eye. The harpy squealed in pain, but didn't die. Ricky was confused and just ran away. His training had come in handy. Ricky had considered telling his grandma. But he decided she probably wouldn't believe him, even if she did, she'd only worry. So Ricky had decided not to say anything. For the next 3 years, he was attacked by hellhounds, empousai, harpies and even the occasional cyclops. He normally managed to somewhat injure them with his weapons and flee.

When he was 16, Ricky had come back from a day at school. Normally his grandmother would come and offer him an after school snack. He looked across the house for her. Until he walked into the kitchen, just to see his grandmother's corpse. She was stabbed all across her stomach, chest and one last time in the head. Standing over her body was none other than Alex, Ricky's father who had managed to escape prison. He tracked down Ricky to his grandmother's house. Ricky was furious to see his father, even more to see what happened to his loving grandma. He asked his father why he killed her. He simply replied, "I figured I would finish off the old bat, just to make you more miserable in your final hours". He then tried to shoot him in the chest. Ricky had easily dodged the bullet since he had anticipated the shot and prepared to dodge and ran into his room, quickly gathering a number of weapons and then attacked his father. After a long battle. Ricky stood over his father's body, a katana was sticking out of his chest. But Ricky was heavily injured himself. There were numerous cut wounds across his body and a bullet lodged in his left arm. He had lost a lot of blood. He walked out of the house to try and get help.

A number of hellhounds had smelled Ricky's blood and had quickly went after him. Normally Ricky wouldn't be worried, but with the injuries he had sustained, he was actually very scared. He had ran away as fast as he could but eventually the hellhounds has caught up with him. Luckily for Ricky, two campers Michel Breeze and Travis Nash had seen this. So the two quickly used their Celestial Bronze weapons and easily dispatched the hellhounds. Ricky was barely conscious and had no idea what was happening. Michel and Travis had quickly took Ricky back to camp, where he was healed in the infirmary. Once he head awoken, the boys had explained to him that he was in a safe place for demigods like them. Michel and Travis had figured he was a demigod, since the hellhounds were attacking him. An hour later, this was confirmed when he was claimed by Melinoe. He now resides at camp.

Weapons: A CB naginata and sai

Claim made by: Hydro

How could RIcky avouid a bullet, when his father was in the same room as him, likely three meters away, it seem very unrealistic. Aja AYO SIS! I have some unfinished business. ~Brocky

If he was killing all those monsters, where did he get the CB weapon to kill them? And trained or not, if they are in the same room you can't dodge a bullet like that.

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