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Name: Robin Ericsson

Gender: Male

God Parent: Palaemon, Eros or Eris

Mortal Parent: Nora Ericsson

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes and 6,8 tall. He has an athletic body and likes to keep his hair at a medium length.

Personality: He's both nerdy and a fighter. He also loves to swim in the ocean, especially with sharks of all shapes and sizes. Robin is extremely loyal to friends and can also make enemies very fast. Because of his name he likes to act and dress like Robin Hood, you might say he's his role model.

History: Robin's mum was a whaling protestor, and would go down to Antarctica to stop Japanese whaling ships from killing whales. While stopping for supplies in Christchurch she met a man whom she fell for and slept with while there. After a few months Nora realized she was pregnant and settled down back in New Zealand.

Robin grew up only knowing that his mother never knew who his father was, only that he was a big fan of sharks. So as he grew up Robin loved to go to Antarctica with his mother and her protest team. While down there he liked to learn about salmon sharks that lived in the Antarctic waters.

At age 12 Robin learned that he could breath under water and went night swimming while everyone slept. At 14 he started to talk to the sharks and they would show him cool underwater sights. Yet he never told anybody about his experiences because he was thinking he was a kind of superhero. At 16 he got attacked by his first monster.

While taking a night swim he got constricted by a sea serpent. He tried to fight it but the serpent bit his leg and Robin started to bleed. But when he smelt the blood Robin turned into a shark and tore the serpent into dust. After the fight a man came up to Robin and explained that he was his father and how he got his powers.

Robin told his mother that he was going and she agreed after she saw Robins dad. And after a short travel through water Robin ended up in Camp Half Blood where he was quickly claimed.

Possessions: Big Book of Sharks

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How could he use his bare hands to tear the sea serpent, you can add the part he turns into a shark and kills it

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Changed :) (Jacob.radon24 (talk) 17:22, November 28, 2012 (UTC))

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