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Name: Ringer Mage
Fletch Richards

Ringer Mage

Gender: Male

Age: 13

God Parent: Apollo, Ares, Hermes.

Mortal Parent: Imogen Mage

Appearance: He has short spiky ginger hair, and is not actually that tall. He has nice brown eyes, lighter brown rather than dark. A round face with a nice face, a few freckles but overall a paler complection. He has decently large ears, and a childish glean in his eyes. He is only 5'4 and is quite skinny, with longer legs than his torso. He has rather bony cheeks though, and a small forehead.

Personality: He is very quiet. Hating to be the centre of attention, preferring to hide in the side lines. Just working away. He has some problems when it comes to social contact, hating to talk to others or have to work with them. He is quite smart, always seeing the options, but sometimes he cant choose the correct choice, and will make a choice that falls through. He is a kind boy though to those who break through his barrier, and will never be rude finding it annoying. But he will put up with almost anything, as he has a high tolerance for people.

History: Imogen was an actor in Hollywood, but not a very well paid. She turned to drugs at an early age, and was evicted. She was forgotten. She lived on the streets in Skid Row, and was nearly on deaths door when a kind stranger helped her to her feet. This stranger was Apollo/Hermes/Ares. They helped her up, and gave her money. They took her to a nice restaurant, and let her eat what she wanted. They never really talked, but something clicked. He took her back to a nice hotel, paying for the room. Taking her up, to have one night of passion. When she woke up the next day, no one was there but her. Her and the baby growing inside her.

Ringer was born on Christmas Day. Outside a hospital in Los Angeles. She had tried to get in, but had been turned away. Outside on the street she was found by a nurse, named Ella Frendman. She helped her get the baby out, but sadly. Sadly Imogen passed away in the birth. Ella took the baby. With no one else knowing what had happened, she could get away. She quickly headed home, and moved away to New York. With just her and the baby.

Ringer was brought up in Manhattan. With Ella getting a job in a good hospital, and some money in a will they were well off. They managed to survive, with good food, good living quarters and even good holidays every year. He went to a Public school out of choice, so he could live the life. He made a few close friends, but due to his personality he was never the most well known boy. He hid away, and was not good at subjects such as Drama or Art. He just never really managed to express himself in the way the teacher wanted him to. Something’s he did excel in were subjects such as Physical Education, especially when they did Archery as a special treat one week, English, he loved writing poetry and stories, knowing that was a way he could express himself silently, and Music. Having an ear for a lot of instruments, but preferring the acoustic guitar and the viola.

His childhood flew by, passing as fast as it could. He celebrated his birthday each year, but as each year passed he noticed changes. Ella became less attached as each birthday went on, and the difference between them changed dramatically. His red hair bloomed, while hers was still black. His eyes turned a light brown, while hers were green like the leaves. And he began to get suspicious. And when nothing came out about his dad, or anything of the sort he just kept moving apart. Beginning to get detached from the lady who had stolen him.

His first monster attack though, was just 2 days after his 11th birthday, and it was actually one of the only two attacks he encountered when not at camp. It was when he was in a museum. A small one just outside of Chicago. He visited it with Ella when they went on Holiday for his birthday. They were exploring the section on animals, when they heard a small buzzing noise. They whirled around to see a set of girls, around the age of 15. All of them were staring at Ella and Ringer, not even blinking. Neither of them knew the true secret of Ringer, so neither of them knew what they truly were. But the Demi-god of Athena, a hunter, just across the room did. A small girl with short blonde hair, and dark brown eyes despite her mother having grey eyes. She was 16 at the time, and had been following the empousa for days, wanting to take revenge for when they killed her fellow hunter, and this was the time. She removed her knife from her pocket, and launched it across the room, sending it into the head of one of the girls. Gold dust exploded, sending the other 3 fleeing around. One charged at Ella and Ringer, but just gained another knife to the chest. Coating them both in gold dust. The other two went after the other Demi-god. Using there skills they managed to take her down, and took her life. But after the glee of killing her, they forgot about Ringer. Bursting into flames. Ringer cautiously walked over to the lifeless figure, removing a small card from her pocket. A card with the address of Camp Half-blood.

He turned 13 in peace, before the final set of monsters attacked. Well the same two Empousa. They found him in the park with his best friend, Jamie, and instantly attacked. The first empousa slashed at the face of Ringer, while the second one shoved Jamie into the bush. Out of the way of the flaming hair that caught a small tree to light seconds later. Sadly the same tree came alive. A small nymph leapt out, armed with a club. It smashed the second empousa over the head, causing it to crumble. Then it made a shrill call. Sending the forest alive. 3 more nymphs arrived, and one satyr. The nymphs surrounded the empousa, blocking it from the view of Ringer, while the satyr grabbed his hand. Pulling him away.

The travel to Camp-half blood was not easy. They took a cab out there, until it was run off the road by a harpy, that crashed into the windshield. Thought it was thrown away before they got out the cab. They then went on a 2 hour walk down the road before they caught sight of the tall pine tree signalling the entrance to camp. They ran up, just in time to see the same harpy soar down, just to be shot out of the tree by a son of Apollo who was strolling the border. But it did not matter, as they were already in camp.

Weapons: A set of wooden arrows and a birch bow

Other Belongings: A thick woolen jumper, maroon coloured

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Why was the demigod child of Athena tracking the empousa?

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