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Name: Riley Taylor

Gender: Female

God Parent: Since she is Brent Taylor’s twin, Eris is the only god that would make any sense… But because your supposed to put others... 2nd choice Hecate and third choice Thanatos.

Mortal Parent: Mark Taylor

Appearance: Riley is slim and stands at around 5”7. She originally is a brunette, but frequently experiments with hair dye. At the moment, she has long black hair with choppy layers. She almost always wears a thick coat of eyeliner. She has snakebites and often wears black jeans and converses.

Personality: Like her brother, she often puts on a mask of charm and generosity. She is quite a cold hearted and sarcastic b*tch on the inside and is not afraid to show it. She is independent, and will almost never go to others for comfort or help.

History: After Eris left, Riley lived with his father, Mark and her twin brother, Brent. Her family was always struggling for money and so as a young child, he watched his father juggle three jobs just to get food on the table.

When Riley turned fourteen, her brother found other teenagers in similar situations. Brent and his new friends turned to stealing so they could live a slightly better life. Gradually, he became little more than a nuisance to the community. He skipped school, graffitied the streets and continued stealing with his gang. Riley looked on with disapproval, but did not act in any way to stop it.

At school, she was frequently questioned what her brother and his friends were up to, why they were never at school. Riley grew sick of answering questions and became a b*tch to most people. She hated that her brother was so over-protective of her and longed to feel more independent.

When her brother went to jail for attempted murder of her friend Ali, Riley felt conflicted. On one side of things, Riley felt betrayed and hurt that Brent would harm her friend but on the other, she doubted he would do such a thing to a girl he too seemed to care about.

Riley’s father began to almost hate his son as details of his thievery became clear. Wanting to be as far away from Brent as possible, Mark borrowed all the money he could from friends and family and moved to Canada with Riley.

After just over two years in Canada, Riley received a letter from Brent, telling her about camp. She felt very angry with her father for not telling her about her mother so in a heat of the moment decision, Riley gathered her stuff and stole her fathers money to fund her journey to camp.

Weapons: Riley has a switchblade which her brother taught her how to fight with for self-defense.

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