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Name: Riley Bennett

Gender: Male

God Parent: Aristaeus, Hermes and Notus

Mortal Parent: Amy Parker 

Appearance: check pic
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Personality: Before he was cursed by Zelus and Nike. Riley was very kind and mild mannered. He was helpful and charitable. But after he was cursed by the two winged enforcers. His personality was somewhat split. Due to Zelus' curse, half the time Riley is very jealous and envious of almost everyone around him. And due to Nike's, when he's not affected by Zelus' curse. He is very happy and excited, like he won something. 

History: Amy Parker was a 20 year old college student. She was young, on her own and very beautiful. But she was also somewhat of a local slut. One day when she went to her job at a cheese factory. Amy saw a very handsome man who was taking a weekly tour there. She saw how she caught his attention. But truly didn't know how interested he was in her. After work Amy had headed home. But she had been confronted by the handsome man she saw earlier. She was bored and thought the man was very goodlooking. So she invited him back to her house an offer he obviously accepted. Where they made very passionate love. (If this was a surprise to you. Something must be wrong with your head :P) Amy's lover had simply vanished the next morning. But she didn't know he was Aristaeus, god of beekeeping, honey, shephards, olive growing and even hunting. Amy soon found out she was pregnant. But didn't want the baby. She considered abortion, but simply didn't have the money. So she had the baby, reluctantly named him Riley and left him at a local foster home, without ever looking back.

A few miles off, there was a local sheepfarm. The owners were a married couple, both were about 30. Their names we're John and Cait Bennett. But they were both secretly demigods. John being a son of Aristaeus, which granted him skill with the sheep. While Cait was a daughter of Demeter. Who made the leaves nice and plentiful for the sheep and sold some fresh produce on the side. Mr and Mrs. Bennett had a satyr friend named Marty who lived nearby in a small forest. He sniffed out monster for them in exchange for keeping him fed with fresh fruit. Marty had sensed Riley at the foster home, along with another demigod. He let John and Cait know about them. And since they couldn't have their own kids due to physical complications. They offered to adopt them both. Marty led them to the foster home where they found Riley who was still a newborn baby. The other demigod Marty sensed was a young one year old boy named Eddie. The lovely couple had adopted both boys. Of course since it was far too soon to know their godparents they had no idea that one of their newly adopted children was John's half brother.

Riley and Eddie grew up happily on the farm. They helped take care of the sheep. Attended a nearby school. Riley and Eddie knew they were adopted. But still considered themselves brothers and never seemed to worry about who their birth parents were. When Riley was 10 and Eddie was 11. Their parents decided it was time to tell them the truth. Mr and Mrs. Bennett explained how the Greek gods were real and that the whole family were demigods. Riley asked who he and Eddie's godparents were. Mr.Bennett merely replied "only time will tell son" So for the next few years. Riley and Eddie began their demigod training. Learning how to fend off monsters on their own. But as they grew. The sheep started to become very loyal to Riley like they were with Mr. Bennett. And also like him, Riley grew a taste for honey and other sweet things and whenever a sheep went missing, Riley was always the first to find it. The Bennett's had realized Riley was also a son of Aristaeus. While Eddie on the other hand, was an accomphished basketball star at school. He was very strong willed and competitive. Taking winning very seriously. At first, they thought Eddie was a child of Nike. But that was simply not the case. Eddie was also very envious. He easily got jealous of others. He also had an aura of superiority and taunt. Marty had noticed how other kids at school were jealous of him. So he figured out that Eddie was truly a son of Zelus. God of Eagerness, Rivalry, Jealousy and Dedication and one of the 4 winged enforcers of Zeus. 

But one thing, Marty did not notice was Eddie's jealousy. Eddie was jealous of Riley, because of how their parents seemed to favor him over Eddie. As a true child of Zelus, this was quite a problem for him. So one day when Eddie was 16 and Riley was 15. Eddie had a plan. There was a Hydra Marty had sensed a few hours ago. He told Mr and Mrs. Bennett about it who then told Eddie. Eddie was supposed to tell Riley about it. But he had other plans. He told Riley there was a sheep that had gone missing outside. So Riley ran out to get it. Eddie had planned for the Hydra to kill and eat Riley. But when Riley was attacked by the Hydra. He had managed to outrun it. He quickly ran back into the barn house where Eddie and Mr. Bennett were shaving sheep for wool. But the Hydra had followed Riley's scent and attacked all 3 of them. Mr.Bennett quickly led his sons into battle. But Eddie was still jealous of Riley. So he foolishly tried to lead the charge and quickly started attacking the Hydra. Much to Mr. Bennett's dismay. As one of its heads tried to bite at Eddie's neck, Mr.Bennett pushed him out of the way. Causing his head to get bitten off. Before the Hydra could finish off Eddie and Riley. Marty arrived and used his reed pipes to tie down the Hydra in thick vines. Marty led to the two boys to the house where Mrs. Bennett was. Riley and Eddie were angrily arguing. Riley blamed Eddie for everything. Eddie felt guilty about Mr. Bennett's death and just got more mad at Riley. But Marty was urging them to get out. But it was too late, The Hydra broke free and broke into the house. Heavily damaging it. Marty managed to get Riley out of the house before it collapsed. Marty then took the dramatized Riley away from the area. The Hydra rose from the rumble in the house and left. Marty and Riley then began their journey to camp. Along the way, Marty had sensed another demigod. They both decided to investigate. They found the demigod, she was Aria Stone . As they found her, a group of hellhounds attacked. Riley armed with his Celestial Bronze Saber managed to fend them off. Marty then brought Riley and Aria to camp where they were both claimed by Aristaeus and became some of the first members of his cabin.

But Zelus was angered with Riley about leaving Eddie for dead. So he cursed Riley to always have feelings of jealousy towards others. Aristaeus saw this and was angered. He went to Nike and asked her to lift the curse. But Nike did not want to enrage her brother by lifting his curse. So she came up with an idea. She had blessed Riley as well. To always have the happy and excited feelings of victory. The two curses would conflict with each other. Half the time Riley would be under Zelus' curse. While the other half he'd be under Nike's blessing.

Weapons: A Celestial Bronze Saber

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